When Celebrity Couples Call It Quits – Decoding Why!

Gwyneth Paltrow invented a new phrase ‘conscious uncoupling’ to describe the end of her 11-year marriage with hubby Chris Martin in 2014. Celeb marriages everywhere seem to be running into trouble, with Bollywood witnessing its fair share of celebrity breakups in recent years.

The Farhan-Adhuna Akhtar separation has re-ignited the debate on divorce and sanctity of marriage. When Hrithik and Suzanne had announced their decision to part ways, the tabloids went into an overdrive as they are doing now.

The story of the split is being analysed from every possible angle and efforts are on to nail the culprit – is it Aditi Rao Hydari or is it Shraddha Kapoor? The sheer number of blinds hinting at events that may have precipitated Adhuna’s decision to call it quits and the large number of comments from readers trying to solve the riddle is astonishing.

Media often puts a fairy-tale spin on celeb romances. These episodes highlight how they suffer the same difficulties that ordinary romances do. Celeb divorces reflect the changing trend of marriage and divorce in India. How?

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Love Outside Marriage; Not So Uncommon In India

The popular extramarital affairs ‘dating’ website, Ashley Madison, received a phenomenal response in India within a few days of its regional launch. Its slogan, ‘Life is short. Have an affair’ seemed to have resonated well, as several Indian men and women flooded the site.

Statistics suggest at least 40 per cent of married women and almost 60 per cent of married men in India have indulged in marital infidelity at least once.

Divorce Has A Domino Effect, Say Surveys


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A recent study found that divorce has a negative externality on those close to the separated couple, encouraging others to take the same route. India too is witnessing a silent divorce epidemic. BBC recently reported a 100 per cent increase in the divorce rate in India.

For young couples, the 7-year itch seems to have shortened to 2 years, with some marriages failing to last even a few months.

Clearly, cultural taboos surrounding divorce have weakened, allowing more young couples to split without qualms.

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Are We Heading Towards An ‘Anti-Marriage’ Society?


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Recently, Supreme Court of India allowed an unwed single mother sole guardianship of her child conceived through a donor sperm and IVF. Could this spark a trend? Already, western countries are reporting an increase in the number of women who opt for such pregnancies.

Some financially successful women are opting for joys of motherhood sans a man. For a few men, the increased availability of sex outside marriage is acting as a disincentive to marry.
Not only are young adults preferring late marriages, surprisingly, many of them are opting out of marriage altogether.

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Celeb Marriages Suffer The Same Pitfalls

Getting back to celeb marriages, celebs like the rest of us are human and make the same mistakes we do.


Take for instance the Ranbir-Katrina saga that’s making news. Having a beautiful partner who loves you is apparently not enough. Reports are that Ran-Kat broke up due to differences on marriage, Ranbir’s closeness with his ex Deepika and his unwillingness to be tied down or commit.

Clearly, Kat and Ranbir face the same insecurities that the rest of us do, but they have to do it under intense media and public scrutiny.

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Irreconcilable Differences, The Usual Culprit

‘Irreconcilable differences’ are claimed as grounds for divorce by most couples. For celeb couples, it’s the only route if they wish to avoid washing their dirty linen in public.

In India, divorce is gaining acceptance but those who express doubts on the institution of marriage are not easily forgiven. Even Hrithik Roshan had to release a statement conforming his faith in the institution of marriage post his separation. He wouldn’t have endeared himself to the family audiences if he had instead said, “Marriage is not for everyone.”

So do you think marriage remains a priority for young Indians or is faith in the institution declining? Do tell us…