Wedding Table Decoration Ideas To Pamper Your Guests

Planning your perfect wedding is not going to be a one day job. You already knew that, right? You’ll first need to focus on the essentials; by this I mean your bridal finery, the overall theme for your wedding, the food and entertainment, the wedding photographer – you know where I’m going with this.

Once all this is done, you’ll need to pay enough attention to the wedding decor. After all, only with the right decor can you set that oh so perfect ambience for your special day. Remember, this day will come only in your lifetime. So any amount of effort you put in, you probably won’t regret it later.

One of the things that may skip your mind if you are not going for a wedding planner is the wedding table decorations at your wedding. Think about it, your guests would be spending quite a bit of time being seated on these wedding tables, sharing their meals and drinks. You need to make sure that they feel comfortable and welcome at your wedding.

While choosing the decor for your wedding tables, the first thing to bear in mind is your budget. Once you know how many people will be joining you for your special day, you’ll be able to calculate how many wedding tables you would need, and the amount you can allocate for each wedding table.

But make sure your centrepieces and decor are not obtrusive. Your guests should not have to crane their necks to talk to a neighbour or be uncomfortable. The table centrepiece should also not obstruct your guest’s view of the stage.

Another thing you need to keep in mind while picking out your wedding table decor is the theme of your wedding. Your table decor should complement the overarching theme and not stick out like a sore thumb, but rather it should add to the theme of your wedding. We have picked out for you, a few of the most exciting ideas for your wedding table decoration that you are sure to adore. On your big day, let your centrepieces do the talking.

The Floral Burst Centrepiece

Wedding Table Decoration-table decoration

Image Courtesy: Devika Narain, Wedding Designer

You can hardly imagine a wedding without those beautiful floral arrangements. And when it is a burst of flowers just waiting to greet you like it is the first day of spring, your guests are sure to feel fresh and youthful as they sit down at their wedding tables. But it is not just about finding the right flowers and finding that perfect arrangement to make those hues really pop. Here, you can really see how the flowers add to the overall theme of the wedding. The silver-white wedding table runners really add a whole new dimension of elegance to the soft pink wedding table cloth. And those golden decorative pieces at the edges create an aura of allure and richness. When paired up with the bright pink drapes that are artfully woven onto the chairs, you know you have the perfect look that is romantic, youthful, artful and cosy at the same time. With a wedding table like this, your guests are going to feel pampered and loved.

Fifty Shades Of Yellow

Wedding Table Decoration-table decoration with yellow colour

Image Courtesy: Devika Narain, Wedding Designer

Many a time, what your wedding decor needs is not a burst of colours, but a burst of just one colour. Depending on the predominant colour scheme you’ve chosen for the occasion, a contrasting colour of floral arrangements or even one that blends in with the rest of your decor would be perfect, if done right. Here, we have a fine example of the kind of decorations that you can have using just one colour – yellow. Notice how the yellow is brought out further by the greenery all around it, both in the form of those leaves and ferns that deck the bottom and the green stems of the flowers. The different shades of yellow are arranged in a perfect harmony that is very pleasing to the eye. Whether it is the yellow dahlias, roses, calendulas, lilies, tulips that are so perfectly blooming, or the spritely bouquets of baby’s breath and calla lilies, this arrangement is one that you’ll not want to take your eyes off of. The yellow and white candles that are enclosed in lovely glass holders also add that extra charm to the whole decor.

Of Bougainvilleas And Pomegranates Wedding Table Decoration

Wedding Table Decoration-Of Bougainvilleas and Pomegranates

Image Courtesy: Devika Narain, Wedding Designer

Pink and white are a classic combination for wedding decorations. We’ve seen it used on so many occasions. But, the way it is used here is a truly innovative spin on a classic. First, the embroidered white table cloth is so elegant that it does not really need any embellishments on an ordinary day. But this is no ordinary day. The fresh bougainvilleas form a great contrast to the white of the table cloth, and bring in an air of vitality, freshness and tenderness to the table. The green-white china, upon which a solitary pomegranate rests, is a wonderful way to surprise and delight your guests. It not only functions as a decorative piece, your guests can take it home as well. Here, the table cloth and the pink of the bougainvilleas and pomegranates contrast with the colours of the wedding decor. The dainty glasses and the few petals of bougainvillea that are lying about add a very nice finish to the overall look.

