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T’is the season to be jolly! The festive season is right here and just right around the corner are winters. Everybody loves winter. The cool breeze in the air, Christmas lights on display, carol singing, but for new mommies, winter season is the time to be vigilant. As you already know, your babies’ skin is super sensitive and reacts differently to changes in the weather and temperature. The barrier of a baby’s skin is not fully developed as they spend the first nine months of their existence in their mother’s womb. The best way to protect your babies’ sensitive skin from the affront of the harsh winters is to make sure that it is hydrated and moisturized regularly.

According to science, baby skin has higher water content, and it can also absorb and lose excess water faster than adult skin (1). For this very reason, every new parent must make sure their babies’ skin is in good condition and at its healthiest. To help you do that, we have compiled a list of a few common conditions that can affect a baby’s skin during winter and the perfect solution to avoid it. Read on to know more.

Common Skin Problems Faced By Babies During Winters

Since babies tend to lose excess water quicker than their adult counterparts, it is necessary to keep your babies’ skin moisturized and healthy. Due to exposure to the chill of the winter air, babies’ skin starts drying out and losing its natural moisture. This results in overall dryness that’s concentrated in the face, elbows, knees, and feet. In extreme cases, this could also lead to the development of rashes.

Then there is also the issue of chapped skin. If left untreated, chapped skin can be painful. Since babies often crawl on their knees and elbows, these areas are more prone to problems like chapping and skin peeling. The friction causes a breakdown of the protective top layer of the top skin and due to this, your babies’ skin is left vulnerable and exposed to dry, cold air.

The best way to prevent this is by applying a layer of petroleum jelly or moisturizing lip balm, which can act as a barrier against the harsh dry air.

And finally, there’s eczema. Eczema in babies usually flares up during the winter months and expresses itself in the form of an itchy red rash that can lead to dry and inflamed skin. There are many causes of eczema in babies, from genetics to being exposed to an unexpected change in temperature or a bout of ill health. While the condition is easily treatable, it can cause discomfort, itchiness and sometimes even pain to your baby.

It might seem like winters signal a very bad time for your little one’s perfectly imperfect skin but we have the solution which is going to take all your worries away. And that solution is Himalaya Babycare’s Baby Lotion.

The One-Stop Solution To Tackle Them All

The One-Stop Solution To Tackle Them All

The best way to tackle all of these skin conditions head-on is to make sure your baby is exposed to water at least twice daily as it helps keep their skin hydrated. To keep your babies’ skin soft and supple, make sure you pat your baby dry rather than rubbing him/her with a towel. Spreading a moisturizing lotion liberally across your babies’ skin can help relieve some of the symptoms (like itchiness and dry skin). While moisturizing creams can’t cure your baby’s eczema, they can help soothe the symptoms and make your baby feel a lot more comfortable. The more natural ingredients in your cream, the better. Moisturizing creams with chemical ingredients and strong artificial fragrances can irritate your babies’ skin and worsen any skin conditions the baby might already have.

And when it comes to natural ingredients you can’t do better than Himalaya Babycare Baby Lotion. Once your baby is dry, it’s recommended to moisturize her/him with Himalaya Babycare Baby Lotion while the skin is still a little damp to retain the moisture. as it provides lasting moisture for your babies’ soft skin. Free from parabens and enriched with natural ingredients like Almond oil, Licorice and Olive Oil, this lotion is extremely gentle on your babies’ skin and will not cause or aggravate rashes. The almond oil works as a skin softener to keep your babies’ skin supple and soft. Olive oil also works as a skin conditioner and helps lock moisture into your babies’ skin. With a lightweight and non-sticky formula, the lotion glides on smoothly and doesn’t make your baby’s skin feel greasy or oily in any way.

Harsh cleansers and change in the environment like traveling from one house to another can also affect your babies’ skin, and thus, moisturizing multiple times a day is a must.

So, all new mommies, the key to maintaining the health and softness of your babies’ skin is to make sure that they get enough moisture. But not through harmful moisturizers that are loaded with harmful chemicals and preservatives. They are going to give you short-term relief. Rather this winter, give your child the gift of health and wellness, through the natural, nourishing care of Himalaya Babycare Baby Lotion. Trust us, your baby is going to be grateful for that.

You can purchase Himalaya Baby Lotion here. So go ahead, try it out and share your experiences and observations with us in the comments section.

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