Which TV Couple Do And Your Partner Resemble The Most?

You google ‘couple’s combined name generator’ and you’d end up with a bunch of websites that will calculate your couple name. That’s how Brangelina came about. Don’t ask me why I looked for it, I just did, and now you have a fun way to pass time this week.

Couples are like flavours. You might, for instance, love Chocolate and I might not. So while You try to find the prefect combined name for you and the bae, you might want to see which couple flavour you identify with the most?

1. Sheldon And The Amy (The Big Bang Theory)

Call me crazy but when I see Shammy, I see skies of blue, red roses, the whole shebang..and I really do think to myself what a wonderful life. I’m not kidding. They belong together, in the nicest sweetest way. It’s like watching Sherlock and Watson, only more adorkable.

2. Lisbon And Jane (The Mentalist)

Right, I’m starting to think the perfect brand of couple is some version of John and Sherlock. Or Shawn and Spencer. He’s..Patrick Jane, trickster extraordinaire and she’s Teresa Lisbon, tough law in a compact package of passive sarcasm. And she survives his crazies, but only because Patrick saves the day, just for her. They’re gender-reversed in Dharma and Greg, but they’re way funnier.

3. Ross And Rachel (Friends)

Yes, you can! Years in the future, they’ll be remembered like Romeo and Juliet. The clueless ubernerd Ross has it hard for the high school babe, and the rest is history. They broke all the cliches, way back when the nerd had not yet received his dormant alpha status, and the cheerleader was the vamp coz she’d never grow up. They also broke a lot of other things, but that’s Ross and Rach for you.

4. Gomez And Tish (The Addams Family)

They’re the very embodiment of TV ship royalty. We know them as Mr and Mrs Addams. They were cultured, bold (for the 60-70s), and sensible. Sure they’re victorian goth hipsters, but that just says how cool they are. It takes pluck to be together in an upside-down world running amuck, (Good god, you know how awful live plants are? Don’t even start me off on the evils of television). And they do it in style, like svelte vampires and zombies would.

5. Fitz And Olivia (Scandal)

Power and sleaze and a presidency makes for a racy love story. They take starcrossed lovers to a whole new level. The only couple more messed up are Devon and Hilary. Then and again, it depends on what you think is messed up. But you know, they’re meant to be, despite everything.

6. Derek And Meredith (Grey’s Anatomy)

TVs most successful other-woman ploy to date, the story of Meredith and Derek is an inspiration. He got married,and then he meets the one. She doesn’t play needy. He doesn’t play macho. They make a promise to ‘love each other even when we hate each other’. They make it. Until he dies.

7. Ezra And Aria (Pretty Little Liars)

There is a buttload of crazy there, and all that brain makes it way crazier, but it’s there first time the older guy routine made complete sense. They don’t play games like Carrie and Big. They don’t crash and burn like Walt and Jesse. And most importantly, they don’t die like Mark and Lexie, or follow in any other Grey’s footsteps.

8. Elena And Damon (The Vampire Diaries)

Speaking of death, disaster and eternal promises, a certain Salvatore and his fair dame rank up. When you think about their long journey, all the way to Elena’s current predicament, it makes you want to replay Taylor Swift’s Wildest Dreams in your head. Ah..and there come the goosebumps.

9. Jake And Amy (Brooklyn Nine Nine)

Bring on the office romance! Crime fighting and love finally go hand in hand to bring you the cutest workplace lovestory since Jim and Pam.

10. Trudy And Gordo (The Astronauts Wives)

Meredith chose not to compete with Derek. Trudy chose to, even if it didn’t work out all that great. But Gordo got that she only lost out because of the times. If he could, he’d have loved to play fair and see who’d win. Until then, he’s content to sleep in her tub, alone, for his shenanigans, till she wakes him up.

11. Marshall And Lily (How I Met Your Mother)

We have a live one here. The spiffy redhead and her blond bae play is a classic gambit, one that works. But never has a couple made it work like these two. They even invented that relationship saver, the Pause, together. They make Ross and Rachel look bad.

12. Gabby And Carlos (Desperate Housewives)

Love can actually kill you. In six inch Diors. Carlos and Gabby, will almost kill for each other just as much as they would, well, try to kill each other. But beneath all that is a bond so strong it’s can’t be broken by even death.

13. Chuck And Blair (Gossip Girl)

Well, what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger. And two Heir Mc Schemies and piles of money make for one heck of a novela-esque romance, with a bit of friendly deception, for the greater good of course, and all that other stuff tabloids are made of. They make bad look good.

Did we miss your favourite TV couple? Let us know in the comments section below.