Winter Love Quotes: 15 Quotes That Best Express A Lover's Heart

Some people love winters while some just don’t. Some just hate the chill in the air while some look forward to it just so that they can snuggle with their loved one. What about you? If one of the reasons why you love winter is because you love ‘winter’ then I’m sure you will love what we have lined up.

Here are 15 winter love quotes that are bound to make you think.


Winter Love Quotes - An Oversized Winter Coat

It is in winters that couples find excuses to cuddle up and snuggle. This winter love quote actually expresses the desire to cuddle up and be warm and comfortable in your lover’s embrace.


Winter Love Quotes - Warmer Than The Summer

Winter love quotes like this one are just so warm. It is just love that we all need to turn even the harshest of winters into something that’s pleasant. When you have the support and company of your loved ones, no winter can be hard enough to stop you from finding joy and merriment and everything turns out to be pleasant and awesome with them.

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Winter Love Quotes - More Reasons To Cuddle

Fireplace, a warm cup of coffee, and your loved one right next to you… Can it get any better?


Winter Love Quotes - Winter To Spring

Whether it is for the good or bad, whether it is through thick and thin, winter love quotes or movie dialogues, love binds you together forever.


Winter Love Quotes - A Perfect Part

There are times when the idea that you still love each other seems bleak, but hold on. Because like during the winter months, even the trees turn dry and barren but come spring and you’ll see new leaves and life blossoms in them.


Winter Love Quotes - A Window Flower And A Winter Breeze

There will be hardships in any relationship and at times you will feel that you both are not destined to be together. Just think of this winter love quote, and you will understand…


Winter Love Quotes - The Spring Of Genius

There is some magic in the crisp and cold air of the winter months. And even though it may not be as beautiful as spring, it is still a marvellous experience and makes for a perfect setting made even better when your partner is by your side.

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Winter Love Quotes - Snowflakes

This winter love quote is so true. When you and your partner are together, you give each other the strength to take on any number of obstacles that the world throws.


Winter Love Quotes - Blankets Of Peace

If you’ve had a fight or a misunderstanding with your loved one, don’t be bitter, harsh or cold. Remember this winter love quote; peace and love that flow from the heart only can heal the hurt.


Winter Love Quotes - Uninhabited Love

Unrequited love can be very painful but there is no other way than to endure it and go on. It will make you a strong and determined person in life.


Winter Love Quotes - A Blizzard

Go ahead and send them a blizzard.


Winter Love Quotes - Winter Is Coming

This winner among winter love quotes is from the movie An Affair to Remember. Don’t stop yourself from loving and being loved. A loveless life is like a winter storm – cold and full of despair. So go out there, fall in love and make memories that will warm your heart.


Winter Love Quotes - The Dusk HIdes

Imagine winter evenings when you both are all huddled up in your hoodies. The cold and the darkness outside brings out the warmth in your heart and you end up having long deep conversations that open them up and you get to experience them in a way like never before.


Winter Love Quotes - Frozen

This winter love quote is from Benjamin Alire Sáenz’s book, Last Night I Sang To The Monster. Stop harbouring bitterness in your heart. Don’t let rejection pull you down. You will face adversities and difficulties in life and in matters of the heart too. Every time that happens, just think of the warm summer sun.

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Winter Love Quotes - Welcome Winter!

Winter is not all that bad. Show some love. Think of all the wonderful things that you and your partner can do in winter which wouldn’t be possible in any other season. Make the best out of it while it lasts.