Winter Wedding Cakes: 7 Delicious Cakes For A Beautiful Wedding

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A winter wedding calls for the most beautiful of wedding cakes that will simply warm your heart. And no matter how the décor is, or what bouquet of flowers the bridesmaids are holding, the beauty of a winter wedding cake turns even the simplest, and most casual of all weddings into a picture perfect wedding. If you are looking for winter wedding ideas, we at The Bridal Box have short-listed the prettiest, and the most delectable of winter wedding cakes that will simply brighten your winter celebration.

1. Gift Wrapped Winter Wedding Cakes

The season of winter represents the holiday season. And nothing could look more elegant and gorgeous than a white and silver, four-tier, winter wedding cake that looks like a pile of four gift boxes. It is just not the silver fondant ribbons, but the intricate detailing of the wrappers that make this cake perfect for a winter wedding during the holiday season.

2. Chocolate Snow Winter Wedding Cakes

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A winter wedding cake does not necessarily have to be all white. It is the season to pamper oneself, and treat oneself to scrumptious chocolate cakes. And this two-tier chocolate snow cake is the perfect treat for winter temptations at your wedding. The cake beautifully symbolizes the celebration of your wedding, and the holiday season. The Christmas cherry plant and the snow on the cake make this cake just picture perfect for your fairytale wedding.

3. Snowfall Winter Wedding Cakes

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Every bride dreams of an all white wedding. And one way to make that dream come true is by having a winter wedding. To add to everything perfect, and in tune with the theme of the wedding, a snowfall winter wedding cake will be just priceless. This three-tier cake is covered in icing sugar for snow. Even the quaint little décor of pine tree branches, leaves and blue cherries have been dusted with snow for the most romantic feeling of having a snowfall on the wedding day.

4. Blossoming Winter Wedding Cake

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If your wedding is between the transitional time between winter and spring, this all white winter cake is perfect to celebrate the new beginning in your life. Add blossoming detail to your winter wedding cake to symbolize the happiness that will bloom in your life. To make it a little colourful, instead of white tulips and daisies, you can go for baby pink tulips.

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5. Snowball Winter Wedding Cakes

This four-tier cake will just make you cry a tear of happiness, and the four words on everybody’s mind will be — “Ain’t that just beautiful?” This winter wedding cake decoration is simple, yet romantic. The tiers have been decorated with snowballs representing the serene and mesmerising beauty of a snowfall. And the Mr. & Mrs. Snowman on the top, of course, represent you and your man.

6. Winter Wedding Cake With A Dash Of Colour

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This four-tier cake in royal purple and silver-blue ought to add a dash of colour to your winter wedding. Decorated with dry twigs, pine nuts, snow flakes, cherry blossom, and dusted snow, it look absolutely enchanting.

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7. Forest Themed Winter Wedding Cake

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If the wedding is in your backyard or lawn or in a forest or out in the open, this three-tier cake is more than just perfect to add to your winter wedding décor and menu. White, light, and dark chocolate make the three different tiers; decorated with pine nuts, pine tree branches and leaves and red cherries. Looking at it simply warms your soul, and fills your heart with lots of love. That is all you need at your wedding reception.

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