Wildflower Wedding Bouquet: 15 Ideas For The Bride-To-Be

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We’ve been talking a lot about wedding bouquets and have written some articles on them too but a wildflower wedding bouquet is truly unique. Many brides want beautiful, exotic and lively flowers in their bouquet that show life and vibrancy. Wildflowers, with their texture and delicate looks, will add a unique charm to your wedding bouquet.

Let’s look at some of the wildflower wedding bouquet options!

They will surely add the zing to your wedding ensemble.

1. Textured Pink Peony Wildflower Bridal Bouquet

Pink peonies, peach ranunculus, ivory roses, white veronica, blush astilbes paired together make for an amazing bouquet that is not only beautiful but is also very soothing to the eyes.

2. Bright Blue And Purple Wildflower Bouquet

Delphiniums, scabiosas and wildflowers in shades of purple, blue and ivory are what make this wildflower wedding bouquet a unique choice for the wedding look.

3. Wildflowers With Shades Of Yellow And Purple

Any vibrant colour combination serves the purpose of bringing a contrast against the bride’s white gown. This is a unique bouquet that includes shades of yellow and purple along with whites.

4. Coral Peonies, Red And Orange Dahlias, Daisies Bouquet

A loose and informal wildflower wedding bouquet like this one that has all the vibrant colours is an amazing option if you want a splash of colour in your wedding look.

5. Rustic Wildflower Bouquet With Leaves

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, leaves definitely add life to any wildflower wedding bouquet look. You can pair them with well pruned flowers or with wildflowers, the look will be amazing.

6. Bridal Bouquet With Peonies, Poppy Centers, Eucalyptus

Poppy centers with eucalyptus and peonies take the centre stage whenever paired together. They are a top choice for most weddings in colder regions like Alaska.

7. Hellebores, Yarrow Foliage And Wild Blackberries

Blackberries too are a unique ‘ingredient’ to be added to your special recipe of a wedding bouquet. They give it a well-textured look.

8. Champagne Bridal Bouquet Of Veronica, Fern, Roses, Peonies And Dahlias

Beautiful isn’t it? The fern is an excellent addition to a bridal bouquet if you have your interest in adding a greener look to it. They go amazingly well if the bridesmaids too are dressed in the green theme.

9. Wildflower Bouquet Of Dahlias, Lavender, Roses With Berries And Eggplant Callas

The maroon of the roses gives this bouquet a very velvety look which is complemented by the white roses and the dahlias. The berries too add a touch of brilliance to the look.

10. Mint, Miller And Geranium Wildflower Bouquet

Minty greens with a dark purple scabiosa paired with Queen Anne’s lace is the choice for the bride who wants a wedding in the mountains among the forests.

11. White Flowers Natural Wedding Bouquet With Cedar Pinecone

If you’re having a winter wedding in a snow-clad location then this is a top class choice for you. The cedar pinecones make for an amazing addition in the bouquet.

12. Pink And Purple Wildflower Bouquet

The size of the bouquet is bigger than most due to the size of the flowers and also the spacious way in which they’ve been set. The loose flowers too give it a nice informal feel.

13. Rustic Wedding Bouquet With Sola Wood And Bridal Flowers

If you’re looking to not use actual flowers then this is a very creative piece with sola wood roses and cream paper vintage flowers.

14. White Roses Bouquet With Baby’s Breath

Keeping with a chilly winter wedding theme, here is a perfect choice for the ‘Frozen’ themed wedding too.

15. Wild Wintery Blooms Of Vanda Orchids

Winter blooms with clematis are quite an offbeat choice for a wedding bouquet but they do look great. A bouquet like this one will definitely steal the show on your D-Day.

So there you go, these were the top 15 wildflower wedding bouquet options that we totally loved. Aren’t they just too beautiful? Though a rare choice, wildflowers are unique and can be used in a very artistic way to add some ‘wild’ flavour to your wedding bouquet.

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