25 Wedding Veils That Will Make You Say ‘I Do’

We all know there’s nothing more ‘wedding’ than a wedding veil. Whether it is a a shy white netted blusher or a satin pink Royal veil or even a cute frilly elbow length veil, its what makes the bride seem more… bride-like.
Wedding Veils - The Basics

Different Types Of Wedding Veils

You have a hundred different varieties of veils to choose from like the fly away, the blusher, the elbow length, the finger tip length, the waltz length, the chapel length, the cathedral length and finally the royal length. Phew that was quite the list! And I haven’t even started on the colors and fabrics.

And with all these choices, you are bound to go bonkers. Hence, dear brides, I have specifically chosen 25 of the best and popular wedding veils for you to select from.

1. Cathedral Walks

Wedding Veils - Cathedral Walks

Its a cathedral length wedding veil with a classic lace edge. It forms a train much larger than the train of the chapel length gown worn in the picture and forms a cascading illusion at knee length adding elegance to royalty.

2. Kimmy K

Wedding Veils - Kimmy K

This is Kim Kardashian’s Royal wedding veil. Heavily laced with a Royal length train, this is definitely a must for all those who wish to have royal dream weddings.

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3. Simple And Elegant

Wedding Veils - Simple And Elegant

A cathedral length net wedding veil with satin edgings, it has an amazing soft fall and illusion. It’s best paired with a heavily designed gown and hair done up.

4. Underdone

Wedding Veils - Underdone

This out of the box veil takes inspiration from an elbow length veil with a cascading fall. Unlike the conventional over the bun veils, this wedding veil is placed under the bun giving it a chic and different look.

5. Wed Me Young

Wedding Veils - Wed Me Young

This pretty embroidered wedding veil is a classic shoulder length veil. It is bunched up around the crown area to give a puffy look. This veil is most ideal for garden or beach wedding.

6. Mantilla Mania

Wedding Veils - Mantilla Mania

One of the classically pretty veil on the list, this chapel length mantilla feels just right. A mantilla is a lace or silk veil worn over the head and shoulders. It often sits over a high comb called a peineta, which is popular with women in Spain. It’s best paired with shoulder less dresses.

Wedding Veils - Mantilla Mania

7. Royalty Fee

Wedding Veils - Royalty Fee

Another Royal wedding veil on the list, this gives a close competition to Kimmy K’s veil itself. An absolutely brilliant work of craftsmanship, this veil pairs well with both puffed up and/or trailing dresses.

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8. Cascade Away

Wedding Veils - Cascade Away

This simplistic yet aesthetic wedding veil pleases me to great extent. Due to the material, the veil has a flow replicating waves. Its another chapel length veil that looks rather heavenly dispite its plaid nature.

9. Tri-Dimentional

Wedding Veils - Tri-Dimentional

Super fun, totally unique veil that breaks convention and yet is too pretty to ignore. It’s a finger cut 3D wedding veil that is bound to grab eyeballs and steal hearts. Like other veils, this too stands on the crown but can easily duplicate as a mantilla.

10. Silver Linings

Wedding Veils - Silver Linings

It is a cathedral length mantilla veil with silver bead embroidery on its edges. It looks plain here but pair it with strapless gown with a chapel length train, it will accentuate the aesthetics of the whole wedding look.

Wedding Veils - Tip 2

11. Beaded Beauty

Wedding Veils - Beaded Beauty

A cute fingertip length wedding veil that is embroidered in beads. Since it is circular in shape instead of the regular oval, and because it bunches up at the crown, this veil will give off a bunchy puffed up look. It would work best with a fish-cut full length gown or a knee length wedding dress.

12. Dotted Doe

Wedding Veils - Dotted Doe

A fun cute chic non-traditional one piece wedding veil, that is bound to make a statement. It revels in its dotted net design that gives it the funky edge. It definitely is a next age veil that demands a bold resolve to pull off

13. Birdcage Bubble

Wedding Veils - Birdcage Bubble

Even thought the birdcage veil isnt the most alluring wedding veil on the list, it still does a pretty good job of being one. This net birdcage forms the best illusion on this list. It end right before the tip of the nose and accentuates the femininity of the bride.

14. Falls Just Right

Wedding Veils - Falls Just Right

Another plain simple and classic finger tip wedding veil close edged with satin border. It cascades into frilly waves. It is very light weight and hence hassle free and looks good specially if you are planning to let your head down.

15. Queen Of My Space

Wedding Veils - Queen Of My Space

This pretty dainty wedding veil comes with a headpiece that makes me wanna be a bride. An absolute gorgeous rose gold and off white pearl amalgamated headpiece that befits a princess.

16. Blinding Illusions

Wedding Veils - Blinding Illusions

This thin net veil is sparingly designed by mini white florals only. It’s this almost-nothing-but-something vibe that sells it to us. Another light weight, hassle free modern bride wedding veil that is right for you.

Wedding Veils - Tip 3

17. Netted Head

Wedding Veils - Netted Head

Another one of the birdcages on the list, this is more formative, in that it has a definite (and pretty) form. This birdcage comes with an embroidered head piece that sits on the crown, beautifully hiding the veil comb.

18. Floral Fixations

Wedding Veils - Floral Fixations

This vintage blusher wedding veil or birdcage veil with hand pleated organza flowers brings you back to the old times. Its big holed net and floaty shape form the characteristic replications of the blushers from yesteryears.

19. Rosy Ornations

Wedding Veils - Rosy Ornations

Another blusher on the list, this one is similar to the number 18, but has a slight variation, in that, as it has a smaller head piece that works well for simplistic feel and people with smaller faces.

20. Bubbling Heart

Wedding Veils - Bubbling Heart

A pure plain birdcage comb that bunches up on your crown and keeps the veil from sticking to your nose. This frill miming fall of the birdcage wedding veil puts it above the rest.

21. Cover Me Up

Wedding Veils - Cover Me Up

A full length glory, this one is a must for a winter wedding. It starts higher than most wedding veils and forms around your face. Not having a predesigned tail, it follows the dress’ gait. Which is why it would be a great idea to pair it up with gorgeous full puff gowns.

Wedding Veils - Tip 4

22. Doubly Pleased

Wedding Veils - Doubly Pleased

The last Royal wedding veil on the list and this one differs from the rest as it is a double veil. It has a primary veil that has the train of a royal veil and is heavily embroidered with a beautiful rose pattern, then it has a plain secondary veil that comes up to the shoulder level and falls beautifully over the arms.

23. Wed White

Wedding Veils - Wed White

An ornately aesthetic wedding veil that imprints the design of the gown onto its edges to give an infinite feel. The transparency provided by the the delicate chiffon brings magic to the beholder’s eyes as the light filters through the veil and falls on the bride’s face.

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24. Bathed In Milk

Wedding Veils - Bathed In Milk

Another of the unique wedding veil ideas on the list, this one sells for its milky translucence . Unlike most veils, it has a headpiece that stands on the top of the forehead instead of the crown. And of course the whole feel turns GOT if not for the lace edges of this finger-length veil.

25. Fly Far Away

Wedding Veils - Fly Far Away

A classic fly away wedding veil and the only one on the list, this veil has the most common go-to factor. It bunches up near the crown, and falls into waves and if you are having an outdoor wedding, you can even see it fly ( Just make sure it isn’t too windy)

That is it for this list! It had all the veils you must look out for. If you think I might have missed out on some, then let me know!

Till then, Happy Shopping!

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