7 Rational Reasons Why Love Marriage Is Better Than Arranged Marriage

Are love marriages better or are arranged marriages the best? Well, this has been a topic of heated debate since decades. While modern wisdom of the millennials finds itself more inclined towards love marriage, a significant chunk of marriageable individuals prefer going the good old arranged way. Irrespective of the perks an arranged marriage offers (family support, more acceptance of spouse, etc), there are definitely some benefits of marrying someone after falling in love with that individual. If you are looking for reasons why love marriage is better than arranged marriage then we have some interesting info for you. Here are seven reasons why we feel love marriages are better than arranged marriages.

1. You And Your Spouse Already Know Each Other


This is the best part of love marriage. Unlike arranged marriages where the person you tie the knot with is a stranger, in a love marriage you know your spouse already. This means you are bound to have less awkward moments together. Eventually, when you get into a matrimonial relationship, you will be well-tuned to what your partner thinks, and can plan your actions accordingly.

2. You Understand Each Other’s Personality


Since you know each other well, you are well aware of each other’s likes-dislikes, hobbies, and general life preferences. You will know how much sugar he likes in his tea, and you will be aware of which coffee she loves. This way, you can have a stable start. You will even save tons of time, which otherwise people in arranged marriage spend just to figure out each other. In a love marriage, you kick-off by planning for bigger and important things in your marriage, which individuals in arranged marriage are able to do only after couple of years spent understanding each other.

3. You Are In-Charge And In-Control


In love marriages, you are at the helm of the ship. You decide the course of your wedding and subsequent married life. While you can have the support of your parents, it is yours and your partner’s call on most important things pertaining to the marriage. Along with that, you will have less pressure from external agents like family, which is undeniably present in an arranged marriage case mainly due to abnormal expectations of family members. This will all lead to a more peaceful married life, since you will be aware that everything is in the hands of you and your partner, and you are free to take decisions independently.

4. Love Marriages Are Less Expensive


Imagine the amount of money you will spend on an arranged marriage with that over the top lavish decorations, which no one will remember couple of months down the line. A significant chunk of these expenses will originate from the outrageous expectations (read: demands) of the bridegroom’s family, which has all the possibility to become a pricking thorn in the relationship of wife and husband. With love marriage, you can not just forego all that useless expenditure, but also plan your wedding in a smart and frugal manner. You can decide absolutely everything right from the invitees to the dessert on the wedding menu, and you do this all sitting with your to-be wife/husband. The eventual result is that you will be saving heaps of cash, which can be better used for other important things in your marriage.

5. No Dowry Drama


Even today, well-educated families of brides are known to pay a handsome dowry in the name of ‘gifts’ to the well-educated family of the bridegroom, who do little to resist it, or worse, make a demand for it. Tying the knot out of love makes it a true marriage, and not just a deal where the boy gets some cash to take the girl away (or where the boy is sold away for some price). In a love marriage, your relationship with your to-be spouse is all that matters, and everything else becomes secondary. You do not care for some ‘gifts’ or fancy items since you already have a level of respect for your partner, and a decent amount a self-respect. This makes you shun dowry and focus on the beautiful relationship you are about to get into.

6. You Resolve Issues More Amicably


Since you know each other already (reason 1), understand each other well (reason 2), and do not have any bone of contention like dowry between you (reason 5); by default you resolve all the conflicts in a calm and amicable manner. There are high chances you will have less to clash on, and while some amount of bickering does happen among wife and husband, at the end of the day the love between you will act as a balm to soothe each other’s hearts.

7. It Is Bliss To Live With Someone You Already Love


If marriage is a bridge that connects two hearts, then love is that substance that supports and strengthens it. Imagine cozying together with your spouse, and looking back at your life together. You will have so much to look back upon – the moment you met, fell in love, proposed, and finally when you got married. It is a feeling of ecstasy that no arranged marriage can match, no matter how much ‘love’ the couple in that marriage has. In a love marriage, the married life becomes a journey that you enjoy. And you will always strive to improve, thanks to the love you share with your spouse.

So there you go. All the solid reasons to prove that love marriage actually is better than arranged marriage. If you are looking for ways to convince someone about it then do share this article. All the best!

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