9 Exquisite White Wedding Cakes That Are Anything But Vanilla

White has all but come to define all things wedding, and scrumptious confectionery is no exception. A white wedding cake offers a stunning simplicity and regality that colorful cakes can never match, just ask Prince William and Kate Middleton. Top that off with a large variety of decoration options – sugar flowers, fondant and intricate lace piping, to name just three – and you are left with a classic and tasteful cake, and we don’t mean just in design. Have a look at these white wedding cakes and get inspired for very own piece of cake goodness:

1. Figurines With Ears Of Wheat

White Wedding Cakes - The Cake With Figurines And Ears Of Wheat

Image: Shutterstock

The lush green grass and beautiful white cake present a contrasting image that is about as delicious as the cake itself, we’re sure, but there’s no denying that you needn’t be confined to an outdoors wedding to use this excellent cake design, wreath decorations and ears of wheat for a truly delicious and wholesome looking cake. The custom topper which adds the only splash of real color is a nice touch too.

2. Customary Confectionery

White Wedding Cakes - Customary Confectionery

Image: Shutterstock

If something classic is what you’re more interested in, a la the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, then this tiered white cake is right up your alley. This particular creation involved a whole lot of white chocolate, beautifully worked non-floral decorations and real flowers around the base.

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3. Simplicity Itself

White Wedding Cakes - Simplicity Itself

Image: Shutterstock

Sometimes, what works best is the most traditional rendition, and this gorgeous wedding cake exemplifies that very thought. The minimal detailing, baby pink flowers and candles as well as white rose petals really set up this piece of confectionery in the best way possible.

4. Take A Bow

White Wedding Cakes - Take A Bow!

Image: Shutterstock

Delicious cake with white icing, polka dots and a large pink bow. Oh, and not to forget the beautiful (and matching) flowers up top. The perfect wedding cake for the couple looking to marry tradition with the times.

5. This Is Berry Good

White Wedding Cakes - This Cake Really Is Berry Berry Good

Image: Shutterstock

Proving that you don’t need multiple layers, fancy fondant or exotic flavors to achieve a truly exceptional cake, this white masterpiece is layered with frosting, cream, berries and fruits. Good enough to eat.

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6. A Classic Cake

White Wedding Cakes - The Classic Cake

Image: Shutterstock

This delightful looking cake combines some of the best elements that make up a wedding cake, or indeed a wedding. It’s white, it is decorated with gorgeous flowers, it features intricate lattice work and it features a mini bride and groom right at the top.

7. The Masterpiece

White Wedding Cakes - The Masterpiece

Image: Shutterstock

What is there to say? This cake probably took all of two weeks to put together, and it’s worth every bit of the effort. The floral wreath that runs across the base is complemented by the similar decoration on the bottom layer. If you’re looking at a floral theme, this is an excellent example of how to do things right.

8. Bits Of Blue

White Wedding Cakes - Bits Of Blue

Image: Shutterstock

Picture this cake entirely in white, and it seems a simplified version of some of the cakes listed above, and that’s not a bad thing. Put in the blue accents, however, and you’ve got a cake that is perfect if you’re working with that color in your decor, or more likely, if you’re having a beach wedding. Replace with your color/shade of choosing, or the one that works best with your theme.

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9. Ribbon Cake

White Wedding Cakes - The Ribbon Cake

Image: Shutterstock

Another contemporary take on a classic design is this white cake that has been decorated with red ribbons and topped off with a simple pastry-floral arrangement, and we have to say that it works to exceptional effect. The vintage theme and look is rounded off by cutting edge techniques for a delectable and delicious confectionery.