Bananas, Melons and Nuts: What The Foods You Eat Mean For Your Sexual Performance

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It’s not hard to imagine food being a very important aspect when it comes to lovemaking, given that what we eat affects pretty much every other aspect of our lives. But if you’re having trouble picturing why or how food would affect the way you have sex, try getting aroused and in the mood after your partner has just eaten 3­4 raw cloves of garlic. That’s right!

Now, of course, the connection runs deeper than just avoiding pungent smelling foods before a make out sesh, there are actually foods that serve as potent aphrodisiacs (something that stimulates sexual desire), so if you want to add a little spice to your bedroom activities, consider adding these foods to your diet:

1. Honey

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It’s no surprise to see this at the top of our list, the very imagery that this sweet and sticky substance evokes is, well… sinful. The fact is that honey, among its various other health benefits, is a potent aphrodisiac – it boosts boron which regulates hormone levels in the body and gives us a much needed and effective boost, the likes of which a cup of coffee or Red Bull just cannot replicate. Get some honey before moving on to your honey.

2. Chillies

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Another food that is commonly associated with all things hot, there’s a reason chillies have come to be associated with all things sexy, and no, the colour red isn’t the only one. Capsaicin in the chillies stimulates endorphins in the body (endorphins are your feel good hormone), and when you’re feeling good and feeling fine, things can get hot and heavy in the bedroom.

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3. Pine Nuts

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Pine nuts are loaded with zinc, which is one of the most important minerals when it comes to sexual function, especially for men. Without going into too much detail, you and your sex life would be very much benefited if you ground up some pine nuts and sprinkled them on your meals, or any of the other foods on this list.

4. Oysters

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Oysters have multiple things going for them – they’re absolutely delicious, they’re high in zinc and they are key in the production of sex hormones for both men and women. Share some oysters occasionally and see the benefits transfer into the bedroom as well.

5. Avocados

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Avocados are laden with vitamin E which means that you’re looking at a sharp and sudden increase in energy levels when you snack on one of these bad boys, and we all know that a sharp increase in energy before making love is most beneficial for both parties.

6. Chocolate

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A food with an age old reputation of being a potent aphrodisiac, a reputation that is highly fitting indeed. The libido boosting effects of chocolate comes from its cocoa content, with the taste and smell of cocoa being a very powerful aphrodisiac – so just make sure to skip the white chocolate and head for the darker varieties.

7. Oats

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Loaded with goodness, oats serve a number of functions for the body that serve to keep it in optimum health and keep you young and virile. That can only be a good thing, and the nervous system stabilizing properties of oats are a bonus. Also, a bonus is the fact that oats regulate the consistency and taste of semen. No kidding, so grab yourself a big bowl tomorrow morning.

8. Nuts

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Of all varieties. They are excellent for health in many diverse ways, contributing a number of essential nutrients to your body which help keep it in the pink of health. They also boost brain function, and we all know that true sexual arousal starts and ends in the brain. The oils found within nuts also help keep you virile, so try and make it a point to grab a handful everyday.

9. Fruit

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Is there anything that fruits aren’t good for? They’re excellent for your skin and hair – boosting attraction. They provide essentials vitamins and minerals, keeping you and your sexual organs functioning perfectly and the bonus fact that they make your nether parts smell and taste good, and well, there’s no excuse to not be eating a banana and a melon everyday, no pun intended there.

10. Fish

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Fish is excellent for your brain, eyes and everything else, but it’s the omega­3 fatty acids present in certain fish that makes it excellent for your circulation. And circulation, while quite obviously important for male sexual performance, is very important for both the genders when it comes to arousal.

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Foods To Avoid

Now that we’ve covered our list of the best aphrodisiacs, it’s important to talk a bit about the things that you shouldn’t be gorging yourself on just before that hot bedroom date you’ve set aside, for various reasons that we’ll underline under each food. Remember, it’s not so much about completely avoiding these foods but limiting their intake and the timing of their consumption is what matters.

1. Onions

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Specifically raw ones. Don’t get us wrong, they’re great for health and go rather well with biryani, but use your head when it comes to when to eat them, and limit your intake. No stinky breath please.

2. Microwave Popcorn

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The stuff is basically half plastic anyway, but the corn and the way it is preserved has certain chemicals and enzymes that reduce virility as well as fertility. Best avoided.

3. Mashed Potatoes

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Great for that lazy Sunday afternoon when you’re, you know, away from your spouse and will spend the rest of the day sleeping. So much broken down starch and simple carbohydrates isn’t doing anything for your energy, your enthusiasm and your gut.

4. Pasta

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Another simple and fast acting carbohydrate, pasta will boost your energy levels for a very short while but will spike your insulin after that leading to a crash in your energy levels and making you bloated and tired.

5. Soft Drinks

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The refined sugars in these soft drinks while tasty to slurp, increase greatly the breeding of certain bacteria in your body making you, well, smelly. Best to avoid.

6. Dairy Products

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Milk, cheese and butter in regular quantities is okay, but overdoing it will lead to you feeling heavy and lacking energy, as well as making you smell – a sad reality.


7. Beans

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Too many beans and well… let’s just say that intestinal gas is doing no one any favours in the bedroom, and can be one of the biggest and fastest mood killers there is. Enjoy, but time your consumption just right.

8. Meat

Especially the red variety. Eating too much meat can have you feeling bloated and heavy, but that’s not all. The strong odours and sweat produced can be an instant and rather potent turn off for most people.

9. Alcohol

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A glass of wine might put you in the mood but three glasses will have you slurring, feeling tired and sweaty, not to mention the obvious effects it has on male performance. Enjoy responsibly, as they say.

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10. Coffee

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Coffee addicts be warned, too much coffee will take its toll on your blood circulation and blood pressure, and you need both of those things to be in optimal condition when it comes to feeling frisky, energetic and willing in the bedroom.
So there you have it folks, a complete low­down of the things that you should and should not be putting into your mouth – outside of the bedroom that is. Although a little bedside chocolate bar never hurt anyone, just make sure to get Bournville or darker!

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