Which Disney Bride Are You?

Every groom needs a bride. And every girl has thought about being one at least once; the subject of supreme adoration and desire to that one guy, who looks at you and sees his whole world.

And just like every groom, every bride has her own persona. Which one’s yours?

1. Princess Classic

You’re the perfect better of Prince Charming. Born into money, possibly old wealth, you’ve been raised like the princess you are. But you’ve got grace and poise and you’re not a brat.

You’ve got it all – looks, money, fame, luck, and a beautiful mind to boot. You’re not a mean girl, and you’re so above all that ugly stuff, and you’ll never be caught dead being a hoarder. You have a mellow sweet temperament, and you’ve not neglected your brain or the pursuit of a better tomorrow. You’re so perfect that no girl can hate you. And every one knows you belong with a prince, worthy of your love and crown.

2. Princess Ariel

See, the other princesses are in their zone, but you – not so much. You’re an innocent, looking for love. You’re kind of an airhead because of that, but you never had anyone to tell you not to do that. It’s not your fault, but because of that, you’re gullible and have a tendency to get a bit desperate and obsessive. Obviously, the two don’t go well together, so you’ll need a bunch of nice pals and pets to save you from yourself. And like, make sure you don’t go making friends with mean girls. In return, you’ll be very loyal to them, and support them always. And yeah, you’ll find your inner warrior queen, eventually. So hold on, until then. And try not to run after every guy you ‘fall’ in love with.

Your prince is the perfect match for you, kind, sweet and silly; you’ll both definitely live happily ever after.

3. Beauty

You’re not a ‘princess’, but you are daddy’s little princess; beautiful on the inside and on the outside. And you’ve got a lot of friends and maybe a sister or brother who’ve got a bit of a problem with that. You don’t take to fools lightly; you’re intelligent and courteous, with an open mind. You see with the eyes of your heart, and you’re a kind kid, self-sacrificing at times. But you’re steadfast in your decisions, and honest about your promises.

You’re the perfect Elizabeth to a brute but kind Darcy, who’ll gladly fight for a woman worth his time.

4. Princess Jasmine a.k.a. Little Miss Queen

You’re a super princess; sassy and classy, with a very decided set of opinions about important matters; you’re a rare treasure. You’re sexy and intellectual, and you play it like a pro. You’re also a great influence on your friends. You’ve seen the best of luxury and you still know you’ve seen nothing all that impressive yet. You aren’t ruled by baubles, nor can a pompous nut get your attention. You even know how to get rid of morons; you’re one of the few women who’ve trained in a martial art. You’re a bit of a know-it-all and a spoilt brat because of this; but you know how to make things right, when you need to.
With all that you’ve got going for you, you’re still very shrewd, and you know a man’s real worth is his own blood and sweat. And that smile he’ll show you after giving you an adventure, you’ll remember.

You’ll certainly pick an amusing groom.

5. Megara

Princess Jasmine’s got nothing on your sass. Make way for that bad girl all the guys want, and no guy seems like he can win with. Like your guy counterpart, you’ve seen too much trouble, and got bullied around, so you had to ‘woman’ up; you’re beautiful, intelligent, capable; an unapologetic feminist and a veritably hot AF seductress. Since you’re that pretty, you’ve seen the lengths and depths men go to get your attention, so you’re really put off by them. You know how to win in love and in war, and you’re jaded. But there’s still a part of you that’s untouched by the harsh realities of life, a part of you that still dreams of happy days.

That part of you calls out to the right guy; a man so affably adorable, you’ll melt too.

6. Mulan a.k.a. The Warrior Queen

“Swift as a coursing river, with all the force of a great typhoon, with all the strength of a raging fire, mysterious as the dark side of the moon.”

That’s what you are; an alpha girl, the warrior goddess. You’ve found your center and you’re sure to win every battle you fight. You’re beautiful, and fierce. You have a sharp mind and an untamed soul; you’re a maverick,and a brave-heart too; you value honour and pride. You’re naturally a leader, and fighter. You won’t lie down and play dead to anyone. You’re not scared to take on a man in his own territory, and you’re skilled and driven. You won’t second guess yourself, because you know you’re right, and that you can do anything you put your mind to. You save the day, every time; and get a few laughs out of everyone on the way there. Daddy doesn’t need anything when he’s got a daughter like you. Girls and guys look up to you. You da man, girl!

Don’t marry anything less than your worth.

7. Rapunzel

You’re from the Kingdom of the Sun. That says a lot about you, lady version of Hercules; you’re a force of nature. You’re the most cheery and optimistic princess on this list, and some might argue you’re always high; you have a kind heart, and that’s not always good, but you still know you must be you. Your innocent curiosity and desire for adventure is refreshingly terrifying, and so is your femininely sweet be-prepared motto, which is a defence for your casual gullibility. You are ready to take on a new challenge always, ready with an accidental punch/frying pan, when you need it. You’re great with troubled souls and despite the crap you’ve seen, you’re still hopeful. You know you will need to work to make it a better place for everyone, and you’ll do just that. You’re developing a good bit of gumption, and that will go a long way. You’re a bit of a loon; don’t lose that.

You’ll save a Flynn or a Eugene.

8. Malina a.k.a. Hottie Hot Hottie a.k.a. Lady Perfection

You’re the cheerleader who doesn’t need any saving. She’ll save herself and the world. You’re little Miss Perfection herself; first in everything, one way or another, the smartest girl in class, always on time, cute doodles, obsessively neat, Hermione in the flesh. You’re so competitive, you’d cheat to win. You’re a bit bossy, but that’s because you’re the boss. You’re a girl who got through with her own hard work, even though you are really smart and (obviously) hot. You’re headstrong, but dating Mr Crazy perfectionist Loony, his royal pain-in-the-ass-ness, the Emperor is no easy peasy business; especially when you’ve made it your duty to make him a better person, at the cost of overusing your own moral compass. And it’s not like you’re not the bestest nicest person ever, anyway!

