Wedding Tiara: 35 Beautifully Unique Wedding Tiaras – Stare Away

Each and every wedding detail requires time and effort. The wedding tiara has gained popularity amongst the present day brides. While you’ll always be your daddy’s doting princess, you are now gonna be your husband’s queen. Well, your wedding is your special day; a day filled with emotions, excitement and a lot of extravaganza. Think weddings and the beaming brides dressed in finery, from head to toe, make a dazzling site to behold!

While traditionally preferred by brides having a church wedding, others too have now added it to the list of musts! Be it the wedding day itself or the many celebrations before and after, a wedding tiara definitely adds a touch of sparkle and grace. So, here’s a collection of some extremely unique and gorgeous wedding tiara, just for you.

Your Wedding Tiara Awaits You, Your Highness!

1. A Bouquet On Your Head!

Wedding Tiara - A Bouquet On Your Head

A delightful design! Instead of a design running all around the head, you can have an elaborate and intricate design on one side. This wedding tiara looks great with tied up hairstyles.

2. Ivory Pearls And Floral

Wedding Tiara - Ivory Pearls And Floral

Pearls are a classic symbol of grace and floral designs signify femininity; combine the two and you have wedding tiara that’s elegant and charming.

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3. A Hint Of Pink

Wedding Tiara - A Hint Of Pink

A beautiful floral tiara design accentuated with a hint of pink scattered around is all you need to add that bright and beautiful touch to your overall look.

4. Go Gold

Wedding Tiara - Go Gold

A subtle gold wedding tiara with small pearls and crystals, this one makes for a gorgeous piece that will make you look elegant and regal.

5. A Delicate Affair

Wedding Tiara - A Delicate Affair

A delicate trail of floral and leaf design running all across the head. Such a simple yet stunning wedding tiara for the petite bride.

6. Royal And Ravishing

Wedding Tiara - Royal And Ravishing

Look like a royal empress in this gold tiara. The design is not too elaborate but it definitely looks charming and exquisite.

7. Of Roses And Sparkle

Wedding Tiara - Of Roses And Sparkle

An elegant wedding tiara with pristine roses and a sparkling design. It beautifully covers the head adding style and beauty.

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8. Queen Bee

Wedding Tiara - Queen Bee

Look like an absolutely stunning queen in this crown. This wedding tiara has the perfect crown design that is sure to up your wedding style.

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9. The Star That You Are!

Wedding Tiara - The Star That You Are

A simple but extremely stunning star design wedding tiara. It’s stylish, unique and is a definite hit.

10. Beaming Bride

Wedding Tiara - Beaming Bride

A delightful wedding tiara for the beaming bride. The design is sure to keep you comfortable and sparkling all through a night of dancing and revelry.

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11. A Touch of India!

Wedding Tiara - A Touch of India

This wedding tiara showcases the traditional bridal colours of India – red, green and gold. An exquisite design and look.

12. All That Glitters

Wedding Tiara - All That Glitters

For a dazzling and glittering appearance, go for this exclusive wedding tiara! It has the right amount of bling to match your radiance and wedding glow.

13. Simplicity At Its Best

Wedding Tiara - Simplicity At Its Best

If you want to keep it subtle and simple with just a touch of glam, this is the perfect wedding tiara for you. It will easily match almost any and every wedding attire and add just the perfect hint of style.

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14. Flower Girl

Wedding Tiara - Flower Girl

The popular style icon and actress Bipasha Basu was seen flaunting a similar flower tiara at her own mehndi ceremony. Well, take a cue from our own celebrities!

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15. Crown Of My Own

Wedding Tiara - Crown Of My Own

Get your own dainty little crown! If you don’t want to show off a big and high crown, get a small and delicate one for yourself.

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16. Ravishing Red

Wedding Tiara - Ravishing Red

Red is the colour of love and passion. A touch of red to a bold gold tiara and matching chandelier earrings may just be all that you need to make a statement.

17. Rose Gold

Wedding Tiara - Rose Gold

An elegant wedding tiara in delicate rose gold tints with just the right size of trimmings and crystals. It’s bold but subtle, glorious and elegant; all in one!

18. Elegance Personified

Wedding Tiara - Elegance Personified

Look your elegant best in this beautiful rose-toned floral wedding tiara. It has been beautifully accentuated with pearls and crystals to add to the charm and sparkle.

