7 Silly Arranged Marriage Matches Rejections – Desi Version!

There are so many questions and doubts that revolve around marriage. Getting married is a big decision and until you are absolutely sure about the marriage (and of course the partner), it’s best to wait till you take the plunge. That’s why its not unusual to hear so many weird reasons to reject an arranged marriage. Come on, your whole life depends on finding the right match after all. You can’t just jump into it and spend the rest of your life with just about anyone! This confusion and anxiety is doubled when it comes to an arranged marriage. You have absolutely no idea about the person and you will always have unanswered questions and unexplained doubts circling over you!

Weird Reasons To Reject An Arranged Marriage:

Marriage Is A Gamble

weird reasons to reject an arranged marriage - Marriage-Is-A-Gamble

Well, that said, every kind of marriage is a gamble, be it arranged or love. Every person is unique and you cannot expect a person to remain unchanged for the rest of the life (even if you have known them since your diaper days!). I agree that arranged marriages are bigger gambles but it’s also very exciting to build love and trust with someone you never even knew it was possible with. When opting for an arranged marriage, the families have the final say in some cases while in some the bride and groom also get to have a say. Difference in personality or bigger issues like opposing interests or others are understandable to reject an arranged marriage proposal, but then there are some reasons that are unbelievably weird! Yes, that happens! People reject arranged marriage proposals for the weirdest and wackiest of reasons and I’m going to list down some for you. Get some popcorn and read on guys…

1. Horoscopes And Stars!

weird reasons to reject an arranged marriage - horoscope-stars

Really? Do people still believe in that? Are you trying to tell me that every successful couple have aligning stars and all that? Come on! Get over all this. Marriage is so much more than what your stars and horoscopes tell you. You cannot rate the success of a relationship on something you can’t even see (or even understand!). Just because you are ‘arranging’ the marriage does not mean the stars need to be ‘arranged’ too!

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2. Skin, Complexion, Body Type

weird reasons to reject an arranged marriage - Skin,-Complexion,-Body-Type

No, I’m not kidding. This does happen! It deserves its place on the list of weird reasons to reject an arranged marriage. There have been instances where the alliance had been rejected because the man or woman was too dark, too skinny, too fat and things like that! Woah! How can anyone judge a person by how they look? Isn’t beauty so much deeper? And more importantly, is beauty all you need? A person is so much more than complexion and stereotypical body and beauty standards. You may miss the gold!


Weird Reasons To Reject An Arranged Marriage? ACorporate Woman

weird reasons to reject an arranged marriage - Corporate-Woman

This one is as funny as weird! Sadly, for some families, a woman who is more career oriented or more financially secure is a NO! Rejecting matches just because a woman spent years of hard work to be successful and independent is not even a reason! Look around and you will see that women have really come up in all professional fields and one should be damn proud of it! Why is it so intimidating for men?

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4. Societal Stereotypes

Rejecting a woman for not fitting into ‘societal stereotypes’ is another very common and stupid reason to reject a marriage proposal. So what if the woman likes her Martini shaken not stirred? She likes to wear jeans and skirts? Her choice! What has any of this got to do with what kind of a wife will she be? The same goes for men too actually; he may be a freelancer or someone who doesn’t know how to drive. So what? These things don’t matter as long as a couple find their way of working as a team! Stereotypes are all around us and it’s really time we look beyond them! Weird reasons to reject an arranged marriage? You Bet!

5. Linguistic Skills

weird reasons to reject an arranged marriage - Linguistic-Skills

This one really cracked me up! A girl apparently rejected a prospective groom because his English speaking skills were not up to the mark. And this example is from our very own country where English is a second language. Really? Woman, were you looking for a match or BBC news reporter? He may have so many other skills that you can’t even think of! I think the man really tossed a bullet but I can’t toss the fact of how weird this is!

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6. Weird Reasons To Reject An Arranged Marriage? Gifts/Dowry

weird reasons to reject an arranged marriage - Gifts-or-Dowry

Sadly, dowry has now gotten a glorified name – ‘gifts!’ Yes, even today, people are subtly and even directly asking for ‘gifts’ and rejecting marriage proposals when their demands are being declined. I don’t even know how people have the audacity to be so shameless! Marriage is a beautiful thing and it’s things like these that corrupt it and give it a bad name. Both men and women are capable of buying things they need. And if not, they are not ready to get married just yet. This reason is actually beyond weird reasons to reject an arranged marriage.

7. Social Media Stalkers

weird reasons to reject an arranged marriage - Social-Media-Stalkers

There have been cases where people have stupidly rejected marriage proposals because the prospective bride’s/groom’s social media pages have ‘unacceptable’ things. In most cases, the ‘unacceptable’ are pictures with opposite sex people! Wow! Where is the whole concept of co-ed education? A girl cannot have a boy best friend or vice versa? It’s better to be rejected by such a person rather than spend life with someone so ignorant and narrow minded. Good riddance I say!

I hope you guys had a laugh, because I sure did. Can you imagine how weird people can be? But it also makes me sad to realize that people still don’t realize what a marriage is all about. Anyway, these stupid and weird reasons to reject an arranged marriage are the reason people really weigh their options unless they find someone who loves them and accepts them JUST as they are. And that’s exactly how it should be – marry someone who loves you for who you are and not based on how you look or what you do or what you wear.

Have you heard any silly and weird reasons to reject an arranged marriage?

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