Why Does Love Fail? 9 Reasons & Tips To Make It Work

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Right from the time we understand the meaning of love, we start dreaming of the day when we can be with the one who loves us as much as our favourite hero loves his heroine, right? We start dreaming of our fairy tale love story with only roses and no thorns. But it never really works that way, does it? Every relationship has its ups and downs. And to be honest, most have more downs as compared to the ups. Love fails more often that it doesn’t. And that’s because life is such. It keeps throwing lemons at us to test our true worth and to see how many of us make it through. However, making a relationship work isn’t as easy as it seems. It takes a lot of effort and sometimes no matter what we do, things go downhill.

Why Does Love Fail?

Many of us wonder about the possible reasons for relationships to break but are often blinded by our own difficulties to see the real truth. So let’s try and decode this mystery and find out about the real reasons why love fails.

1. ‘All About Me’

Why Does Love Fail? - ‘All About Me’

In a relationship, if either of you is the kind who only focuses on themselves then you should know that the relationship is doomed right from the beginning, set for destination catastrophic love failure. Keeping love intact takes a lot of sharing which always involves more of giving than taking. If you start focusing only on yourself and your needs and neglect your partner then your relationship will never work. ‘All about me’ will leave you without the one you loved with all your heart.

2. Unbalanced Responsibilities

When you’re a couple, you both need to have balanced duties and responsibilities towards the relationship. If there is only one of you who is taking all the initiatives and the other one is only reaping the benefits of being in the relationship, then again, it will not work. If someone is ready to give their all to make you happy then that person will expect the same in return. Without that, no matter how much one party loves the other side, love fails.

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3. Communication Gap

Why Does Love Fail? - Communication Gap

Communication is the key to a happy relationship, no matter what the basis of the relationship is. As a couple, if you fail to express your thoughts and feelings to your partner then the gap will go on increasing to a point where you two will simply fail to understand each other, inevitably ending in ‘love failures’, broken relationships, broken homes and the list goes on.

4. Infidelity

A communication gap will obviously move toward love failure, of the cheating kind. Trust is the building block of a relationship. If there is trust then no matter what the problem may be, it becomes relatively easier to get through it together. But once there’s infidelity involved, then you can pretty much see your relationship going up in flames with no hope of it ever getting fixed.

5. No Secret Policy

Many people have a habit of sharing even the tiniest details with their friends. However, it is possible that your partner may not like it at all. Personal life has the word personal in it for a reason. Sometimes even friends can make it worse by making themselves a part of your problem based on what you shared with them. The fact that they’re your friends means they’ll take your ‘side’, forgetting that you’re both on the same side; and the moment you forget who’s side you’re supposed to be on, love failure hits.

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6. ‘I Quit’ Personality

Why Does Love Fail? - ‘I Quit’ Personality

There are people who are ready to quit at the slightest problem they go through. ‘I quit’ or ‘let’s end this’ are usually the first words to come out of their mouth when they see a problem approaching. But that’s not how relationships work; that’s how love fails. It requires a lot of patience and efforts to build a strong bond. And most relationships get strong only when the two of you tackle and get out of a problem together.

7. Dependency

It is a common belief that once you get together with someone, your lives have to be inter-dependent. You end up being too clingy and depend on them for almost everything. This is usually one of the biggest reasons to make someone want to get away for their ‘breathing space.’

8. Self-Criticism

Why Does Love Fail? - Self-Criticism

Although this might not sound like a big reason, but it actually is a very important point to be considered. Self-criticism, to some extent, is normal as that helps figure out our short comings and get better. But once you start criticizing yourself for everything, you end up becoming someone who is constantly looking for someone else to tell you that you’re perfect. And that is a big deal-breaker, a love failure that’s non-negotiable.

9. Jealousy

Being possessive on some levels is acceptable because when you’re in love you expect that person to devote their time to you. But if your jealousy starts to take over your daily life with every conversation starting and ending on the same note then your relationship can be seen as dying a slow ‘love failure’ death. A healthy relationship is one where there is trust and comfort.

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9 Hacks To Keep Your Love Strong And Alive

Why Does Love Fail? - 9 Hacks To Keep Your Love Strong And Alive

Now those were some of the points that told us why love fails. But hold on, there is always hope to rekindle the spark if things haven’t turned completely sour. Here are some of the things that you can do to keep your love strong and alive:

  1. Have faith – Accept your partner for who they are and have faith in their love.
  2. Be confident – Being too needy for approval is another reason that drives people away. So be confident of who you are and that will reflect in the success of your relationship.
  3. Know that your happiness depends on you first – If you’re a self-reliant and a happy person, your partner will see you as a self-dependent person and not someone they have to take care of.
  4. Keep your personal life private – Don’t go about posting everything on social media. The world doesn’t need to know about when you fought and when you patched up.
  5. Don’t lose yourself along the way – Remember that your partner fell in love with you for who you are and not who they want you to be. Adapt and adjust as required but keep your identity strong.
  6. Take initiatives – Your partner shouldn’t always be the one making dinner reservations and movie plans. Take a step ahead and be the one who shows interest in the relationship.
  7. Share responsibilities – Once you start living in together or get married, it often happens that taking care of the house becomes the woman’s responsibility and monetary matters become the man’s duties. Share and work together.
  8. Communicate – Remember, no one can read the other person’s mind. So even if you are someone who is uncomfortable in talking about the feelings then be old school and write them down in a note and pass on. But always share.
  9. Be loyal – Healthy flirting is always welcomed. But always remember where your loyalties lie.

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So these were some pointers to keep in mind to tackle the negativity that enters the relationship. Remember, love fails only when you’re not paying attention. Work together as a couple and nothing is impossible.

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