The Eccentric Butt Expose: What It Takes To Get The Perfect Wedding Photograph

The Eccentric Butt Expose: What It Takes To Get The Perfect Wedding Photograph

Yes, we did an expose on how to get the perfect wedding shot. And yes, we named it the eccentric butt expose. No, we aren’t on a mushroom diet. Here’s what we found out. If you want the perfect photograph, your photographer needs to have an eccentric butt. Don’t trust us? Here, see for yourself.

1. The Dreamy Fairytale Picture


This woman is knee-deep in a pond, squatting to get the right picture.

2. The Overhead Romantic Shot


This photo of photographers high up on the trees and maintaining perfect balance by the sheer power of their taut butts will tell you how important the ‘butt factor’ is as a ‘Job Req’ for your photographer.

3. The Royal Princess Photo


This shot that explains how to click a beautiful photo without wetting your pants.

4. The Almost Kiss Shot


This awe-worthy shot of the couple needs the photographer to turn into Michael Jackson with a little bit of ‘butt help’ from his assistants.

5. Kisses By The Ocean


When you don’t have a ladder to mount up against the tree, fear not, the photographer will still manage to take a breathtaking photo, even if that means sitting on his assistant’s hand.

6. The Flowy Gown Shot


Sometimes, the butt factor need not reside only in the photographer, but in his/her assistant as well!

7. A Walk On The Bridge


Sometimes, romantic photos are cheesy and corny. But other times, they are simply pain in the butt… of a photographer.

8. The Bridal Walk


This photo holds testimony of how a perfect bridal walk requires a lot of concentration, balance and effort …on the part of the photographer.

9. Beach Love


And then there is this one eccentric butt-endowed wedding photographer. Praise his glutes and butt for the couple’s perfect beach shot.

Now, are you convinced that to get the perfect shot, you need to hire a photographer with an eccentric butt?!

Image Courtesy: BoredPanda