13 Absolutely Useless Gifts Commonly Given At Indian Weddings

The realm of gifts commonly given at indian weddings is tricky one, since you need to strike a balance between being courteous and not ending up looking cheesy. In fact, it is that tightrope walk of predicament, which eventually leads people to choose the same old run-of-the-mill wedding gifts, which are practically useless. While it is always the heart of the one who gives the gift that one must see, in modern times there is a tilt towards having meaningful presents than just some wedding gift.

The List Of Silliest Gifts Commonly Given At Indian Wedding!

In case you have a wedding invite marked on the calendar, then here is a list of 13 useless wedding gifts that you must never gift. Here we go.


Defining A ‘Useless Wedding Gift’

Time to bell the cat first. What exactly does ‘useless’ mean? Can a gift actually be useless? The answer is a YES for a wedding gift, specifically for gifts commonly given at indian weddings. Here are the five things that make a present absolutely worthless.

1. All Show, No Use


It is not 1980s any more, where people have to decorate their drawing room with flashy show-pieces just to keep the guests engaged during awkward moments of silence. A 21st century newly-wed couple expect more than something that would stay at one place and accumulate dust; they expect something that can be really used for day to day to living. A gift, which best does is sit in a corner and do nothing, is what becomes a paradigm of useless wedding gift.

2. Consumes Tons Of Space


So you gifted the perfect ‘practical’ present but it takes up half of a room in that newly-weds one bedroom apartment. You can be assured that you will find your present being flung to the trash soon. A wedding gift not meeting the aesthetics of a 21st century abode is as good as useless.

3. Expensive To Maintain


If the maintenance of your present is going to cost as much as a term deposit of the newly-wed then that gift can be conveniently categorised as a bloated worthless object. Modern couples have innovative means of dealing with such gifts commonly given at indian weddings and it is recycling them i.e. gifting it away to someone else who does the same thing, so on, so forth. See you started a vicious cycle!

4. Too Tacky To Use/Display


Some gifts commonly given at indian weddings are too gaudy or shabby to even be considered a wedding present. The best example for this are plastic flowers, which is one thing that you will commonly find people gifting in Indian weddings (with a combo of flowers and flower vase). Sure, unlike real flowers plastic flowers may last forever but even real flowers are a passé in modern times. So plastic flowers are outright obsolete.

5. Way Too Boring Or Generic


Some gifts are so mainstream that they run the risk of becoming an eyesore, soon bestowing the ‘useless’ title upon themselves. Also, these are the kind of gifts that are given away as ‘gifts’ to others.

Since the definition of useless is now in perspective, let’s begin with the list of 13 most useless wedding gifts commonly given at indian weddings.

1. Photo Frame

Gifts Commonly Given At Indian Weddings - Photo Frame

Because couples need their pictures with wide grins by their bedside, just in case they forget how they looked on their wedding day. Wonder who takes pictures with the good old film-based cameras in today’s era of Instagram and WhatsApp.

2. Cloth Piece

You receive one, and pass it on to that guy next door on his birthday, who eventually passes it to a relative who vents out his cringe on his social media account, which has a hip profile picture. Indian wedding guests need to awaken to the fact that we live in an era of chic online fashion stores.

3. Melamine Dinner Set

Gifts Commonly Given At Indian Weddings - Melamine Dinner Set

It’s the indomitable king of gifts in India, be it wedding gift, wedding anniversary gift or just something for someone you met after a long time. Gifting a trashy melamine dinner set is equivalent to screaming ‘I have no creativity and no options.’

4. Porcelain Showpiece

Show-pieces that show two lovers kissing, the one holding their hands, and some more embarrassing ones, the most common gifts commonly given at indian weddings. These ones eventually mock the newly-weds rather than appreciate them on their big day.

5. Standard Ceramic Tea Set

Gifts Commonly Given At Indian Weddings - Standard Ceramic Tea Set

It’s like you plan to visit the newly-weds sometime soon and therefore expect them to serve some piping hot tea in the tea set that you have gifted. Those tea sets come with some dowdy cups, each of them having their very own tacky saucer, the worst gifts commonly given at indian weddings.

6. Tea Flask

Of course, the newly-weds will need this in order to keep the tea hot and ready to drink for any guests. What makes this worse is when someone gifts you one of those old tea flasks that became outdated right at the turn of the century.

7. Wall Clocks

Wall clock for each wall of your house, so that you always lead ahead, one of those gifts commonly given at indian weddings, that’s more like a threat. Wall clocks may come with batteries bundled or worst they don’t come with one, and instead accommodate some unique battery design; go figure that out.

8. Flower Vase (Bonus: With Plastic Flowers Inside)

Gifts Commonly Given At Indian Weddings -  Flower Vase With Plastic Flowers

It’s a polluted world out there, and it will be great to have some foliage growing within your house. Therefore, flower vase becomes one of the ideal gifts commonly given at indian weddings, stuffed with plastic flowers so that it does not look ‘empty.’

9. Peeler, Slicer And Dicer

It’s like the guest picked up one through TV shopping, only to dislike it, eventually repackaging it to gift you instead. Wonder what exactly the guest wanted to communicate with it.

10. Set Of Cut Glasses

Gifts Commonly Given At Indian Weddings - Set Of Cut Glasses

Glasses are so amazing. Just stir them with a spoon and you will soon see a fine crack race from the bottom to the rim of the tumbler. Not to forget, these glasses often come in layers of packaging that adds to the waste in the end.

11. Bedsheets

It’s like the person was saying ‘Here is your gift, now use your imagination, (wink..wink)’. There are some guests in the Indian wedding scene who think far beyond the moment and go ahead and gift the couple a children’s single-bed bed-sheet too.

12. Bath Wear

Surely you will need a bath gown since one would be spending ample time in it just after the wedding. Adding more fuel to the fire is the fact that most of these gowns misfit or shrink right away after the first wash, adding to the long list of cheap gifts commonly given at indian weddings.

13. Makeup Kit

Gifts Commonly Given At Indian Weddings - Makeup Kit

Because the lady HAS to look beautiful, and what better way to accentuate the beauty than with makeup! The makeup kit will come with all the slots, nooks and corners to keep a roomful of beauty products inside.

There you have it, 13 absolutely ridiculous wedding gifts commonly given at indian weddings. Bookmark this page, and save the list so that you do not end up gifting any of these!

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