50 Wedding Invitation Wording Ideas You Can Totally Use!

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Wedding invitation wording can be a bit of a hassle, after all, it’s not like you’ve had much practice! Still, it’s an important thing to get right. And whether you’re going for a more formal tone, an easy going one, something funny or something memorable, we’re here to help you out with exactly what you’re going to say in your wedding invite. Once you select the wording, you can add the other details like the venue, date, timing etc. and then get to work on the design. So read on…


Starting out with the formal invites, this is the classic format for those who are looking for something simple, concise and to the point. Works well when the parents are hosting the wedding.


If the couple themselves is hosting the wedding then the formal invite will look something like the above (just be sure to slip in your name there instead). A simple and effective wedding invitation wording that works when sent to any and all.


For when both sets of parents are hosting the wedding and you’d like all of the names to be there.


This invite says the same thing but without the names provided. Just the names of the couple – the most important thing in the invite – are mentioned.


A final formal invite for those looking for a classy way to get the attention of the guests and to give them all of the requited information at a glance.


An excellent and simple way to tell the whole world of your impending marriage and how much you’d like them to be a part of it.


And they would love it if you’re there to ring in the celebrations.

An effective and simple way to let the world know of your wedding and the fact that you’d love for them to be there to share in your joy.


Who would look at that invite and turn down the chance to be at what sounds like an absolute blast of a party? Not us, that’s for sure.


A funny way to let the world know that you’re looking to have a party and ring in the celebrations of your wedding in the best way possible!


The truth, but told in an amusing way and one that’s sure to make your guests RSVP with time to spare!


A simple and wholesome way to spread the message of your wedding.


Simple, effective and to the point. If anyone’s turning that invite down they’re either really busy or have no time for cake and alcohol.


This simple message covers all aspects of your wedding. It appeals to the party people and even to the teetotallers who might be wondering if all of the calories at the wedding will be any good for their diet.


It’s a celebration, a grand celebration, and no grand celebration is complete without the ones we love present to share with us in joy.


Just laying down the facts for all of those who are invited. First there was the engagement and now the wedding, and you’d like them to be there.


It’s amazing how often this is the case and still we don’t opt to mention it like so in the cards we send out to celebrate an affair that wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for the ‘yes’ or ‘no’ question that was asked.


If something special is happening in our lives, what’s the one sure-fire way to make it even better? Have all your friends gather for a party, of course! That’s exactly what this wedding invitation wording says.


Perfectly apt for the Christian couple who are going to be doing exactly that and want exactly that.


This is a perfect wedding invite to send to a friend who has so far shared in your story and whose presence you would greatly appreciate on the most important day of your life so far.


That sounds like the recipe for an epic celebration because that’s exactly what it is. So let your guests know in no uncertain terms!

21.A bit more formal way of saying the same thing said in the previous wording. More apt for a senior figure who has played a prominent part in your story.


Such a realization requires the company of near and dear ones to make it special and this wedding invite wording says pretty much the same thing.


A bit of humour never hurt anyone so why not get a little creative in your wedding invitation wording?


You’re just making clear the story of your lives so far and are mentioning a very important and oft overlooked aspect of the wedding – the dance floor!


Honesty is the best policy even when it comes to wedding invites and this one is a perfectly honest and friendly way to tell your near and dear ones to be there at your wedding.


Let your guests know in no uncertain terms that while the big day is about you, it is their presence that makes it all the more special .


Simple, effective and to the point. This wedding invite will endear itself into the hearts of your guests.


Because that’s what makes a wedding so special, not just the occasion itself, but all the shared happiness by all of the loving members that have travelled to be a part of the story.


If you (the parents of the groom) are tasked with arranging for the invites to be created and sent out, there’s no need to pretend otherwise. Just let them know exactly what’s going on.


Flattery is a wonderful way to endear yourself to your guests and make sure that they are present to share with you in your day of love.


There’s nothing more to say, is there? It’s like every wedding invite at its very essence.


A good invite to send to close friends, cousins etc. They will surely appreciate it and cherish the invite as much as the wedding for years to come.


Not quite formal, but not quite jovial either. This might be the perfect tone for you to adopt for your wedding invitation wording.


Say what you need to say in rhyme, because why not!


That’s exactly right. Let anyone know that if they even dream of not making it to your dream date, then they’re being very uncool indeed!


Again with the flattery, but this is a classy way of requesting someone’s presence at your wedding.


A beautiful way of sending just the right message out to your esteemed guests – that their presence makes the whole occasion that much more beautiful!


Plain simple. You are getting married and you want your friends to be there. There’s no other way about it.


This is one of those times when it’s okay to be referring to yourselves in the third person. You’re about to have a fairytale day after all and you need your near and dear ones to be there.


It really is that simple, isn’t it? That’s what a wedding is all about, so let your guests know just that.


A wedding is a celebration and that’s exactly what you’re inviting your guests for!


If you send this to someone you’re not that close to (like your boss) then it can come off as a bit insincere, but if you send it to your closest pals then it’s the plain truth, isn’t it?


No pressure!


First was the engagement, now the wedding – this really is the final step in the tale of a happy union!


‘We need you to be there’ is the main theme of this message and it sure does ring through!


Simple and effective. Let your guests know that you’d very much like them to be there.




Break the news in a typical and wonderfully warm fashion.


A pretty accurate description of events (all things considered).


Simple and beautiful!

So there you go. 50 wedding invitation wording ideas to choose from. Found something interesting? Liked more than one? You can mix and match and have something unique too.

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