10 Western Wedding Dresses To Get The Best Bridal Look Ever!

Lo and behold.Here comes the bride! And she is a vision in blue. The look on the groom’s face says it all. Wait a minute, did you read Blue? Whatever happened to wedding white? The colours fight for equality happened!

Mr. Blue stakes the first claim! And history backs his claim. Because ‘blue’ was the original symbol of purity, the colour most brides wore on their weddings.


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White Displaced Blue In A Coup

Queen Victoria was first to start this rebellion when she wore white for her wedding. The rebellion turned into a revolution courtesy the Industrial Revolution, which made white cloth more affordable. White began as a symbol of affluence and wealth, but now is seen as a symbol of purity and innocence.

Poor Mr. Blue! They not only dethroned him but appropriated his legacy too.

Despite its chequered history in England, white Christian wedding gowns will continue to be the first choice for most women. Because it has a strong association with purity and bridal joy in several cultures across the world. However, some daring brides defy this monopoly and give the other colours their ‘day in the sun.’

As you hunt for ‘THE ONE’ wedding gown, we believe this funny little snippet of history may convince you to look at other colours too.

Rules Of The Hunt

  • Know which wedding gown type will flatter your body shape.
  • Know something about the year’s runway trends.
  • Come up with ‘three adjectives’ to describe how you want to look.


#1 – Choose a look that is close to your personality.

#2 – Pick a designer who can modify runway trends to wearable fashion.

10 Wedding Gowns That Can Help You ‘Buck The Trend’ And Still ‘Beat The Trend’

1. The Illusion Trend

The latest trend of illusion bodices follows the earlier experiments with illusion necklines and illusion backs.

The ‘illusion trend’ is here to stay as it helps brides conform to tradition and balance the tightrope between showing too much or too little.

Kate Middleton’s wedding gown is a stunning work of art. She popularized the ‘illusion neckline’ by wearing it on her wedding. Her wedding gown was even compared to the first ever royal white wedding gown worn by Queen Elizabeth.

Beautiful lace covers the back in this ‘illusion back’ wedding dress.

Several designers had ‘illusion bodices’ as part of their bridal line-up for 2016.

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2. Blush Colour Wedding Gowns

Blush coloured wedding gowns look very feminine and are a refreshing change from the usual white.

3. 3D Floral Appliqués

Floral embroidery on bridal gowns has always been popular. But 3D flowers appliquéd onto the dress add depth and textural diversity to the dress.

4. Feather Accents

This gown stands out for its harmonious construction of two different elements –the nude coloured elegant lace skirt and the contrasting feather overlay.

5. Tulle Overskirts

Overskirts which frame the main skirt are meant to create the illusion of layers. They add life to an otherwise plain silhouette.

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6. Tiered Skirts

Tiered skirts have great fluidity and look very dramatic. They are perfect if you want to avoid excessive embellishments on the skirt and want to let the fabric do its magic.

7. Wave-Details

This organza skirt falls in a circular wave-like pattern. The dawn colour gives it a rich and elegant feel.

8. Plunging Necklines

Plunging necklines are trending on the runways. But they may not be for everyone.

For those who want a sober version, clever use of lace can be a solution.

A ‘low-V neckline’ or ‘dipped V neckline’ are also great alternatives for a bride wanting a more modest look.

9. Watercolour Prints

Watercolour prints in a range of colours are opening new colour options for brides who would want to give white a miss.

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10. Coco Dress

The short wedding dress trend first introduced by Coco Chanel at her wedding is still sought after by some brides.

Keira Knightley wore a short wedding dress to her wedding and won praises for being the most laid-back bride ever!

Before we part, some good news for the colour kingdom, wedding gowns are now making a slow but firm entry into the bridal fashion of non-Christian weddings.

The ‘Princess In A Gown’ look has caught on so much, that many receptions have brides wearing a gown and usually they are never white.

So, can you see any of these runway trends becoming your wedding dress inspiration? Do tell us.