12 White Wedding Decoration Ideas To Brighten Your BIG Day

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You love white; it’s your fav colour. You put on a cute little white dress for one too many dates, because he calls you an angel every time you do. How could you not pay homage to the colour that helped you snag your white knight? Even if we ignore the primal role it played in your romance, its reputation as the colour of perfection can’t be overlooked. How do you beat ‘perfect’?

We have been over all the compelling arguments for having white dominate your décor. Now let us give you an inside tip on how to style your wedding ‘white’. All-white weddings are a classic décor idea. But what’s new is bringing the hue into your décor by its tasteful inclusion intermittently throughout your wedding venue.

We have curated some great ideas on how to incorporate white into your wedding. We are confident that more than one of these ideas will find its way into your wedding. And for those who aren’t planning one any time soon, you can use them for home décor inspiration.

1. Love Letters


Having an outdoor wedding? Have an open-air photo-booth with a giant love sign as the prop. If it’s a night ceremony, you can use illuminated LOVE letters.


Not a fan of the LOVE sign? You can still use this idea! Just use the couple’s initials instead.

2. Tried The Daisy Oracle?


These beautiful ruffle tablecloths look spectacular in a garden wedding. You can use uplighting to give it a vintage glam look.

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The petals linen might inspire your guests to play daisy oracle once again. He loves me, he loves me not…….

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3. Flower-Studded Sky

Star-studded skies are rare in big cities even if you are having a night wedding. And if you are having a daytime ceremony or an indoor one, all you can see if you look up are draped/naked ceilings.


These floral chandeliers make a great statement and add the necessary élan to the wedding décor.

4. ‘Desert’ Station, This Is Where You Get Off

These vintage tables are the perfect way to display the sweet treats in store for your guests. They look uber chic and make for some amazing camera clicks.


As they travel through your wedding venue, this is the one place your guests will surely make a stop.

5. Lanterns Of Love, Floating Above

Chinese paper lanterns look simple and are easy to use décor additions. They add the necessary texture to the ceiling giving it a fancy twist.


6. Wall Of Flowers

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The wall of flowers was popularized by Kanye West and Kim Kardashian. Kimye exchanged their wedding vows before a wall of flowers. The wall featured an assortment of white flowers and looked so breathtaking that we are sure it’s on every bride-to-be’s wish list.


But a wall of flowers is expensive and a more sensible option would be to have paper flowers instead of real flowers. These may not exude the same romantic charm as the real ones, but they look very artsy and contemporary.

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7. Making Waves The Fabric Way

The most important visual element to get right in your wedding décor is the drapes. Drapes can give a sublime and sensual aesthetic to your wedding.


8. The Majestic Elephant & The Pretty Peacock

Animal sculptures are popular in Indian weddings. The elephants represent Lord Ganesh, the God of wisdom and good beginnings. The peacock represents Goddess Lakshmi, the Goddess of wealth and prosperity. As to why they have been included in the wedding décor? Easy! They invoke wealth and wisdom into the marriage.


9. The Love Ladder

Love ladders are a cute décor addition. They remind us that LOVE is a ladder that is climbed one step at a time every day of the married life. And the best part!is that they can be used as a photo prop by guests.


10. Two Birds In One cage

Bird cages surrounded by baby’s breath flowers are such a fresh way to use as table accents. Ever seen a bird caged in its own nest? That is how this looks.


Marriage is like that too. Two cute birds caged together in their LOVE NEST.

11. Whimsical Chairs


These beautiful chair back decorations will make a grand visual impact and add a glam touch to your wedding décor. Chiavari chairs are best suited for weddings as they lend themselves to any chair back decoration quite perfectly.


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12. Altar Ya Mandap, White Is The Way To ‘Vow’

Indian weddings are all about having bright colours and traditional accents. But a white element in the wedding décor will provide a break from all the colour explosion and standout on its own.

Image Courtesy : Devika Narain

This beautiful white mandap is a stunning contrast to the colourful décor and draws all attention onto itself.

Wishing yourself some white in your wedding? These are some great ways to bring a pure and innocent vibe to your wedding décor. Which one of these has caught your eye? Do tell us.

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