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The guests have all been sent away, and the last few drunk friends of the groom have been packed off. The rest of the world dims, as the new partners look into each other’s eyes. A concentrated blush happens. Sure, they’re tired; hell, they’re exhausted. Weddings are some of the most magical moments of your life, full of life-affirming memories that you will nestle in your heart for your lifetime. But, let it be known that the first step to marriage is to get through the wedding. If you can manage that, then the mythical group called ‘they’ assure you that for the most part you’re golden. So, here are the best wedding room decoration ideas for a romantic night for the newly wed couple.

So, back to the intense eye contact and the rising rush of blood that occurs when the couple realises that they can legally have sex now, among other things. So without further ado let’s set up their room, where they’ll be spending their first night as a couple. And there’s no need for giggling, we’re all adults here. We all know what happens during the first night: Politics.

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What is your Essential Checklist?

First up, logistics: Where are they staying, what are they eating, and getting the decorations. Most couples opt to stay at a hotel room to experience their first night, so relax together and unwind away from their relatives and friends, alone. Customarily, we’ve all decided to punish the couple by ensuring that there is starvation on the part of the newlyweds. So ensure that they have some food waiting for them; though it shouldn’t be too heavy, it should be easy-to-eat snacks and some juices or smoothies, you wouldn’t want them feeling sluggish now would you? The last step before beginning the decoration is to confirm whether either of the two partners have any allergies. The options for wedding room decoration abound, a lot of them involving flowers; this is not a night for a sniffling nose, or worse a rash.

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Secondly, decoration: The mood and ambiance need to be just right, as it is important for the new couple to relax and cement their bonds, helping each other to unwind from all accumulated stress from getting married. You can start off by deciding the overall theme by selecting the colour, to help establish the ambiance for the evening. Soft pastels shades of blue, pink or cream; or perhaps, go beyond the norm and employ shades such as purple, red and orange. A calming shade of lilac has been known to encourage certain feelings. Add to this base with elements such as curtains, artful pieces of cloth hanging from the ceiling, flowers and candles etc. These can be done to suit the new couple’s taste and sense of aesthetic. Now, for the bed. Undoubtedly the centrepiece of the evening’s festivities, this has to be dealt with some tact. The traditional route tends towards flowers petals, curtains made of flowers with the occasional vine. However, if you’re feeling creative, throw in some coloured confetti, add some hanging net curtains around the bed posts; the sky’s the limit. The flowers can even be arranged to leave a message, which depending on your friends can be anything from the nice “Have Fun!” to the useful instruction of “Shaft A Goes Into Slot B”. Also, use silk sheets; just trust us on this, you’ll be thanked again and again. And again. The gratitude will only be extended if you choose to scatter a few softer sources of light around the room, as opposed to using the normal lights. A lamp always oozes more ambiance than a tube light after all, and lends to an air of intimacy. Also, candles, lots of them, preferably some aromatic ones as well.

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Thirdly, any extras: The above effort should garner some appreciation, but why not pull out all the stops and spare no expense. Take things up a notch by adding in delectable chocolates, some cold and some in that imminent melting stage; strawberries and some cream would also be thoughtful additions. Throw in a bottle, or two, of some wine or champagne; they will be much appreciated. Lastly, as you close the door and leave it for the intended occupants, sprinkle some dabs of scintillating scents; preferable jasmine, rose or lavender.

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Now there’s one last thing to do: Leave the newly weds to it, they’ve got things to do.

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