5 Flirty Things To Do On Your Honeymoon!

So, you’re looking out for ideas for things to do on your honeymoon. Things to do. Well first of all, you can avoid cheap objectification, people aren’t things are they? You should be asha… Right, let’s get into it. gentleman_troll

Not every newly married couple has had the opportunity to know each other very well, let alone know each other even slightly intimately before they agree to a legal and moral commitment to stay with each other for the rest of their lives. This is of course a bit of a hindrance, when one has to move from a more public setting to a more intimately private one. Depending of course on the type of person that is in question at that point, there may or may not be a wee bit of awkward shyness. When faced with the long anticipated, and yet all together too sudden rush of emotion that close physical proximity with your new partner – within the confines of a secluded, private space that is just for the two of you – even the most confident of people would feel slightly hot under the collar. Yes, that’s both a metaphor and an understatement. This is especially true if they don’t have any prior experience in the bedroom, or indeed think that doing things is confined to a bedroom in the first place. Yes, it’s true. You can do the horizontal tango or the vertical samba, or any number of permutations and combinations of all the delectable ways in which you can fit two people together, anywhere. Pulling it off however, marks the difference between potential and action.

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if you know what i mean

Here are things to keep in the back of your mind, you know that place. That place in your head where this dulcet fog, which laughs in the face of synesthesia, mixes all the elements of your fantasies – all your fantasies – into an almost divine concoction. Now take the imbibed and distilled essence of that ambrosia, after having strained it through the wandering folds of your imagination, which has softly savoured the taste of it all. This last product is the culmination of your expectations, the finest vintage of sensual exploration you can brew. Think of our few words of advice as merely a method to pour this symphony of senses for the two of you, into the perfect glasses that suit your taste and time. The final part, and our personal favourite, is sparking a match, take that how you will, and lighting the tops of these carefully crafted experiences on fire. Lean in and breathe in the fumes before you drink them, and read on for unbelievable honeymoon sex.

1. Go On Adventure Activities Together


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Well, things to do on your Honeymoon might include taking long walks on the beach is well and fine, knowing what all marks you can leave on the sand in addition to your footsteps; that is another rush in and of itself. But if you really want to get the blood pumping, then why not go and do something crazy together? Clutch at your heartstrings as you plummet through the sky with parachutes strapped on, or imagine how you’ll clutch at each other as a shark comes and bites down on the bars of your shark tank. Never before will the prospect of life – sinfully sweet, sultrily sweaty and ineffably glorious – seem more attractive. And what is one of the most life affirming activities known to humanity? We’ll give you a clue, the answer is not miniature golf.

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2. Keep Your Partner Guessing With New Lingerie Every Day


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You both know that everything you do is a prelude to sex, right? Things you do on your honeymoon are supposed to let you and your partner enjoy yourselves and your bodies. And thus, we wouldn’t blame you if most of your mindscape is devoted to imagining what your partner looks like under all those bothersome clothes. Every rustle of fabric is supposed to send you into imaginative overdrive as you picture the contours of your partner’s naked frame. Now what better way to sweeten this delicious sense of expectation by teasing and delaying the eventual culmination of your day for as long as possible? Add another layer of helpless frustration for your partner by giving them one more layer of fabric to peel away in their heads. And besides, there are devastatingly effective ways to use underwear to keep your partner on the brink of fervent passion. You can even encourage your partner to get into the game by strutting their stuff in some gorgeous underwear as well.

3. Go Dancing


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Do you know that in the animal kingdom, most forms of dance are part of courtship rituals? Some of them even skip the wooing to best present the, how shall we put this delicately, equipment involved in the consummation of the entire act. And, in the end, despite all veneers of civilization, are we not but animals? Where do you think the expression strutting their stuff comes from? We can tell you that where ever it’s from, it’s certainly leaning more towards National Geographic than Pogo. Go somewhere that’s relatively crowded, and lose yourselves in the seething teeming mass of writhing and gyrating humanity. With no eyes concentrating on you, it will be easier to escape into an alternate world of music and sense inhabited by just the two of you. And remember, you can always take the dance party to a more intimate setting, later, like your hotel room. You’d be surprised at the moves you’d pull off then.

4. Read Erotic Fiction For Some Inspiration


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One of the things to do on your honeymoon, if you are the literary types, then you know the intrinsic and thrilling appeal of a well written and meaningful sex scene, both in terms on content and relevance to plot; though, we will freely admit that sometimes, it didn’t quite matter if it the scene was just gratuitous in nature, sometimes. A honeymoon classic is to immerse you and your partner in the beguiling world of the Kama Sutra, a divine compendium of some delicious things that people do to and for each other. If someone suggests some literary trash like Fifty Shades of Grey, then you know they just don’t have an imagination. Instead, go for something written by the bewitchingly intense Anais Nin, who famously wrote that “Only the united beat of sex and heart together can create ecstasy.”, the searingly scorching nature of her rampant sexuality will make you both squirm. A fine precursor to what is to come, or something like that.

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5. Look Into The Wonders Of Massage


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Now this is something that we feel is almost self-explanatory. The warmth and potential that resides in the touch of hands to naked skin is part of the reason any of us are here in the first place. Think about that for a second. You can always go for a professional massage at a couple’s day at the spa. Later, in the privacy of your own rooms, with the happy aid of a few bottles of wine, you can try and recreate the motions of the massages from earlier. Leave the lights a little dim, your imagination will light up the rest of your nights. We thought that it would be prudent to mention an interesting little bit of trivia here: Do you know that there is a form of massage called Nuru, which originates from Japan – which is of course perfectly natural, as you will find out – and involves the massage of your partner using the whole of your nude, oiled body?