Why My Husband Doesn’t Love Me? 9 Reasons His Insecurity

Being stuck in a loveless relationship is an entirely unpleasant experience, and it is compounded many fold if you’re talking about a marriage. “Why my husband doesn’t love me” is a question that has been asked by (believe it or not) many wives, so the first thing is to be sure that you are not alone in such an experience.

Another thing to keep in mind is that temporary pressures and stresses often lead to a lack of communication, and hence connection and intimacy, but all things being the same, this is just a phase and will pass, so it’s best to be sure that no work pressures or any other such family stresses are playing a part in your feeling unloved.

That said here are a few answers to your question on why my husband doesn’t love me:

1. He Feels That You Take Him For Granted

Take Him For Granted

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Men, just as much as women like to feel appreciated and loved. If your man feels that he doesn’t have your full attention and appreciation, he may start withdrawing emotionally from the relationship.

2. He Feels Judged

He Feels Judged

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Sometimes, even though he may not be emotionally withdrawn, and he may be making an effort to communicate, but he may also feel that if he shares his intimate desires and wishes with you, the reaction he receives will not be one of understanding or reassurance, but that of criticism and judgement.

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3. He Feels You Do Not Treat His Family Right

he-feels-you-do -not-treat-his- family-right

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Family is important to most people, and if he feels that you are not fully behind his (with reasonable exceptions, of course) then he may start to resent your playing a part in the breakdown of their relationship, by seeming cold and distant.

4. He Feels Like He Is Not Prioritized High Enough By You

he-doesnt-feel -like-he-is -prioritized-high -enough-by-you

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Men are not always dominating and controlling, they can be perfectly happy to take a backseat in a relationship and let their wife dictate terms in many ways. However, that only comes about when they are confident that when the time comes, or when they are in need that you will be there for them without fail. If such an understanding doesn’t exist, it can lead to a loss of trust, intimacy, and sometimes result in a split.

5. He Feels You Bear More Grudges


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If he has made a mistake in the past that you hold against him, even though he has since apologized and corrected his behaviour, then he may be resentful of your inability to move on from the past. The key to a healthy relationship is to move on from any mistakes through mutual work and a sincere apology and effort to change on the part of the person who made the mistake.

6. He Feels Your Communication Is Skewed

Your Communication Is Skewed

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Every couple no matter how long the duration of their relation, gets in arguments and fights. However, there is a method to conveying feelings of hurt or anger, and personal insults are not one of them. If you resort to humiliation or personal insults then it will lead to him being defensive and as a result, distant.

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7. He Feels He Doesn’t Have Your Respect

He Feels that He Doesn’t Have Your Respect

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This is an extremely important criterion for men to be happy in a relationship. If the guy you like feels that he does not have your respect, or that you keep comparing and belittling him, then he will surely not show any feelings of affection towards you.

8. He Feels Like He’s The Only One Interested In Sex

Only One Interested In Sex

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No matter how much you put out for him, if he feels like he’s the only one who’s interested in the deed; it can be a real turn off real quick.

9. He Feels You Are Needy And Controlling

Needy And Controlling

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While this can be endearing in short burst at the right times in the relationship, a constant neediness or need to know on your part can have the opposite effect on him. In some cases he may even want to flee from such a scenario.

Emotional abandonment is a difficult situation to be in for either of the spouses. The best thing to do in such a circumstance is to understand the root cause of your problem and work on the relationship with utmost sincerity. I am certain with honest intentions and love and care you will be able to nurture back your relationship to health in no time.
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