20 Refreshingly Unique Wedding Rings For Men

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A wedding ring is customary; it is a symbolic expression of love, bonding and commitment to the relationship and each other that a couple share. Women have always loved gold, diamonds and other precious metals. And they have a wide array of styles, designs and materials to choose their wedding ring from. Men weren’t so lucky as their wedding ring designs were minimal and often monotonous. However, with a growing market for wedding rings for men, many innovative designers and jewelers have started offering a bouquet of stylish, modern and unique designs for the groom. Here is a list of the 20 most refreshingly unique wedding rings for men that will truly make you stand-out.

1. The Exotic Hawaiian Tungsten Carbide Wedding Band

A top of the line 8mm comfort fit, tungsten carbide ring with exotic Hawaiian paneling. This is a truly out-standing and one among the best wedding rings for men, with its one-of-a-kind diamond setting and the clever use of wood and metal alloys .

2. The Black Enamel Titanium Wedding Ring

A beautiful men’s wedding ring with polished glossy beveled edges, and black enamel plated coating on pure titanium metal. An 8mm glossy black ring that is slick, stylish and modern in every way. A perfect wedding ring for the super-cool modern groom.

3. The Rose Gold and Black Tungsten Wedding Ring

A stunning men’s engagement ring that is all about style and understated elegance. A ring that will be noticed, but something that will never feel out of place. This is a black 8mm tungsten carbide ring with machine polished 18k pure rose gold bands on the fringes, which give the ring a very unique appeal and a strong character. A wedding ring that a groom can definitely consider.

4. The Celtic Titanium Wedding Ring

An old-school traditionally handmade Irish-inspired pure titanium Celtic men’s wedding ring. This is a wedding ring for men who have very strong and a masculine character, which might appeal to a to-be-wed groom. It is a ring that will get noticed, and something the boy’s gang will love.

5. The Olympus Carbide Wedding Ring

A beautiful Olympus High Polish tungsten carbide 8mm ring this. A classy and high glossy ring that is simple, stylish and very modern. Something you could wear to work or to a party. A very slick wedding ring that a modern stylish urban groom would love to wear every day.This is one among the cheap wedding rings for men which you can consider,if you want it to be pocket friendly.

6. The Blue Plated Spinner Wedding Ring

A spectacular blue plated 2D faceted tungsten carbide spinner ring that is every man’s dream. A ring that is stunning in its look, feel and the statement it makes. A very unique wedding engagement ring that you can consider if you are sure about carrying off the brilliant blue hue.

7. The Andromeda Titanium Wedding Ring

A pure titanium Andromeda men’s ring with brilliantly contrasting pastel orange inlay. A ring that is different and has no qualms about showing it. With a beautifully flowing pair of engraved orange lines and the same pastel orange theme continuing to the inner side, makes this a one-of-a kind wedding ring.

8. The Camo Rustic Country Wedding Ring

Camo rings with a rustic country theme are fast catching up in the US bridal jewelry market. These rings are stylish, different and completely rustic in their style and feel wedding bands for men. Often paired with a diamond or a precious stone, these men’s wedding rings are great options, if you want to be different and yet choose to have a pocket friendly wedding ring.

9. The Eternity Diamond and Platinum Wedding Ring

A simple diamond studded wedding ring that is sleek and stylish. With diamond encrusted all over, this  ring has a subtle sense of sophistication about it. Made out of pure platinum, this diamond men’s ring is an eternally stylish option you can surely consider for your wedding.

10. The Jeff Cooper Satin Wedding Ring

This is a brilliant Jeff Cooper Satin men’s wedding band by Jeff Cooper features one trillion diamond set along a satin finish band with polished and beveled edges.

11. The Curved Yellow Gold Wedding Ring

This is a beautiful, uniquely shaped 14 kt yellow gold wedding ring. With its appealing curve design and machine polished glossy finish, this is the  ring for all the yellow gold lovers out there.

12. The 8mm Tungsten Wedding Ring

A stylish MWB men’s wedding ring made of industrial grade tungsten, with brilliant block accents and a beautiful matte finish. A ring that is bold and beautiful in its appearance and texture, a must-have for a groom who really wants to make a statement.

