20 Very Special Wedding Photos That Capture The Beautiful & The Weird

After all, it is the photo album that helps the most when you remember your wedding day years later. While some people simply follow the photographer’s commands for posing, there are some couples who choose to their strike their own unique pose. Some unusual wedding photos can simply steal your heart while other make you go wonder how the photographer or even the couple came up with that brilliant shot.

1. All Smiles

unusual wedding photos - All-Smiles

This pose has to be the best. It clearly shows the love between the couple and that intimate ‘looking into the eyes’ pose that makes you wonder how deeply in love are they.

2. Walk In The Woods

unusual wedding photos - Walk-In-The-Woods-

Another beautiful image of a smiling newly-wed couple. Walking in the woods while looking into each others eyes and entering their dream land filled with love and affection is what most couples love to go for in their wedding shoot.

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3. Making An Entrance

unusual wedding photos - Making-An-Entrance

When the ceremonies are all done and you’re walking into your wedding party, could you be any happier? The smile on their faces speaks exactly of what’s in their heart.

4. The Wild Wedding Picture

unusual wedding photos - The-Wild-Wedding-Picture

No wedding is ever complete without any unusual wedding photos images. I totally love this one as it shows how relaxed the couple feels as all the jitters of the wedding ceremonies vanish.

5. The Best Man Photo

unusual wedding photos - The-Best-Man-Photo

Isn’t it just too cool when your best friend finally ties the knot with the woman of his dreams? And knowing that you stood by him through it takes the excitement just to another level.

6. Sending All Their Love

unusual wedding photos - Sending-All-Their-Love

How beautiful is this image in the list of unusual wedding photos? The bride is all decked up and the mehndi loks wonderful as well. The groom looks very dapper, and the idea of this image should definitely be applauded!

7. Happiness In The Eyes

unusual wedding photos - Happiness-In-The-Eyes

Weddings are usually accompanied by a lot of nervousness and panic where the bride and groom both struggle to smile. That’s why such images always steal our hearts when we see a couple laughing and smiling with all their heart.

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8. Hand In Hand

unusual wedding photos - Hand-In-Hand

I personally feel the best moments of any wedding are when the bride and groom steal glances at each other and hold hands for ceremonies. They make for the best memories even when they are talked about after years.

9. The Shy Smile And The Hearty Laugh

unusual wedding photos - The-Shy-Smile-And-The-Hearty-Laugh

Black and white images too bring out a beautiful shade of the wedding. This is an exceptionally eye-catching image as the groom can be seen smiling in a shy way while the bride is giving a heart laugh.

10. The Dance

unusual wedding photos - The-Dance

The wedding dance is when the couple shares their most intimate moment after the wedding. They dance for the first time as a married couple and care of nothing but just being in the moment with each other.

The Images That Make Us Question Everything!

1. The Photo-Bombing Aunt

unusual wedding photos - The-photo-bombing-aunt

I mean WHY would you stand that close to a couple which is busy embracing each other just minutes after they became ‘Mr. & Mrs.’? A newly married couple needs some space! A definite entry on the list of unusual wedding photos!

2. Old, But Not Gold

unusual wedding photos - Old,-But-Not-Gold

Well this seems to be a pretty old picture but the expressions on everyone’s faces says a lot, don’t you think so? The not happy, awkward looks always say a million things.

3. The Queue

unusual wedding photos - The-Queue

This doesn’t even look like a wedding image, it’s more like an image of queue in front of the food bar. The bride and groom are hidden behind the table and look more out of place than anything else.

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4. ‘Hurry Up Honey’

unusual wedding photos - ‘Hurry-Up-Honey’

Most couples go for romantic images after the wedding but this couple here was unfortunately caught in a not so glamorous moment which they will probably not be so happy about.

5. Till Death Do Us Part?

unusual wedding photos - Till-Death-Do-Us-Part

I don’t even know what is happening here but it looks like a ceremony to ward off bad luck (what else could it be?). But an image of a couple in coffin during the wedding ceremony is bound to raise eyebrows even on a list of unusual wedding photos.

6. ‘Phew!’

unusual wedding photos - ‘Phew!’

Well, like I said before, no wedding is complete without some wildness, and this wedding would’ve turned into a disaster if things weren’t sorted in time.

7. Always Together

unusual wedding photos - Always-Together

Again, I have no clue what’s happening here but I can surely say that this does not qualify as the ‘best’ or even an ‘okay’ wedding image! Definitely deserving it’s place on this list of unusual wedding photos.

8. No Cake, No Gain?

unusual wedding photos - No-Cake,-No-Gain-

The cake is one of the top things on the check-list when you start planning your wedding and if something like this happens, you know the day is close to ruined.

9. Wedding Themes

unusual wedding photos Wedding-Themes

Unusual wedding photos? Surely this must be right at the top. Many couples these days are going for awkward ‘quirky’ themes for their wedding but not all are well-suited for a wedding.

10. There Are No Words

unusual wedding photos Wedding-Themes - There-Are-No-Words

Some images simply leave us speechless. This is one of those. Even though the idea behind this image must have been something funny the end result is just plain awkward.

So there you go! Those were the wedding images we had for you. Impressed? Humored? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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