Innovative And Affectionate Wedding Gift Thank You Note Wordings

Getting beautiful and useful gifts at your wedding is always quite special. But what about writing the thank-you notes to your loved ones who have gifted you such precious gifts? Don’t they deserve a note of acknowledgement and appreciation for the time and energy they spent on choosing the perfect gift for you? Of course they do!

But it is also true that writing thank you notes for the presents you received at your wedding is a pretty hectic task too. In such a situation you need a strategy to attempt the task with skill and a few tips to sort out this issue, without actually disappointing your loved ones. Even if the task of writing thank-you notes to 200+ guests seem to be a daunting task, with these tips and ideas, you will find it pretty doable.


1. Plan From The Beginning

When it comes to arranging for your wedding, planning ahead is a must, even if for the smallest matter. It is no exception to plan for the thank-you notes also, a little bit early into the wedding to save time and avoid an confusion when you finally get down to the business of writing them.

One thing that is sure to help you here is the guest list, on which you can make two columns, one for the gift and the other for the thank-you note. Whenever you receive a gift from the person mentioned in the list, just put a tick and mark out when you are done writing or sending a thank-you note to that person. It will act like a check-list and help you sort out things without any confusion.

2. Stock Up With Stationeries

The fun part of writing thank-you notes is getting the stationary. You can invest in a variety of stationery products which also include note cards, pens and any additional creative item that you want to include to personalize your note. Make sure that you pick up something that reflects your taste as couple, and something that represents you both.

Picking up bright pink shades in a situation when your partner totally detests the color should not be the case. When you are busy penning down so many thank-you notes, it will be very convenient to strike things off the list as you move forward with each note.


3. Draft Your Notes

To make sure that you are writing the relevant thank-you note for the people, you need to draft the notes first, with rough details of their names and the minute description of the gift so that you know, which note is going to whom. It will be really very embarrassing if you end up mixing the notes and sending them to the wrong people.

The only way you can sort out the situation is to keep a track on the thank-you notes from the beginning and draft the essential details on each note, so that when you sit down for the writing part, you are not confused about what goes with what and which note is supposed to be sent to whom. The details briefly written already on the note will help you out in such a situation.

4. Set Up The Perfect Place

Writing thank-you notes is not something that you can do while on the go. You will actually have to sit down, at least half-an-hour a day to write a few notes and you have to do this task, meticulously, every day at a fixed time. That’s why it will be a good idea if you can designate a particular place or corner in your room, in case you do not have a study room or library to do such tasks in peace.

At that designated corner of the room, arrange for the required essentials such as a table and a chair with a reading light and all your stationeries arranged neatly, that you have already bought for the purpose of writing the thank you notes. Sitting at a particular corner that is meant for the task of writing helps you concentrate more on it and makes it easier for you to finish it up in an organized and disciplined manner, without obstacles and interruptions.


5. Start Writing In Shifts

Never think of it that you can sit down and finish the task of writing more than two hundred thank-you notes at one go, by pulling a one-nighter. You will be extremely exhausted and end up writing crappy notes, with words that would lack any genuine appreciation, love and warmth as you will be in extreme hurry to finish up the task.

Instead of doing it all at once, try to work it out in shifts. Assign an hour or thirty minutes a day, every day to write the notes and finish them, ten to twenty notes at a time. In this way, you will not be stressed to finish the task at one go and end up penning beautiful thank-you notes.

6. Write Notes With Perfection

When you are thanking someone, make sure that you show conviction and your pleasure, especially when they are your near and dear ones. In the same way, while writing thank-you notes make sure that your words do reflect genuine feelings and how much you appreciate the gift you received from them. Do not forget to add something personal to the message, and how thrilled you are to receive the gift as well as how you are planning to use it.

If you are given cash amount, then also do let them know how you are going to use it, like a couple spa visit or buy something nice for your new home. But refrain from mentioning the amount that you have received as a gift for the wedding.


