Heart-darts! 5 Best ‘Why I Love You’ Poems

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Love is in the air all year round when you know you are with “the one” who fulfills your life, who just makes everything so much better. “Sunshine” and “happy” are not exaggerated terms when your partner makes you giggle in the middle of the day when you are all by yourself thinking about the whispers shared on the previous night! If you were wondering how you can rationalize your irrational and unconditional love for your partner – who makes you laugh, giggle, smile, feel fuzzy in the head just by the thought of the other – then here are five beautiful and heart-warming why i love you poems that should just do the trick.

Have you ever been amazed by how much your partner has invested the whole of themselves in you, just to see you smile? Have you wondered how you can repay them for being a faithful confidante and an unmatchable friend? Sometimes expressing love is seen as a futile attempt to capture such a sublime experience. But expression is the only way you can liberate the overwhelming feeling of love, which fascinatingly binds you and also sets you free. If this is what you want to tell your loved one, the following poem could be a great way to say why you love them so!

Why I Love You Poems 1

True love does not send a letter of purpose before knocking at your door. They don’t just say that  “love happens”. It is true some of us find true love in our best friends, the most blessed of the  populace. But even then, the moment love happens in a relationship whether it was friendship, or  marriage, it will take you like a storm in your heart and a wave of change in your life. Just say how you feel about your loved one with this cute little poem!

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Why I Love You Poems 2

We all experience different emotions in any relationship. Especially in love, their intensities can be unparalleled. Gratitude is one of the strongest feelings when you are just grateful for the love in your life. Believe me when I say it does not hurt to express it once in a while, just to say thanks for all the support in all the tough times, for the extra effort put in the interest of your happiness, for the unconditional love that makes you feel so special. Say a ‘thank you’ without those worn-out words, instead with this poem that will surely pull the strings in the heart of your loved one!

Why I Love You Poems - 3

Love can make you feel taken by a storm of emotions; sometimes the storm can be just the partner! Not exactly the dominant member in the relationship but sometimes one of the two has the habit to shake things up and, if necessary, take things by their root. But your “lovely storm” was very welcome in your humdrum life, and came to change the way you would look at anything for the rest of your life. Such an experience of true love can recharge one’s soul with fundamentals that were not realized before, setting you free of the tenets you rote learned to live life so you may see what it is to truly be, and how you can live to the fullest. If your love has changed your life and more importantly how you live, then this is definitely the message you want to give!

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Why I Love You Poems - 4

It is Christmas time and a whole new year is waiting around the corner. If you’re eager for the new year and the new experiences it holds for you and your partner, the new memories you shall make, the new places your relationship will take you, then the following double couplet should put your feeling in a nutshell.

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Why I Love You Poems - 5

Take a paper and write this message to your loved one today, to just tell them how lucky you feel to love them every day!

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