When To Say I Love You? The Eternal Question

When to say ‘I love you?’ That’s probably the simplest yet most difficult question in the world. The simple answer is say ‘I love you’ to that special someone everyday. That is, if you’ve found the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. The simpler answer is, if you’ve found the person you want to spend the rest of your life with but haven’t told them yet, what are you waiting for? Just go and tell them. It’s that simple yet that difficult. So, shouldn’t the question be, how to say ‘I love you’ rather then when to say ‘I love you?’

Right Now Is The Right Time

Right Now Is The Right Time To Say I Love You

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One thing is a certainty. Love is the greatest feeling one can have towards someone. And when someone says ‘I love you’ to you, it automatically makes you feel great. It makes you feel wanted. You know that you’re loved. So, if you’ve found that special someone but are waiting for the right time, scrap the idea of waiting. There’s no right time. Right now is the right time. The sooner you say it, the better it is. It’s out there in the open. You’ve let the person know how you feel about them. Now, the ball is in their court. It’s up to them on how they respond. If they reciprocate your feelings then great! If they don’t say it back immediately, don’t lose faith. Don’t give up. If you really love them, you won’t give up. You don’t need me or a rocket scientist to tell you that.

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When You Want To Be With Him Or Her Forever

When To Say I Love You - When You Want To Be With Him Or Her Forever

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Everyone wants to be loved. It’s human nature. And when one is loved, one normally returns love. It’s not exactly rocket science, the phenomenon of love. It’s just what it is, a feeling, an indescribable urge to be with someone always and forever, or whichever is the longer period.

24×7 Texting

When To Say I Love You - It Means You Love Them

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If your days start with a ‘good morning’ and end with a ‘good night’ message and if there are a zillion messages in between, you know it’s love and you’ve got to tell him or her.

Non-stop Calling

When To Say I Love You - On The Phone All The Time Together

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When you text him/her and then he/she calls back and then replies saying, “Just wanted to say ‘hi’ and know if you had lunch or wanted to have lunch with me?” You know that it is love and you’ve got to let them know.

When You Feel Like You’re Gonna Die

A bit too melodramatic maybe, but it does happen. When you don’t see someone you love for a while, especially when it is the beginning of love, you feel like something’s amiss. You feel like you’re losing a part of yourself because without them, you feel incomplete. If this is the case with you, you have to tell them how you feel. You’ve got to ask them to complete you.

When To Say I Love You - When You Feel Like You're Gonna Die

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When You Cry Watching RomComs

When you’re watching When Harry Met Sally orNotting Hill or Jerry Maguire and start welling up, you know you’re in love. But you definitely know that you’ve got to tell them when you’re watching Top Gun and start cheering and wipe your eyes when Tom Cruise says, “Hang on Ice, Maverick supersonic in 30 seconds”.

I Love You

Finally, when someone says ‘I love you,’ you automatically respond with an ‘I love you too.’ I mean, a stranger in a coffee shop isn’t going to walk up to you and say ‘I love you’ unless you’re Drew Barrymore or Cameron Diaz. It’s obviously going to be someone you know and someone you know well enough. So, if you feel the same way, then you say ‘I love you too’ and that’s that. If you don’t then…

When To Say I Love You - Say It Right

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If any of you is going through any of these phases or have already gone through all these phases and still haven’t said the three magic words, you’re making a mistake. A big big mistake. Don’t wait. Right now is the right time. Life’s all about living in the present. So just go out there and tell him or her and take it from there.