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For young moms, making time for themselves can be a slightly difficult task to achieve. From juggling their new responsibilities as a mother to taking care of their household to getting back into their old work routine — there’s a lot on a new mom’s plate. This can be quite taxing on their body and the health of their skin, considering the number of changes they have endured in the past 9 months.

A lot of people talk about and encourage the practice of self-care, but after having a baby getting back to one’s old self-care routine might seem like an uphill task. Even though it might seem impossible, it’s important to carve out some time to nourish and nurture your body and skin to recover from the physical trauma of giving birth. If you’re wondering why we are bringing up the matter of self-care. Well, here’s the reason:

The Importance Of Self-Care For A New Mom:

Your skin, especially during the months of winter, is prone to wearing and tearing due to the lack of humidity in the surroundings. This can lead to your skin drying out as it can’t retain sufficient moisture levels. The most common causes of this are frequent bathing, use of harsh soaps, aging or even certain medical conditions. Post pregnancy, you are still getting adjusted to the changes in your body. In the middle of that, it can be quite easy to neglect your skin care routine and that can only pave way for more skin issues. And thus, the need to practice some self-care for your skin arises.

If you’re wondering how can you manage to take care of your own needs and still be a doting and attentive mother — we have the answer to that question! Read on to find out how just 10 minutes of me-time will work wonders on your skin with this magical, easy to use product.

The Nourishing Solution For All Your Skincare Needs:

The Nourishing Solution For All Your Skincare Needs

Himalaya FOR MOMS has come out with a new range of luxurious and aromatic soaps that have been crafted specially keeping in mind the sensitive skin of a young mother. This new range of moisture rich soaps are infused with moisture-rich, buttery smooth, natural emollients like Cocoa and Mango butter that work as wonderful skin conditioners and help prevent excessive drying of the skin and post-bath dryness. It’s no wonder these soaps leave your skin feeling silky smooth and totally refreshed.

The virgin coconut oil helps reduce skin dryness by controlling the loss of moisture and the aromatic fragrances of Jasmine and Rose help soothe and relax your body as well as your mind. Not only do these soaps help you gain some much needed me time, but the soaps also provide you with much-needed nourishment, and the uplifting fragrance truly relaxes you. This soap is just as beneficial for moms to be, and its gentle, natural ingredients are perfect for sensitive skin.

Himalaya FOR MOMS collection of Moisture Rich soaps is perfect for moms who are short on time or on the go or who can’t fully commit to an everyday skincare regime. These super-luxe soaps are the at-home spa treatment you deserve and will help you have a relaxing and soothing transition into your new role as a mother. Let your skin soak in the lushness of these moisture-rich soaps. The natural ingredients will work absolute wonders on your skin and are gentle and won’t affect sensitive skin or cause any harmful rashes. What’s more is that their soothing aromas are going to give you just the relaxation your overworked and exhausted body needs!

So, swap out your regular, dull and boring soaps for a truly luxurious experience with Himalaya FOR MOMS Rose and Jasmine Moisture Rich Soaps. Take your winter care regime up a notch and make sure you take at least 10 minutes of your day for some, well deserved me-time. Enjoy that feeling of smooth, radiant and fresh skin with these pure and natural soaps.
Don’t just take our word for it. Buy one and see the results for yourself! Your skin will sincerely thank you for this. You can check out these soaps by clicking here.

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