Touching Sad Love Quotes In Hindi For Wounded Hearts

There is a Romeo or Juliet in all of us. We are suckers for romance and desi drama, but while some like to express their feelings by singing songs in English or writing Shakespearean sonnets in a continued effort to try and woo their princess (often by standing below her balcony), others still, choose to narrate shayeris in Hindi. Some people’s love is reciprocated, while some keep waiting, hopefully, patiently, but ultimately, to no avail. If you have been a victim of this rejection, but the Romeo in you doesn’t seem to quit singing, we have short-listed five heart breaking Sad Love Quotes In Hindi for you. Settle down, have a drink, and share these heart-rending lines with your friends.


Sad Love Quotes In Hindi


Some sublime lines for the ever hopeful. Being love struck or being stupid, whatever one wants to call it, the fact remains that once you give our heart to somebody, you don’t give up so easily. You wait, and you hope that one day she will see how much you love her. How much she means to you. But she still doesn’t see what you hold in your heart, and that she means the world to you… breaking your heart into pieces.


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Even though you cherished her company for a while, the time flew by and deep down inside your heart you always hoped she would stay. Such times may when you got to see her laugh at your jokes and smile back at you may never come again, but you will always treasure them all. That is true love. All you can do now is to let your love be happy with whoever she is with now.


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At times we resort to almost wishing for death when we cannot handle the pain and agony of a broken heart, but it is wrong and uncalled for. You may make your beloved feel special, but she may not make you feel the same. You think that your world is crumbling to pieces, and that you just have to live with the pain forever, but like everything, it too shall pass.


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It is said that you shouldn’t make those who are close to your heart cry, but that doesn’t mean letting anybody make fun of your love. Expressing how you feel is important, otherwise you feel suffocated and strangled by your own feelings. Whether your love will be reciprocated or not, you don’t know, but you should always express what’s in your heart, and not hide any more.


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Sometimes it takes more than a smile, more than the extra mile, and more than all the effort you put in to woo the one you love, but she knows what you hold in your heart for her. She only chooses to live in denial and ignore the truth, refusing to acknowledge you and understand you. And this leaves you standing alone on the crossroads. When you are in love, you are like the umbrella to her on rainy days. You are like the rainbow on a beautiful day. You do everything to protect her and make her smile, and you never want anything bad to come her way, and you would never let anybody hurt her in any way.