11 Unique And Brilliant Wedding Shower Invitations

A wedding is probably the most awaited moment of a girl’s life. It is not just the beginning of a new phase of her life but is so much more than that. It is about moving over to the ‘Mrs.’ side, becoming the married friend, leaving her family, joining a new family and taking on new responsibilities. Basically, her life changes from the moment she decides to say ‘I do.’ Now, there are so many functions and ceremonies that make a wedding a successful one. The basics include haldi, mehndi, sangeet and of course the wedding. But there’s also a rather informal function where the bride and her friends get together for some fun. Yes, we are talking about the wedding shower, that one event where you get to go wild with the wedding shower invitations, the decor, the theme, and every other little thing involved; because it’s the unofficial bachelorette bash.

Wedding showers have been a huge part of the wedding ceremonies in the west, but in India they haven’t really been that popular. It is a trend that is still catching up. So if you’re planning to throw one for your friend then we’re here to help you with the invites. Here are some wedding shower invitations that you can go through while picking the one that’s best for your party.

1. Dreamy Wedding Dress Card

Wedding Shower Invitations - Dreamy Wedding Dress Card


This is one of the most common and the most beautiful wedding shower invitations that I have seen. It beautifully captures the wedding feel while keeping it stylish yet elegant for the guests. A wedding gown with the beautiful font on the card complement each other in the best way.

2. Party Girl Wedding Shower Invite

If your bride is not the usual shy one then you know what we’re talking about. A fun bride deserves a fun bridal shower which has amazing wedding shower invitations. For a little bit of fun you can even add a small joke at the end of it.

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3. Grandma’s Invite

Grandma! If you’re throwing a shower for your lovely girl then you can definitely go for this one as it shows class and elegance that the Queen (you) have and which you are passing on to the Princess (bride-to-be).

4. Rustic Tea Party Shower Card

You don’t always need to have a luncheon or a dinner party. Tea parties are the perfect time for a shower as they are even perfect for the guests. They give you ample time in the morning to prepare and then some more at night to open up the gifts. Wedding shower invitations like this one are also perfect for a wedding shower if you’re throwing it in at a farm house or somewhere away from the city.

5. Floral Wreath Invitations

Floral patterns wedding shower invitations go well with almost every occasion, so you if you’re stuck without a clear idea in mind then a floral one is perfect to go with. They not only add texture to the card but also help in covering excess gap if you don’t have much content to fill.

6. Fashionable Bride Invite

Purple is a beautiful colour and is increasingly becoming a popular choice for wedding invitation cards. Thus, it is an equally ravishing choice for wedding shower invitations. Keep the font simple and you have your perfect answer to your invite queries.

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7. Around The Clock Invite

This invite serves the purpose of giving the guests a hint to ‘save the date’ and also an ‘alarm’ to remind them that the day is sooner than they imagined. It can also be seen as a way to ring the bell to kick off the ceremonies.

8. Brewing Shower Invite

Isn’t this an amazing wedding shower invitations option for a party filled with lots of ‘sips n slurps’? This is a perfect option for a party that is being organized on the terrace under the moon light or may be outdoors in the lawn. The chalkboard design gives it very ‘pub-like’ feel.

9. From Miss To Mrs. Invite

Wouldn’t this be the perfect one to clearly describe the theme of the party? The day when your friends would come together to mark the beginning of your new life as a ‘Mrs.’ should have a card that says so! Simple yet elegant and direct.

10. Passport Style Invite

Well, if you plan on transporting your guests to another world, say La La Land, then as a wedding shower invitations option, this one will get your message across loud and clear. Passport invites have started gaining popularity over the years as they are quite trendy and offbeat.

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11. ‘In A Jar’ Shower Invite

Bridal showers mostly include gifts from guests that help the couple in taking the first step into their married lives by setting up their homes. ‘In a Jar’ wedding shower invitations seem to be the perfect option to set the theme going for the party.

So these were our top 11 picks for wedding shower invitations that you can definitely choose from if you’re the stressed bridesmaid who is in-charge of it all! You can thank us later!