What Is Babymoon & Why Should You Plan?

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So, you know all about a honeymoon, and it probably is a distant memory. Now that you are pregnant, you should think about going on a ‘babymoon’. A babymoon or a pregnancy-time romantic getaway with your partner is the best way to unwind and spend some much needed quality time with him. Here, we look at what is babymoon, when to take a babymoon, and offer you some tips to plan the best babymoon. Read on to know more.

What Is Babymoon?

Just as a honeymoon refers to a time when you make a romantic getaway with your new partner, a babymoon is also a kind of getaway that you go on with your partner, albeit a special one, where you tiny, to be born baby also goes along with you two, while still nestled inside your womb. The idea of a babymoon is to spend some wonderful and much-needed cozy romantic time together with your better half, before you bring home that new member of the family and may not find as much time to spend with your partner anymore, at least not for the first few months.

Among the many moons, other planets not included, baby moons are a brilliant way to take some time off.  In some cases, a babymoon may be just another way of taking a relaxing break from the innumerable rounds of the doctor’s office. Maybe both you and your partner need a break and want to relax and forget all the chaos and humdrum for a while, and taking a babymoon presents the perfect opportunity to do that.

In another scenario, especially if this is your first pregnancy, both you and your partner may want to relive the feeling of your honeymoon one last time while there are still just the two of you, which is soon going to change forever. Maybe all you want to do is spend some great romantic time with each other, giving each other your undivided love and attention, before all your time and energy gets consumed in taking care of your new family member.

Whatever your special reason for taking a babymoon, you can be certain that babymooning is a great way to reconnect with your partner and rekindle that love you share. A babymoon is sure to make you happy during your pregnancy.

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Planning A Babymoon?

Of course you will have your reasons for planning a babymoon, and they vary for every couple. However, here a few common reasons to plan that romantic babymoon right away:

1. There Is Another Special Relationship Other Than Simply Being Parents:

  • Make sure you pick one of the best babymoon getaways; an ideal place is where you have no family or friends, so that the only time you spend is with each other.
  • Do all those things that you love doing as a couple, of course while making sure that you are safe and do not exert yourself too much.
  • Recreate the romance and rewrite your relationship vows if you feel like it, feel beautiful during your pregnancy, revel in your new found glow. Tell each other that even after you become parents, you will continue to value each other the way you do now and make time.

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2. Make Plans For The Time When The Baby Will Arrive:

  • If you both are okay with it, take the time to read some parenting books that also focus on the relationship angle of the couple.
  • Read books that share real life account of new parents who can tell you about how they managed to keep the romance alive even after the new member arrived in the family.
  • Make some plans about how you both will manage time and other commitments so that you are not burdened with all the baby care responsibilities alone.

3. Rest And Do Nothing:

  • While you were at home, both you and your partner were stressed with various other responsibilities.
  • Make use of your babymoon time just to rest, sleep and relax as much as you want. Catching up on your sleep will also play a very important role now, especially as you will get so less of it once the little darling makes an arrival.
  • Get a couple massage, take the time to sunbathe, enjoy some relaxing aromatherapy or simply do nothing and lie down by the beach or pool the whole time, holding hands and enjoying the company.

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4. Plan A Future Getaway With Your Kids:

  • Yes, even though you and your partner are taking the babymoon to spend time with only each other, it can also be the perfect time when you can sit back and plan your future holiday plans as a family.
  • If you enjoy the place where you are, you may want to come back here with your baby and relive the moments.
  • You and your partner will find out what you enjoy doing together, and will be able to plan a holiday for the time when your baby is a few months old and can travel along with you.

A Few Tips To Keep In Mind While Planning A Babymoon:

While the idea of getting away from the world is certainly appealing, here are a few things you should keep in mind while planning that babymoon:

  • Determine where to go for babymoon; the exact place that you plan to visit. If possible, speak to someone who has been there in the recent past to know all the local information.
  • Whatever your mode of transport, make sure that it is not too long to make you feel uncomfortable or in pain.
  • Don’t blindly fall for cheap babymoon ideas. Ensure that you choose a place that may be remote, but has good medical facilities, in case you need a doctor for any emergency.
  • Research about the cuisine of the area, because it is possible that you reach your destination, only to find out that almost all the food that is the specialty there is something you have an aversion to during your pregnancy.

A babymoon is a great way to spend those special moments with your partner once again before your baby arrives, and also take that important timeout for yourself. Make the most of your time together by planning well and keeping safe.

Did you ever take a babymoon? If yes, where did you go and how was your experience? Don’t forget to share your lovely thoughts and experience with us here.

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