Wedding Reception Invitation Wording: 11 Warm And Cordial Options

Struggling with what to write on your wedding reception invitation? Well, the key is to keep it cordial and warm. You don’t have to go overboard with the wording. Take a look at 11 sample wedding reception invitation wording ideas that we have here and pick one that you like the most. You could also mix and match and add something personal to the message too.

Wedding Reception Invitation Wording - Couples first kiss

Sweet And Simple Wedding Reception Invitation Wording Ideas You Can Use:


Ajayand Shikhagot married on 1st July 2016

In an event that was a festivity of a lifetime!

We decided to extend the fun for you.

You are invited for the Wedding Reception on

3rd July 2016

*Location Details*

Be prepared for Fun, Games and Revelry!

This wedding reception invitation wording sample comes straight to the point, sharing with the recipient what they can expect at the wedding reception. This card also communicates the wedding date for those who were completely unaware of your grand Indian wedding.

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were married in a private ceremony
on the island of Kauai, Hawaii

Please celebrate with us at our reception
on 3rd July, 2016
at 7 o’clock in the evening
*Location Details*
Merriment all night!

This card includes the date and time as well, so you need not mention it separately. Just like the previous wedding reception invitation wording, this one shares across what’s in store for the guests.


Bites, Pool and Bad Dance Moves!

Please join us for the pool-side BBQ wedding reception of

Elizabeth and Trevor

Who tied the knot on 1st July 2016

*Location Details*

It is an outright casual sample wedding reception invitation wording and works best when you are sending out the invitation to your really close friends. As the words suggest, it is for a reception ceremony that is completely informal. This would also hint that the dress code is casual.


We tied the knot in paradise

And now we would love to have you,

As a part of our joy.
Rajesh and Suhasini heartily invite you their wedding reception
Date: 3rd July 2016

Time: 7 p.m. onwards

Venue: Regal Hotel, Bandra, Mumbai
We look forward to your esteemed presence.

It has a certain formal tone to it, and will work great when you are sending the invitation to a senior colleague or an elderly person. This kind of Indian wedding reception invitation wording also lets you have a mini-map to the venue at the reverse of the card for the convenience of the recipients.


Adity Roy


Dhruv Kapoor

Tied the knot at an event of a lifetime!

Now they plan to celebrate it with YOU!
Adity& Dhruvcordially invite you totheir wedding reception
On 3rd July 2016, 7 p.m.

*Location Details*

P.S. – It’s a fun-filled event, so dress code is casual!

In case you are planning for a super-fun event in the name of wedding reception, then you should be using this wedding reception invitation wording idea. While it already mentions the theme of the event, you can also leave some side notes or images that will give the card an overall easy-going look.


True love lassoed our hearts and the trail has led us here.

Your presence is requested!

We invite you to our wedding reception on 3rd July 2016

We will be looking forward to your presence.

*Location Details*

John D’Souza and Ashley D’Souza

When the Indian bride and bridegroom plan to send out a single version of the reception invitation to all their friends and acquaintances, this wording will work great. This sample maintains a semi-formal tone, and communicates the intent of the invitation in just few lines.

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We’re Hitched!

We said ‘I Do’ at a private wedding ceremony.

Now we would like throw a party!
Join us for an after-wedding reception with

Mr. & Mrs. Ahluwalia

on Saturday, 2nd July 2016 at

Regal Hotel, Bandra, Mumbai

It has a certain third person tone to it but that adds to its overall charm. This card is the best one to send out to those who were not invited to your wedding, and you would like to sound as polite as possible with your wedding reception invitation wording.


Jayantand Doris

Have Tied The Knot!

He asked the question and she said ‘YES’

But they agreed not to start their life with stress

So they set off for a vacation

And tied the knot at a secret destination

Now they are back to start their new life

And would like to celebrate with you as husband and wife
You are invited to the wedding reception on

3rd July 2016

*Location Details*

This sample is long but it is the best option for those who tied the knot without spilling out the beans to anyone (not even to good old friends). Of course, when they finally receive the wedding reception invitation, they are going to be surprised since you left them in dark about your wedding. Some close friends may be even angry by that secrecy you maintained and you will have lot of explanation to do. A light-hearted wedding reception invitation wording will work best to cajole them as well as invite them to the wedding reception.


We would be delighted if you could join us

For the reception ceremony of Anitaand Jonathan

At Regal Hotel, Bandra, Mumbai on 3rd July 2016
Your presence is the only present desired,
No gift required.

It is an Indian wedding reception and you are bound to get many gifts. In case you are looking for a polite way to request your guests to refrain from bringing any presents, then this wedding reception invitation wording will help you communicate across the point in an affable manner.

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Our little girl is now all grown up and decided to set out on a new journey with a life partner on 1st July 2016

We are holding a celebratory wedding reception and it would be our honour if you can be part of our festivities

Date & Time: 3rd July 2016, 7 p.m.

Venue: Royal Hotel, Colaba, Mumbai

As the words suggest, this one is an apt wedding reception invitation wording to be sent out by the parents of the bride. It can be also be used for a bridegroom with some interchange of words. In case the invitation is sent out by the parents of the bride or bridegroom then this one is perfect.


Come for the love,

Stay for the party!

Together with their families,

Ashwin and Anjali

Invite you their wedding reception to be held on 3rd of July 2016

*Location Details*

You are part of our esteemed guest list and we will look forward to your gracious presence!

It often happens that people give a pass to the reception but as a host you would like to see everyone you had invited turn up, right? This sample Indian wedding reception invitation wording will help you say exactly that but in a subtle manner. This card makes a good choice when you have done some seriously amazing preparation at the venue, and would like everyone to be present.

So those were some ideas on what words to include while sending out your wedding reception invitation. Have anything to add or share?

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