50 Wedding Invitation Wording For Friends : Hilarious & Endearing

Writing out wedding invitation wording for friends is always fun. I mean, you have to be formal with most of the other guests, and that’s fine; it’s the most respectful way and it works well.

But with friends, especially good friends, your wedding invitations aren’t limited! Here we’ve compiled for you some of the most wickedly funny wedding invitation wording for friends.


BE WARNED! While some of the ones we have got are endearing and loving, many are to be used only with friends who have a good sense of humour (your real buddies so to speak). That said, let’s get on with it.

1. You’re not funny or charming, but I want you to be there anyway to make the other guests look better!

Send this to the right kind of person, and you’ll put a big smile on their face!

2. Our wedding is on the 1st of July and Priya said it’s okay if you come.

There’s nothing like a bit of self-depreciation when communicating important matters to good friends.

3. Please make it for our wedding next month! Also, if we don’t like the gift, you’re going to get it back on your wedding.

The full stop at the end instead of an exclamation mark makes it seem like you’re being entirely serious, which is of course better.

4. We’re taking a very big step and you’ve always been there for us, so we’re compelled to call you.

Yeah, we used you and have no need for you now, But you know what people say… so yeah, you can come.

5. How are we going to make our special day even more special? We don’t know, but be there anyway.

Maybe we’ll get a live band.

6. You know we’ve been considering marriage for a while… so we have to call you, don’t we?

Pretty low. I think if you’re using this one, there better be a kind word in there somewhere as well!

7. We’re going to have an open bar and a dance floor, so naturally you’re the first to get an invite.

Because you like to party eh?

8. You’ve been an excellent friend to me and only a minor annoyance to my wife-to-be, so please do be there!

An excellent joke shared between two adults, sandwiched in between a wedding invite. What could be better?

9. We realized we’re a good combo, but where would we be without you? Seriously, we’ve considered that often. Do make it.

An excellent invite to send to that one joker in the group.

10. We cherish the role you’ve had to play in our lives so far, but what about a change of role from you now? Kidding, please be there!

This will make all your close friends crack up.

11. Come to our wedding – there will be cake.

Sent to the right people – you know who I’m talking about (I’m one) – this is a very effective and efficient invite.

12. We’ve been best buddies since we met, and we like you too, please be there!

Best buddies… me and the wife, I mean. You..? You’re cool too.

13. What’s walking down the aisle if you’re not there to whistle and cheer inappropriately?

And that’s why you’d love for them to be there.

14. You’re one of the few people we don’t need an RSVP from – be there or pay the price.

Sometimes the thinly veiled threat is the best way to get at reclusive and faraway friends.

15. Remember when you said he was the one for me? Turns out you were right, now come help us celebrate!

Sometimes your friends just know and pointing that is a good way of acknowledging that they helped you get to this stage.

16. You are invited to our ceremony of exchanging vows. In return, your favourite ______ will be prepared.

Again, this is to tempt reclusive or faraway friends to attend, have a blast and eat their favourite xyz.

17. We’re getting hooked for life, so we only thought it’s fair that you should be there too!

Because you’re as much a part of the family!

18. Come join us for the wedding… there will be booze.

It’ll be worth your while… just come to our wedding.

19. Cake, booze and the prime entertainment of watching your friend sweating on stage… what could be better?

Honesty between good friends is the best honesty.

20. Without you I wouldn’t be here today. Thanks for everything. I ask just one more thing – be there with us as we celebrate our love.

Heartfelt, sincere, respectful – pretty much that perfect wedding invite for that special friend.

21. You made it happen. You must be there to watch the pinnacle.

Sometimes friends help you out in love in a lot of ways by lending you vehicles or cash, taking up your responsibilities while you’re away, supporting you etc. Let them know how important that was and what it meant to you.

22. Drink a lot, dance like no one’s watching… Our wedding will be just another night for you then! But please do be there.

Funny and sincere in the same message is a good way to move forward with many friends.

23. Come to our wedding, we eagerly hope to see you there… and open your gift *hint hint*

Make no pretensions about the size of your guest list!