The Forest Canopy Wedding Table Decoration

Wedding Table Decoration-The Forest Canopy Wedding Table

Image Courtesy: Velvet Ferns

When you think of wedding table decorations, you may think that this is restricted to the tabletop alone. But, here is one decoration idea that will challenge this notion, if you carry it off. Why should we restrict the decor to the table surface alone? Here, the hanging green canopy of ferns, moss and vines gives a very rustic, natural vibe to the whole seating area. The gorgeous criss-crossing ferns are intermittently interrupted by the dangling glass candle holders, at the centre of which rests a happy white candle. Can’t you just imagine just how beautiful this would look at night? As for the table top itself, the black, ruffled table cloth becomes the perfect backdrop for the pink floral arrangement at the centre. The napkins perfectly match the shade of the centrepiece. With a few candles merrily burning on the table as well, this wedding table decoration will truly make you feel like you are an elf living in the enchanted woods!

Springtime Fruits And Flowers Wedding Table Decoration

Wedding Table Decoration-Springtime Fruits and Flowers

Image Courtesy : Shaadi Planners

Who can forget the poet P.B Shelley’s famous lines “If winter comes, can spring be far behind?” Spring is the season of hope and freshness. So is your wedding day! And nothing can make you feel the freshness of spring like fruits and flowers as your wedding table centrepiece. What makes this work is the stunning orange glow from the table that casts a soft shadow on everything. The beautiful orange of the flowers is accentuated by the light. Add to this some fresh grapes of black and green, which contrasts perfectly with the flower. You don’t need to just stick to grapes. You could also incorporate oranges, lemons and apples, depending on the theme of your wedding. This is also a more cost effective option for your big day. The antique golden plates, along with the orange napkins complete this picture of elegance. Once the wine starts flowing, the laugher starts getting raucous, this table decoration would truly bring the spirit of festivities and love come to life.

Luminous Lights And Lanterns Wedding Table Decoration

Wedding Table Decoration-Luminous Lights and Lanterns

Image Courtesy : Shaadi Planners

This is for those of you who will be hosting your wedding or reception at night time. As the sun bids adieu and the sky darkens to reveal those million glimmering stars, why not bring the stars to the ground for your wedding? You can do just that with this wedding table decoration idea. Start with a plain white satin table cloth that sets the tone of elegance for the table. To this add some black and white table runners. And then fill those runners up with antique lanterns. No matter what the overarching colour palette of your wedding is, you are sure to find the shades of lanterns to match it. Even if they are mismatched, they could still look beautiful and rustic, if arranged well. In fact, a visit to those tiny, local antique stores in your city may yield some real beauties. Another great option is to look for Moroccan lanterns, like the one in the picture above. These are dainty and simply mesmerizing to look at. Once you turn off all the other lights, this might just end up looking like the magical wedding night you have always dreamt of.

Rustic Summer Delight Wedding Table Decoration

Wedding Table Decoration-Rustic Summer Delight

Image Courtesy: Devika Narain, Wedding Designer

This wedding table decoration idea would be perfect for those of you having a summer wedding or a beach wedding. The floral arrangement at the centre is simply bursting with those lovely summertime hues. Not only that, the flowers that are just bursting out of the antique kettles and tea cups are so pretty that your heart is sure to melt just a tiny bit. And those books that are covered with wrapping paper add that quirky charm to the table. Leaving some colourful hand fans for your guests is sure to keep them cool and happy as you swear your undying love to each other. A burlap table runner with some lace at the border would also add to the rustic vibe. You could also leave in little alarm clocks, little globes as decorative pieces. This table decoration idea is sure to lighten the mood of all your guests and will bring innocent delight to their hearts.