Wedding Reception Games: 10 Super-Fun Wedding Reception Games

Wedding receptions can be informal and super-fun. Unlike the wedding, the couple can walk around and talk to guests personally at the reception. So, why not up the fun quotient a bit? Wedding reception games have become a popular part of the itinerary for every couple that believes in not just having fun but also sharing the fun with all their near and dear ones. There’s really no limit on how many games one can include.

Here are some interesting wedding reception games!

Whether you (the bride) are planning the games yourself or have your friends take up the responsibility, use these to get things rolling.

1. Slam Book

Wedding Reception Games - Slam Book

Remember filling autograph and slam books in school? Well, let’s go back to childhood days but with a fun twist! Have a personalized slam book where guests can share funny instances or memories about their association with the bride/groom or both


  • How you met them?
  • An embarrassing story you share together…
  • A funny thing about the couple or one of them

You get the point right? Each guest can share their personal experience of knowing the couple. This slam book could be a beautiful keepsake for years to come, and makes for a good option in wedding reception games. Take a snapshot of the pages and give each guest a few with the wedding favours, as a bonus.

2. Down Memory Lane

Pick childhood photos of the bride and groom, close family and friends. Keep the choice of photos varied from funny, embarrassing, teenage pics etc. and ask the guests to guess who is who. You could add to the fun by asking people to caption the photos or come up with dialogues according to the photo. This is one of those wedding reception games that is so hilarious. You can guess why.

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3. Treasure Hunt

Leave clues under glasses, plates or mats which would lead the guests to the ultimate treasure. The treasure could be a mix of gifts and goodies. Think of interesting clues and use personal references to make up hints. You could try different kinds of wedding reception games, since there are so many variations.

Wedding Reception Games - Treasure Hunt

4. Drink It Up!

Who doesn’t enjoy a good wedding drinking game? Well, even if you don’t, others around you will. Every time someone says the word ‘love’ everyone takes a sip or every time a particular song throws up a specific word, the guests take a shot! You get to choose the words. Keep it fun and plan it in such a way that your guests enjoy the drinks and don’t get sloshed. Most drinking wedding reception games involve two things, safety and washrooms.

5. Rapid Fire

One of three wedding reception games courtesy of Karan Johar. Put the couple under the spotlight! Prepare a series of interesting questions that the couple has to answer spontaneously and instantly. The key point is no one gets time to think, it’s usually the first response that comes to mind. Include questions that are centred on the couple. You could also randomly select people and put them through the rapid fire round.

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6. Dumb Charades

Go old school with one of the classic Indian wedding games of charades. There are fun ways of dividing the teams – girls vs boys, team bride vs team groom etc. Have a ball of a time as your guests try and enact funny, silly movie titles. Do keep a scoreboard to maximize fun and excitement!

7. Paper Dance

You probably already have a lot of dancing in mind for the event, why not make it interesting? Couples are asked to dance keeping within the boundary of a large sheet of paper. Every time the music stops, the sheet gets divided into half. Of all the wedding reception games, this one is shameless fun. The main rule – no stepping off the paper.

Wedding Reception Games - Paper Dance

8. Shoe Game

You have to ask your guests to form pairs (couples preferably). Make each pair sit back to back, ask them to hold their shoes in their hands, one in each. Ask them common questions and they are supposed to answer the question by raising the shoe. The left shoe is you and the right is your partner. For example: Who fights more? Who talks more?

The guests will be laughing their guts out and the couple will have a great deal of fun too!

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9. Blindfold

This is another old school game that never gets boring! Blindfold the bride and ask her to recognize her partner amongst a line of men just by touching the hair, hands, or face. Do the same for the groom. Blindfold and ask him to find his bride from a row of women. As you can tell, you can play this game with many people, but this is one of the wedding reception games you’ll actually have to match fix for the final round, to avoid awkward ‘moments’.

Wedding Reception Games - Blindfold

10. Capture It!

Make interesting cute cards with funny messages and make guests pose with them. You could add props and accessories that just add to the fun and funny moments. Make it like a ‘selfie’ corner and use a polaroid camera to add to the the collage as the evening progresses. You can use a make-shift wedding photo booth if you want.

These are some popular and interesting wedding reception games that I could think of. I’m sure there are so many more out there. Do you some really interesting game ideas to share with us? Write to us and we will add them to the list.

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