What is a Promise Ring?

This is a question that most of us end up asking only to confuse ourselves further with the million definitions we find online and through other sources. A ‘Promise Ring’ has various meanings for different people. The truest meaning of course depends on what you symbolize it with no matter what others say. But if you still have you r doubts about it, then you’ve come to the right place as we’re about to discuss what exactly a promise ring is.

What is a Promise Ring?


Well, as the name suggests, a promise ring is a ring which symbolizes a promise, a commitment. It is not limited to a standard-book definition and thus holds different meaning to different people. For some, it’s a sign of purity, while for some it may be a pre-engagement ring. When couples are ready to move on to the next level ahead of dating but haven’t yet reached the marriage level, a promise ring comes into play as a ‘physical proof’ or sign of commitment that you will marry each other. It is most often an answer to ‘Where do we stand in our relationship?’ It is also something to keep the nosey people out of your business who keep questioning your sincerity in your relationship! *wink*

The Origin Of a Promise Ring

A Posy Ring goes back as far as the 16th century England, when romantic poems or love quotes were engraved on them before being exchanged. Acrostic Rings on the other hand have been in existence since the Victorian and Georgian Eras where a word of importance to the couple, a word of affection would be engraved onto the gemstone on the ring.

Promise Rings as a symbol of purity have only just started becoming a trend since the time the current celeb generations started showing them off as a ‘promise to God for keeping themselves pure till marriage’. Expert jewelers however say that the two things have been confused as they do not mean the same. A ring given as a symbol of abstinence or purity is known as a purity ring and the one given as a sign of commitment is known as a promise ring.

Roman brides of 2nd Century BC reportedly wore engagement rings on the ring third finger of the left hand as a promise ring before being married. Jewelers claim that a vein on the finger which runs to the heart directly is the reason why the ring is worn on the finger.



The promise ring does not hold the same value as that of an engagement ring but jewelers claim that it is not something that is given around lightly. A promise ring is only given there’s a true promise of love and commitment in the relationship. It is given after the couple has spent significant time together and is ready to commit to another level.

There is no standard design for the ring as such but as the main emotion is that of love behind it, most couples go for rings that have a heart shape design or something with two intertwined hearts. Since they are also seen as a fashion accessory, most couples like to make sure it isn’t too ancient in design and is something that goes with the trend.

The way the ring is presented is not a matter of huge importance as in the case of an engagement ring. An engagement ring demands a ‘romantic scene’ or a ‘romantic story’ to tell people about how it all happened. However a promise ring is usually given as a gift on an occasion or simply during a romantic conversation.

Again, unlike engagement rings, there is no rule for the promise ring to be worn on a particular finger. It can be worn on whatever finger you like. In fact many prefer to wear it in a chain around their neck while some even add it to the keychain they keep with themselves at all time. Most unmarried people however choose to wear it on the ring finger of the left hand while married people later shift it to the ring finger of the right hand, for obvious reasons.

So there you go. Hope this answers your questions about the concept of a promise ring! If you have more queries, feel free to right back to us!

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