24. You are not so cordially invited to our wedding… Just be the f*** there!

Listen, bub, if you don’t come to our wedding, Saturday 18th of June…

25. Wedding bells are ringing, a good gift you’ll be bringing!

Sending this to your wealthy aunt may be the best way to go about it.

26. Love may have chosen us, but Pritam has chosen for you to be there. So please do.

This message is only possible when both husband and wife (to be) are good friends with the person whom they’re sending this to.

27. It’s the most special moment of our lives and we could think of 21 people more special to be there with us. You’re the 22nd card.

Let them know exactly how important they are in your life. Exactly!

28. I asked and she said yes. Now we have to have a wedding, and what’s a wedding without guests?

That’s why you’re being invited… We had to make up the numbers.

29. We’re about to turn a new chapter in our lives and who better than you to cheer us on like you always have! :)

Yay! Send this to the one who has been happiest to see you guys get together.

30. Two lovers are about to be united forever and the only thing that can make the occasion even more special is if you were there to witness it and join in the celebrations!

Sent to a friend who has stood by you through thick and thin.

31. Things that will make us feel good on our wedding day: 1. Being married 2. You being there with us.

Straight up – We love you, we’re getting married (!) and you have to come.

32. We want to spend the rest of our days together but how can we if the people most special to us aren’t there to witness it?

A wonderful message to get from someone you care a lot about on all all accounts.

33. Remember how you promised me a beautiful gift when I got married? That time has come, and I’ll be waiting!

Let people know they better be careful because you don’t forget such things!

34. We cannot even fathom you not being there for our wedding, so remember – 30 June 2016. SAVE THE DATE!

This is best sent to faraway friends in an envelope that also has a ticket enclosed in it.

35. The trail of true love has led us to be with each other just like the trail of bourbon and fancy food must lead you to our wedding.

Send to the friends with a taste for the finer things in life.

36. The honour of your pres… Who are we kidding?! We’re getting married and you have to be there!

Good friends are good friends – no formalities there!

37. We have news! We’re getting married. We also have good news. You’re so invited! Now for some not so nice news – be there or pay the price…!

Says it all on the tin.

38. Let’s dance the night away like we used to!

Send to a special friend whom you haven’t seen in a while, asking them to be there in the most joyous occasion of your life.

39. You’re going to be there the day our dreams come true – no excuses!

This isn’t a choice.

40. We know you’re getting pretty sick of hearing how in love we are… but just this one last time, please. Be there for our wedding!

Sometimes all that display of love can drive some of our friends crazy (in a good way) and so no bubbly messages required here!

41. Come the weekend after next to eat, drink and witness a wonderful wedding – ours.

Sounds like a plan, when do I see you?

42. Our love has witnessed three countries, four years and countless ups and downs but there’s always been one rock to count on – you. See you at the wedding!

Sometimes a friend can play a major part in helping two lovers unite, reconcile and generally be. Sometimes both lovers lean on the same poor friend for support. Those who have been in a similar situation will know what I am talking about.

43. We’re having a “happily ever after” moment this time next month, and it’s just not the same if you’re not there!


44. In anticipation of our big day, we just thought we’d let the people most important to us know we’d like them to be there. You’re on top of the list :)

What a lovely invite to send, and to receive.

45. Buffet, DJ and Booze – your three favourite things under one roof. And by roof we mean the starry skies! Be there or be square!

Who can refuse after a set-up like that?

46. Family, friends and a good cheer… what more could one ask for at their wedding? Please join us!

This simple message says all the right things and checks all the boxes you would want it to.

47. The Grand Hotel is where we’re having our wedding but it won’t be so grand if you’re not there, will it?

Wordplay can be used to good effect when sending an informal invite to your friends.

48. We want the people we love to share our union, and that means you have to be there.

The very definition of a wedding!

49. Our lives are about to change forever… and who better to bear witness than you?

When someone is seriously important, they should be told in the right way.

50. Please be there to witness yet another soppy love story – ours. Hope to see you at the wedding!

And we end the list with this one. Sweet one to share.

That’s all we have for you now. Hope you liked some. Better still, mix and match to create something of your own.

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