49 Wedding Rings That Will Leave You Dazzled

A wedding ring is one piece of jewellery which can be considered as an absolute embodiment of marriage. It is a symbol of strength and vitality in the relationship as two individuals make a commitment to become one as wife and husband. Here are 49 wedding rings that we think are really beautiful and the choice is sure gonna make it hard for you to decide which one to settle down for. Take a look.

1. Diamond Band Wedding Ring

A ring which would leave you less worried about the size issues, this one is made from individual diamond pendants strung together to form a ringed band that can be adjusted to the size of the wearer’s finger. Along with the convenience factor, this one also makes a great style statement with its fashionable design.

2. Engraved Gold Band Wedding Ring

If you intend to keep things simple at your wedding then this ring is for you. It is made from a single piece of gold metal that is neatly polished and features a lovely engraving all throughout the exterior surface of the ring. Overall, an extremely appealing design.

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3. Checkered Pattern Wedding Ring

A ring made for the bridegroom that features a checkered pattern on the crown, which is created from individual diamond pieces held in place with four prongs. The top arc of the ring features a beaded pattern, which adds to the beauty.

4. Yellow Gold And White Gold Wedding Rings

Wedding Rings - Yellow Gold And White Gold Wedding Rings

Image: Shutterstock

It is a set of beautifully crafted wedding rings that are made with a mix of two gold alloys. The bridegroom’s ring is made from white gold and features miniature yellow gold chain links that elegantly run all across the external surface. The bride’s ring is similar in design with the difference being the material, which is yellow gold and the presence of small embedded diamonds in place of the chain links.

5. Gold Wedding Rings With Embedded Screw Heads

Wedding Rings - Gold Wedding Ring With Embedded Screw Heads

Image: Shutterstock

Make things a bit nifty with these neat looking gold wedding rings, that feature five grooved screw heads embedded on the lateral surface of the ring. What makes this design even more interesting is the presence of a small diamond on the outer surface of the ring just below each embedded screw head.

6. Matte-Finish Gold Wedding Rings

Wedding Rings - Matte-Finish Gold Wedding Ring

Image: Shutterstock

A simple yet charming design, it is a ring made from yellow gold, which features a single diamond embedded on the top arc of the ring. The gold is given a matte finish which adds to the exquisite appeal.

7. Shiny White Gold Diamond Wedding Rings

Wedding Rings - Shiny White Gold Diamond Wedding Rings

Image: Shutterstock

This glistening pair of wedding rings pack a charming look with an elegant design. The bridegroom’s ring features a band of metal that has a groove running across the entire outer surface. This is perpendicularly intersected by wide slits all across the ring, which create an alluring pattern. The bride’s ring is the same in terms of design but features diamonds all along the external surface with an attention grabbing central diamond that is larger than the rest.

8. Braided Pattern Gold Wedding Rings

Wedding Rings - Braided Pattern Gold Wedding Rings

Image: Shutterstock

The ring features a unique and stylish braid-like pattern running all across the surface of the ring. The braid effect is achieved by criss-crossing grooves, which are all across the ring. The bride’s version even features diamonds elegantly embedded between the grooves.

9. White Gold Ruby Wedding Ring

Wedding Rings - White Gold Ruby Wedding Ring

Image: Shutterstock

A clean design which is accentuated by the matte finish of the white gold. The bridegroom’s version is a simple white gold band while the bride’s ring features rubies embedded all throughout the external surface. The rubies are embedded at equal distances and sit in a small groove of their own, rendering a chic look to the ring.

10. Rhodolite Wedding Ring

Wedding Rings - Rhodolite Wedding Ring

Image: Shutterstock

Rhodolite is a type of garnet stone, which has an alluring red-pink colour. The ring consists of one large rhodolite gem cut into a rectangular shape and neatly embedded in its own crown. Rhodolite goes better with white metals, therefore the ring can be made of white gold or platinum.