Latest Western Mehndi Designs To Go With All Outfits

Over the years, mehndi designs have evolved, and adapted to times and tattoos. Yes, I say tattoos because mehndi tattoos are the new fad. The western world’s adaptation of the traditional mehndi is fun, contemporary and most of the times you can do the western mehndi designs yourself.

Here are Western Mehndi Designs that will catch your eye for sure :

1. The Tattoo

Western Mehndi Designs - The Tattoo

As far as western mehndi designs go, almost any tattoo design can be replicated with mehndi, and for far less pain too.

2. The Cuff

Western Mehndi Designs - The Cuff

The cuff designs are a great way to dress the hand, if you are bored with the regular metal and cloth ones and are not keen on permanently inking your hand.

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3. The Ring

Western Mehndi Designs - The Ring

The mehndi ring is fun, and you can experiment with a lot of different motifs with western mehndi designs, unlike the actual rings.

Or you could try the multiple rings.

Western Mehndi Designs - Multiple Rings

4. The Cuff And Ring

Western Mehndi Designs - The Cuff And Ring

Those cuff and ring links that you saw in H&M, and you just had to buy. Well, you could have them done instead of the big chequered mango.

Yay, for western mehndi designs!

5. The Glove

Western Mehndi Designs - The Glove

Try the glove; way less expensive than the leather one. And western mehndi designs like this one add an element of class, all the while breaking a boring routine.

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6. The Bracelet

Western Mehndi Designs - The Bracelet

This bracelet is adaptive, it will look just as lovely with a tank, as it will with a kurta.

7. Lovely Lace

Western Mehndi Designs - Lovely Lace

A simpler version of the lace, you could dare to attempt at home, yourself. This is a classic example of western mehndi designs, but the lovely detail is so unique.

8. Symbols And Motifs

Western Mehndi Designs - Symbols And Motifs

Western mehndi designs could hold personal importance or could just be random ones that you saw and liked.

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9. Anklet

Western Mehndi Designs - Anklet

I can’t think of a girl who doesn’t like anklets. They are a very versatile group of accessories. Can be teamed with any outfit. Next time try this anklet mehndi design.

The best part about western mehndi designs is that they look great on just about any kind of attire; they can be done at home, and voila, you have a cool hand print that will last you a fortnight of uptown funk.

Images Source: Google, Pinterest, Shutterstock