10 Wonderful Father’s Day Activities

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This Father’s Day, make your dad feel like a superhero! Do something special for him. Planning something special for daddy dearest? Have any ideas that you want to try? Or are you completely clueless about Fathers day activity ideas or what to get him?

If these questions seem to cloud your mind, let’s blow these clouds away. Here we list some fun Fathers day activities for kids to make daddy feel like the best father in the world:

Interesting Father’s Day Activities

1. Breakfast In Bed:

Breakfast In Bed
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Your kid will love doing this on Father’s Day, and who knows, it could also turn into a fun weekend ritual!

  • Wake your kids up early and ask them to help out in the kitchen. Some easy breakfast recipes that your kids can help you make include French toast, fruit salad, omelet, or cereal with daddy’s favorite topping.
  • Let your child arrange the breakfast on a tray. Get a flower that can adorn the tray and you’re your kid hold daddy’s breakfast tray. Accompany your little one to the bedroom and slowly wake dad up. The look on daddy’s face will be priceless.

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2. How Many Kisses Can You Take:

How Many Kisses Can You Take
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Here is a fun activity that your kid will love to do with dad, and daddy will love it.

  • Whether you have a girl or a boy, put a few lipsticks on them for this particular activity. Put some lipstick on your kid’s lips. Alternatively, you can also apply some tinted lip balm if you do not want to use lipstick.
  • Now ask your kid to stand on daddy’s side. Once you signal your kid, she needs to jump onto dad and start kissing him. Set a time and see which side your kid kisses the most. Chances are Daddy won’t want the game to stop!

3. Head Out For Some Fishing:

Head Out For Some Fishing
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If daddy loves to fish, this is the perfect activity for daddy and your kid.

  • Prepare a snack basket and fill it up with some delicious snacks, a bottle of water, hats, and sunscreen.
  • Rest assured your kid will have some fun fishing adventures on Father’s Day.

4. Dress Up The Same:

Dress Up The Same
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There is nothing cuter than seeing daddy and his son wear the same outfit.

  • All you need to do is match the kids’ clothes to some basic daddy clothes.
  • It could be something as simple as blue jeans and white tee, a favorite character tee that dad loves to wear or a specific color shirt he has. Ask dad to wear that particular dress on Father’s Day and surprise him by asking your little one to dress up identically.

5. T-Shirt Message:

T-Shirt Message
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This is one of the exciting activities for fathers day. A handwritten message on a t-shirt is an excellent way of telling daddy you love him.

  • Let your kid use his imagination and write a fun message for dad on his t-shirt.
  • He can also make additional designs.

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6. Sports Day:

Sports Day
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If daddy loves sports, so why not make it a sporty day?

  • Let dad select the games he wants to play and involve your kids in it.
  • You could also get tickets for any favorite game that may be happening nearby.

7. Father’s Day Movie Marathon:

Father’s Day Movie Marathon
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A great way to spend Father’s Day at home is to watch movies that celebrate the day.

  • Sit down with a collection of Father’s Day movies.
  • Also get a tub of popcorn for the whole family.

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8. Father’s Day Picture Collage:

Father’s Day Picture Collage
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Show off those precious father and kid moments by helping your kid make a photo collage for daddy.

  • Print out cute father kid photographs and make a collage.
  • Help your kid string them up or place them in picture frames.

9. Write A Message:

Write A Message
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A handwritten message is always special.

  • Let your kid write a cute message, letter or even a paragraph about dad.
  • You can also decorate the same by framing it.

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10. Do Nothing:

Do Nothing
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Dads are always busy and rarely get the time to rest.

  • Show daddy how hard he works by letting him relax on Father’s Day.
  • Tell him that he has tiny helpers around the house and whatever he needs to be done, your kid will do for him.

Try out these fun Fathers day activities and make daddy feel as special as he is. Do tell us how you and your kid celebrated his daddy’s special day. Leave a comment below.

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