9. Tiana a.k.a. Miss Independent

Malina has it easy; you’ve had to work your way up without any help from anyone. You’re really diligent, very determined to see your dream come true; you’re kind of like Kristoff that way, very focussed, a busy bee. Your dream is not about money, or fame or something like that; no, it’s about this dream you’ve held onto since you were a kid. And you’re not living in this happy place in your head; you love the finer things in life and you admire the arts and all, but you know you have to be practical if you want to get things done. You have a strong mind, and you’re driven, sometimes to the point you end up missing out on stuff, but that’s the price of ambition, pure and clean or corrupted. Your soul has virtue; you’re that one chick who’d inspire even the most insipid wastrel to make something of himself. The fact that you look good sweating it out, day in and day out, is the cherry on the cake.

You keep doin’ what you’re doin’; you’ll get there, girl. And that philandering nut will find you himself.

10. Kidagakash ‘Kida’ Nedakh

You’re every nerd boy’s dream girl. Geeky, brainy, beautiful, inquisitive, powerful, danger loving, risk-taking, adventure-seeking, proudly aggressive, graceful, driven, capable; a Final Boss Queen. You’re a straight 10, a born leader, destined for greatness. You’re resourceful and hold your own. You carry the weight of your people (or your office) on your shoulders without flinching, and you take on responsibilities with easy pride. You’re an old soul, and sometimes you choose to let go of unnecessary constraints because of that.

Your perfect mate is a passive alpha, who won’t get jealous or pull you down; a guy who can keep up with you, without any unnecessary discord.

11. Queen Elsa a.k.a. Empress BadAss

If Hermione had a baby with Snape, and then that baby had a baby with Sirius, and then that baby had a baby with Itachi and then that baby had a baby with the original snow queen who had a baby with Madara, who had babies with some more cool people, you’d get Elsa, the Ultimate Empress of Awesome-craft and Badassery.

If you’re an Elsa, then you’re a well-mannered angel of poise. You keep a calm exterior, but there’s a lot going on underneath. Family matters to you, especially that annoying little moron. You’re virtuous, intelligent, have a fun sense of humour too, all mixed up with a lot of insecurity and some really messed up childhood stuff. It’s all like an inoperable benign tumour. You’re a nerd too, but you look too sexy. You’re a kind and efficient boss, slightly antisocial, very closeted; there is some raw evil in you, but you’re the devil only because you’ve seen Hell.

And, obviously you can get any guy you want.

12. Princess Anna a.k.a. Trouble-and-Sunshine a.k.a. The Beta

So, if you were a dude, you’d be an annoying but sweet airhead who needs help finding a career; basically a watered down version of Prince Naveen, maybe with a dash of Rapunzel. You’ve had the perks without any responsibilities; and now you want freedom and more fun. The only problem is that the super alpha bestie ‘Elsa’ in your life won’t be pushing you to get responsible, so you’ll remain the pampered baby. You’ve got a good heart, and you know how to do the right thing when you must, even if you messed up before, but your lack of restraint and your want to go on adventures makes you the perpetual brat of the story. I guess you can just keep being a good princess, but like take a leaf out of the book of ambition.

You’ll probably end up with a nice guy who adores you for all that sunshine, and babysits you when you need it.

13. Pocahontas

You’re a princess, but you’re certainly a woman of peace and discipline too. You’re a leader, an old soul, and a free spirit at that, of a strong mind and an open heart. You’re always diplomatic and politically correct. Your main focus is on your choice of profession, despite the fact that you don’t have to be that ambitious, and that sets you apart from the other brides on this list. You choose to not use violence, but you still have a very vocalised presence; you’re the only ‘strong’ woman to do this. You are not quiet or demure, and unlike the others, you will speak your mind with clarity, and with grace. You are sensitive and yet wise beyond your years. You do not need to display your sexual prowess, you’re naturally just that alive with the fire of your being. Everything about you speaks of quiet power and capability. You have no need to use comic relief; you’re just that capable.

Few men can stand beside a woman like you, without severely hurting their own egos, since you’re a leader, and a queen, like Elsa.

14. Merida a.k.a. The Tomboy Princess Rebel

Daddy’s little girl is mommy’s little girl too. And you didn’t have any of the experiences that made Elsa Elsa. You’re an eldest sibling, so you’ve got a lot of power and a lot of responsibility. You’re really possessive of your family, and despite all the tough girl stuff you pull, you’re very selfless when it comes to them. You’re a diamond in the rough, kind of like Mulan, only there’s no taming you. You’re short tempered and impulsive; being the first meant you picked up the habit of trying everything first, good and bad. You’ve got style, but the grace bit kind of missed you; you’re a bit on the clumsy side too, unless you’re playing football or archery, in which case the selective clumsiness disappears completely, showing a agile and lithe physique, in control of your movements.

You’re a bit of a big baby, and you’re really childish sometimes; you have many hard lessons to learn. You have a soul eager for approval of your way of life, since you’re just learning to be you. You have it in you to be a beautiful person, and it’s not something you can do right away, you’ve got to cut up a diamond. In the meantime, your will to excel and see and be more than you are, and your extreme want for freedom and acknowledgement will drive you to be more today than you were yesterday. You’re a tomboy, and people will mock you for attempting to compete with men, but remember, they can old laugh while you’re not succeeding.