10 Tips On What To Include in Wedding Invitation Details

So you have made the big announcement, exchanged the rings to formally acknowledge the exchange of hearts! It is a buzzing time preparing for a wedding. The devil is in the details. A good wedding is all about handling everything from the invitations to the food.

A wedding invitation is an important wedding element, a heartwarming call to a celebration of love. If you want a perfect wedding card, you should ask the question, “What should go into the wedding invite?” Here’s a check-list with us, of some inevitable details and some optional elements for what should and can go in a wedding invitation.

1. Names

One of the most important things that go into the wedding invites are of course, the names of the bride and the groom. Is it D’Silva or De’Silva, Maria or Mariah? Get the spellings right, and include all the names of your parents too, by traditional wedding content.

2. Day & Date

Save the date is what it is all about. My friend did not proof read her invites carefully and ended up mixing the dates of her wedding cards and her reception invites, which she printed separately. Make sure you get a confirmed date and cross-check while proof reading the content to be printed on the invites.

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3. Venue

Where is the grand event taking place? It could be your living room or the grandest hall anybody has ever seen, but it is the message and the love that matters. Add the venue of the wedding in the wedding invite and make sure you give a nearby landmark too if it is remote.

4. Ceremony Or Reception?

Are you inviting family to the ceremony and calling your friends to a reception? You must make sure the details of the ceremony and the following luncheon, and reception if it happens the same day. You don’t want to confuse your guest.


You can add an RSVP card to hear a response from your guest. Give options for number of guests, if you’re going for a head-count, or ask if they want vegetarian or non-vegetarian options, and if they would like accommodation or not when they come for the big day.

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6. Guest Information

For guests arriving from far to attend your wedding, making arrangements for their accommodation is a crucial task that cannot be overlooked. The efficiency of the host is a favourite topic in people’s discussions even if it’s been about a year since the wedding has taken place.

7. Contact

If the invitee needs to contact the couple, you must make sure you have left the contact information that your guests may need; like your e-mail address, in case they need a map or other details. And of course, a telephone number to tell you congrats, or inform you that they may not be able to make it to the wedding. Contact information is vital in a wedding invitation.

8. A Love Quote: Cherish The Occasion!

You may add a verse from the scripture, that’s very common in wedding invitations. You could alternatively go for a lovely and romantic quote from an author or a poet. Add a love quote in your wedding invite, and cherish the love that you want to share with your guests on your special day!

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9. Personalize With A Photo Of The Couple

You can add a photo of the couple to be wed. It adds warmth to your invitation.

10. Notes For Close Friends

Add little handwritten notes for wedding invitations you hand out to your friends. Add a personal touch, and let them know how important it is for you that they participate to celebrate your love on your wedding day!