5 Wonderful Benefits Of Aromatherapy Facials

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Facials are undisputedly the best way to pamper your skin. I am sure that there is not even a single woman who does not want to spend a few hours at the beauty parlor and getting experts work on her skin. And when relaxation is what you are looking for, how can you forget the wonderful respite that an aromatherapy facial has to offer? Aromatherapy facials are slowly gaining popularity among thousands of women who have complete faith in the use of essential oils for skin care. Do you want to know about the benefits of aromatherapy facial? Then your search comes to an end right here!

Top Five Benefits Of Aromatherapy Facials

An aromatherapy facial can work wonders for your skin. Here are the benefits you can get when you go for an aromatherapy facial:

1. The Goodness Of Essential Oils On Your Skin

An aromatherapy facial involves the use of a variety of essential oils. The essential oils are chosen according to your skin type. Naturally, these essential oils work to the advantage of your skin and take care of a variety of beauty problems like pimples, acne and rashes.

2. Promotes Clear Skin

The aromatherapy facial ideally begins with a facial steam, which cleans the pores thoroughly. It also cleans the impurities that have accumulated over the time. At the same time, drops of essential oils that have been added to the water, work deep within the pores of your skin.

3. Removes Dead Cells

Facial steam is generally followed by exfoliation. When you scrub the face with an aroma scrub, it removes dead cells and reveals smooth skin.

4. Relaxation

Aromatherapy facials involve the abundant use of essential oils and other aromatic products. They soothe your senses and your nerves. They help you relax like never before.

5. Can Be Done Easily At Home

Although aromatherapy facials are available only at high-end spas and beauty salons, you could try out a DIY aromatherapy facial at the comfort of your home. Firstly, choose the essential oil according to your skin type.

How To Do Aromatherapy Facial At Home?

If you have oily skin, then lemon oil, tea tree oil, lemongrass oil and orange oil would be great. If your skin is dry, choose jasmine, rose or sandalwood. For normal skin, lavender or chamomile would be nice. If your skin is sensitive, go for neroli oil or vetiver oil.

After you have decided on the essential oils you want to use, here is what you should do for an easy DIY aromatherapy facial:

  • Make use of aromatic candles and dim lights to create the perfect aura.
  • Wash your face with a blend of olive oil and tea tree oil added to aloe vera gel.
  • Steam your face with few drops of any suitable essential oil added to a tub of hot water.
  • Massage your skin gently with your favorite massage cream, but do not forget to add a few drops of essential oils. After the massage, wipe off the extra cream with a wet washcloth.
  • Make a basic face pack by mixing yoghurt, honey and sandalwood powder. Add a few drops of tea tree oil.
  • Wash off the mask after it is dry and splash your face with an aromatic facial toner you have made at home. Add a drop of chamomile oil and geranium oil to the rose water (100 ml) if your skin is dry. If you have oily skin, add 4 drops of tea tree essential oil and 6 drops of lavender essential oil to distilled water (50 ml). This can be used as a toner.

Enjoy the way your skin and your senses have been soothed.

Aromatherapy facial is a great way to pamper your skin. And you don’t even need to spend thousands for it!

So, when do you plan to get an aromatherapy facial? Have you ever tried aromatherapy facial? How was the experience? How did it differ from your usual facials? Share with us right below in the comments section.

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