13. The Victorian Style

A vintage, Victorian motif inspired wedding ring that is unabashedly old-school. A ring that can be made in gold, silver, platinum or even a blended alloy. It’s appeal lies not just in its design but also the flexibility to choose a metal of your choice, depending on your budget. Whatever the metal you choose, this vintage design will standout, making your wedding ring a truly special one.

14. The Brazen Metal

A stunning pair of customized brazen metal wedding rings that are probably the coolest on this list. With engraved time, date and other customizable texts, these rings/ bands are something every man would want to have. The detachable main ring has a diamond stud on its crest which looks stunning, even as a standalone piece of jewellery. A pair of rings that are stylish, unique and flexible. You can wear them together or separately, giving you cool three options or styles to get the best look for the day. A must-have wedding ring set for every groom.

15. The Rustic Silver and Brass Handmade

A fine silver, copper and copper wedding ring that is perfect for a country side wedding. The design and the theme are rustic, and completely handmade by traditional artisans. A ring that is also considered as good luck talisman by the tradition craftsman from the countryside, as it is blend of the strongest and purest metals. A wedding ring you should consider for yours.

16. The Sparkling  By Joseph Jewelery

One of the coolest men’s wedding rings I have ever seen from Joseph Jewelry. If it was smaller I would wear it.

17. The Recycled Titanium  By Rob And Lean

A Rob and Lean designer wedding ring for the Eco-friendly man. A beautiful titanium ring with completely recycled metals and materials. The design is simple yet stylish, with a colorfully done rustic looking band with recycled materials running through the middle of the ring, while the titanium beveled edges enhance the appeal of the ring. A wedding ring you can definitely consider, a must-have for the nature-conscious groom.

18. The Nature Motif Rustic By Ashley Hilton

Ashley Hilton, the famous Etsy seller has a lot of nature-inspired wedding wedding in their collection. With rustic designs, grungy looks and contrasting colors, Ashley Hilton is a brand by itself. This ring from their men’s wedding jewellery collection, is one of their finest, classiest men’s wedding ring with a nature-inspired engraved motif and matte finished exterior. A stunning design, one that is simplistic yet sophisticated. A ring that a stylish, outdoorsy groom can consider for his wedding. Etsy seller, Ashley Hilton, has a number of nature-inspired motifs, perfect for the outdoorsy groom!

19. The Trillion Cubic Zirconia

An imitable stainless steel wedding ring with a spectacular design. This ring has a trillion cubic triangular cut size 12 Zirconia crystal on top, making this ring a truly one-of-a kind wedding ring. A suave and sexy wedding ring that is drool worthy. Something every groom should check-out before deciding on his wedding ring.

20. The Bejeweled Square

An out-of-the box design, literally. This men’s wedding ring is square shaped, and jewel encrusted. With a flowing design and a glossy, seamless theme – this ring will make you stand out on the biggest day of your life. A fancy wedding ring that is not just stylish but very different.

Did You Know?

A wedding ring is a ceremonial ring, mostly made of metal, which in ancient times was a way to identify if a woman was single or married. The wedding ring is usually worn on the base of the left or the right ring finger, depending on local customs and traditions. The marriage ring is an age old tradition, which has been manifested in the marriage customs of different civilizations. One of the earliest known weding  ring traditions originated in Egypt more than 3000 years ago. Egyptians viewed the circle as a symbol of eternity, and they believed the ring signifies the never-ending love between a wedded couple. The wedding ring was popular in many cultures and became a very popular and almost customary ceremony in Europe in the 1500s. However, it was generally the bride, who was presented a ring by the groom on their wedding day. The men didn’t usually wear a ring.

The double-ring ceremony

The popular exchange of rings between partners, though a known practice in some cultures of the world, was popularized by the Americans in the early 20th century. It was plain marketing tactic that found appeal in the masses. There were many popular American ads by iconic jewelers in the early 1900s that were targeted at women, to make their men wear wedding rings too. Though the world-wide popularity of the double ring ceremony was fueled by America jewelers, the tradition wasn’t a pure marketing coup. Indians, Greeks, Byzantines, Egyptians and some of the Latin American cultures have practiced it for a long time.

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