Thank-You Note Writing Etiquettes

1. Make sure that you write and send your thank-you note in time and not three-four months after the wedding. It is better to be timely. Your note should reach them anything between two weeks and two months of the wedding.

2. When you write the note, go in for a bit of detailing too, like mentioning the gifted item and how much you loved it. If it was a monetary gift, let them know your plans on using it but avoid mentioning the amount.

3. Write a thank-you note for every one irrespective of who has brought a gift for you and who has not.

If they have made the effort to be at your wedding, and join in your happiness, they deserve an acknowledgement from you. Also thank the ones who gifted you for the wedding but could not attend it physically. To sum up, one can say that when you are making the efforts to thank people, include everyone who were invited to your wedding.

4. If you are not very close to the person for whom you are writing the note, use formal greetings for such a situation. It is always safe to address the guests with their last names, instead of their first, even if you know their Christian names, in case the familiarity is till that only, and you do not know them on an everyday basis.


5. Always make sure that you write separate thank-you notes for each occasion even if the gifts are given by the same person. It means that a separate note of acknowledgement should go to the same person for engagement, wedding and reception gifts.

6. Do not forget to mention your gratitude for the person who, you know, have taken a lot of pains to be at your wedding. If someone has traveled a long way or missed something important just to be there for you, do mention the efforts they took to make you smile. Even if someone has done something special for the wedding, made a nice speech or helped you out in any way, all that needs to be mentioned in the note too.

In case you find it difficult to figure out how to write and what to write for different scenarios, help is at hand. Here are a few readymade templates that you can use, adding the minor details and write some awesome thank-you notes to impress your guests for sure.


1. If Someone Gives You Cash Money

Dear ______,
Jacob and I are thrilled to get such a generous and thoughtful gift for our wedding. We are thinking of buying our dream home and you have just brought us a few steps closer to our dream. Looking forward to seeing you soon again and enjoy spending some great moments.

2. If It Is A Group Gift

When gifted with anything by a group, it is always preferable that you send each individual with separate thank-you notes instead of just writing to the whole group. But do not forget to give a shout out to the whole group too.


Thank you for the barbeque grill. It’s so convenient and high-tech, and just what we have been wanting. We are so lucky to have friends who are so aware of our needs. You will have to come by for some of Chris’s famous ribs soon!

Warm regards,


3. If You Do Not Know What The Gift Is

In case you are not aware what the gift is exactly, still you can write a thank-you note to that person, but all you have to do is to focus on the kindness of the giver instead of the mystery of the gift given.

Dear ______,

Jacob and I are so grateful to get such a wonderful wedding gift from you. You two are just awesome and so creative when it comes to showering love to your dear ones. The gift really brought a smile to our faces, and we feel really lucky to have such friends in our life.



4. If You Already Have One

Do not acknowledge the fact that you already have something similar or that exact thing, but talk about the gift instead.

Dear ______,

Jacob and I are thrilled to get such a vintage cocktail shaker as our wedding gift. The beautiful and sleek design of the shaker is surely going to add to the beauty of our mini bar. We are so happy that you could make it to our wedding. Eager to meet you soon again.

Warm Regards,


5. You Do Not Like The Gift Much

Even if you are not very fond of the gift received, still write them a thank-you note. You do not have to exactly rave about the gift but do say something positive about it and appreciate the loving gesture.

Dear ______,

Thank you so much for the crystal vase. The color reminds me of the times we spent at the house and family dinners with you, and I’m delighted to see it again! We are thrilled to get such a thoughtful gift and will cherish it always.



6. If The Gifted Item Is Off The Registry

In such a situation, it is better to mention how much you loved the gift and how you are planning to use it on a regular basis.

Dear ­­­­_______,

Thank you so much for the microwave oven. Jacob and I wanted one for a while and we’re already coming up with new recipes. So excited to try them all and hoping to see you again for a brunch or a dinner date soon.



Hope you found the ideas and tips useful. For any suggestions or feedback, please comment below.

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