19. Dazzling Diva

Wedding Tiara - Dazzling Diva

Dazzle the night away in this sparkling and exquisite wedding tiara. The design is absolutely stunning and will complement an evening gown in almost any colour beautifully.

20. Oriental Exotic

Wedding Tiara - Oriental Exotic

Feel like an oriental princess in this exclusive and exotic wedding tiara. The delicate chains beautifully cover the forehead area with a gorgeous crystals and pearls crown sitting right on top.

21. True Blue

Wedding Tiara - True Blue

I have never seen such an exquisite piece! The faint blue colour, the biblical imagery and the subtle gold trimmings give this wedding tiara a vintage and charming look. It’s a rare piece of ethereal beauty!

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22. Crystal Craze

Wedding Tiara - Crystal Craze

A sparkling crystal wedding tiara with a tear drop huge crystal coming all the way down to the forehead is sure to make a statement and an appearance that’ll be remembered by all… especially you!

23. Silver Siren

Wedding Tiara - Silver Siren

Keep your hair and style statement on point with this gorgeous silver wedding tiara. The bold floral motifs along with a trail of small flowers look absolutely stunning.

24. Pristine Flowers

Wedding Tiara - Pristine Flowers

Elements of nature bring in a look of peace and natural beauty. This floral wedding tiara is a girlish touch to your elegant self. It’s sure to make you look very simple yet stylish.

25. Butterfly Beauty

Wedding Tiara - Butterfly Beauty

A gorgeous wedding tiara with red crystals and an elegant butterfly motif right in the middle is sure to add beauty and style to your wedding outfit and day. It’s an exquisite wedding tiara that is sure to make you look brilliant.

26. A Blend Of Mixed Elements

Wedding Tiara - A Blend Of Mixed Elements

So we have seen the flower vine wedding tiaras and we also saw silver tiaras; here’s a beautiful blend of the two. Dainty flowers combined with the elegance of silver can only produce a beautiful masterpiece.

27. For The Modern Day Bride

Wedding Tiara - For The Modern Day Bride

Make a style statement on your wedding day with this stylish and modern wedding tiara. The leaf design is so unique and stylish that it’s sure to make heads turn… again and again.

28. Something Blue

Wedding Tiara - Something Blue

For that special touch of something blue, why not opt for this one? It’s a great choice of design that can complement almost all types of wedding gowns and attires. It’s one wedding tiara that’s a perfect keepsake.

29. Miss Universe!

Wedding Tiara - Miss Universe!

Feel like Miss Universe in this beautiful crown wedding tiara. It’s the perfect amount of bling and grace to make you the reigning queen of the event. After all, aren’t you one?

30. Bejewelled

Wedding Tiara - Bejewelled

Add this jewelled wedding tiara to your wedding outfit to make a statement. It’s simple but powerful and can beautifully complement a wedding dress of any kind and colour.

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31. Trendsetter

Wedding Tiara - Trendsetter

Add glitter and glam with this classic yet contemporary wedding tiara. You will be a sure shot trendsetter and no one will be able to ignore the sparkle.

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32. Rhinestone Rage

Wedding Tiara - Rhinestone Rage

Rhinestones have the perfect dazzle and sparkle. The subtle gold and rhinestone combination makes it an exclusive looking wedding tiara for every bride.

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33. Serendipity

Wedding Tiara - Serendipity

A ravishing wedding tiara for the bride of today. It’s elegantly elaborate yet does not take away too much attention from the rest of the attire. A great wedding tiara to match any colour or type of attire.

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34. The Beauty Of Emerald

Wedding Tiara - The Beauty Of Emerald


Emerald is definitely one of my favourite precious stones and anything even with the slightest hint of emerald surely steals my heart away, just like this wedding tiara with a bold emerald right in the middle.

35. The Crowned Glory

Wedding Tiara - The Crowned Glory

This amazing crowned wedding tiara is a definite masterpiece! It’s an edgy design that’ll make you stand out in all your wedding finery and glory.

The wedding tiara is a fashion statement that has existed since centuries and it’s definitely here to stay. Be it the wedding day or any function before or after, a wedding tiara can really add to your overall look and attire. It’s something that adds charm and style like none other. So what do you think? Are you going to get one? Which one is your favourite from the list? As for me, I wish I could have them all… and some more! I would probably wear a tiara even when just lazing around in my pyjamas. After all aren’t we queens all day long, every day?!

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