Wedding Invitation Background: 25 Classic And Unique Backgrounds

Looking for some inspiration for your wedding invitation background design? Yes? You’re in the right place. Choosing the right wedding invitation background will enhance the look of the invitation. It is not only what’s on the outside that matters, it’s what’s on the inside too, what say? There are a plethora of options available in the market for the same and we have compiled a list of 25 wedding invitation backgrounds (a mix of classics and unique ones). Experiment, draw inspiration, mix and match.

1. Classic Red Background

Wedding Invitation Background - Classic Red

This one is a classic and you yourself must have received a dozen cards with a similar background. The main background is red in colour while the text and other design elements are yellow. Instead of sticking to the same pattern, you can mix and match and introduce another colour or element. It is a time-tested wedding invitation background and works best for Indian weddings since the red and yellow colour theme is common in most Indian weddings. Add on a matching wedding favour, and your guests will not forget this one.

2. Golden Background

Wedding Invitation Background - Golden

Here is another wedding invitation background that scores high on popularity. The background is in dark gold colour while the text and ornate design elements are light yellow in colour. You should go for this one or something similar if you intend to embed some gold foil in your wedding invitation card.

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3. Mandala Border Background

Wedding Invitation Background - Mandala Border

Mandala is a popular Indian design pattern and here is a wedding invitation background that incorporates it quite well. Here you would see mandala illustrations on the border of invitation card, with space for the text in the middle. Works great to bring some emphasis on the text.

4. Lotus Background

Wedding Invitation Background - Lotus

If you like to avoid red and yellow components in the wedding invitation completely, then you can choose this design. The central theme of this card is the Lotus, which works great with the attractive teal coloured backdrop.

5. Peacock Art Background

Wedding Invitation Background - Peacock Art

Here you will have an ornate border on the upper side of the invitation while the lower section has consecutive illustrations of peacock. It exudes a certain traditional charm but looks contemporary at the same time.

6. Elephant Motifs Background

Wedding Invitation Background - Elephant Motifs

This one is a multicoloured one, and features a motif of elephants on one side of the card. The background has a dual tone to it with the upper section featuring orange while the lower section is coloured in pink. Overall, a stylish and trendy wedding invitation background.

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7. Greenish-Yellow Wedding Invitation Background

Wedding Invitation Background - Greenish-Yellow

This one can come across as a bit unconventional at first glance but it actually has all the elements to make it a good choice. You will see the mandala design in it and also certain ornate illustrations. It is a nice design for the ones who are seeking something different.

8. Abstract Floral Background

Wedding Invitation Background - Abstract Floral

The perfect wedding invitation background for those looking for something that’s traditional but not exactly conventional. The floral elements look trendy and contemporary making it a stylish wedding invitation background choice.

9. Orange And Red Mandala Background

Wedding Invitation Background - Orange And Red Mandala

The orange and red here have a neon-like effect making it one dapper looking wedding invitation background choice. While this design may not work great with metal foils, it will still make your text stand out with its bright colours.

10. Vintage Style Mandala Background

Vintage-Style-Mandala-BackgroundWedding Invitation Background - Vintage Style Mandala

Here, one sees three mandala drawings between which lies the central space for printing your text. The design is simple yet impactful making it something you should consider when you seek something that’s more conventional.

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11. Vintage Teal Background

Wedding Invitation Background - Vintage Teal

Teal coloured backgrounds look stylish and classy at the same time. The background works well when you are having a not-so-traditional wedding ceremony (like a pool-side wedding). The teal background is overlapped with elegant patterns that help enhance the appeal of the card.

12. Artistic Style Background

Wedding Invitation Background - Artistic Style

Here is another wedding invitation background for the couples looking for something outright different. The wedding invitation has a light feel to it right from the external cover. It is one of those cards that will work great when the bride and bridegroom intend to share a personalised handwritten message.

13. Fine Illustrations Background

Wedding Invitation Background - Fine Illustrations

This one has blue coloured illustrations in the background but you can opt for any colour depending on your preference. Here, there is no emphasis on having a highlight motif, rather there is an abstract design etched all over the card making it quite enticing.

14. Imperial Look Background

Wedding Invitation Background - Imperial Look

This wedding invitation background is going to give your invitation card a stately look. The background and format go well with each other making it a card that will surely appeal to the recipients.

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15. Vine-Shaped Pattern Background

Wedding Invitation Background - Vine-Shaped Pattern

Great choice if you love laser-cut design patterns. The drawings of vines present on the wedding invitation background will surely add a sense of elegance to the card and make it quite appealing.

16. Minimalistic Floral Design Background

Wedding Invitation Background - Minimalistic Floral Design

One look at the design and you realise that the significant emphasis here is on the text in the card. There is a simple illustration of a couple of flowers closer to the border of the card leaving you a generous amount of space for the text.

17. Flower And Leaves Background

Wedding Invitation Background - Flower And Leaves

In case the previous one feels a bit bland, then you can consider this wedding invitation background. You have floral elements here but also at the same time have an inclusion of leaves, which enhance the overall look of the invitation card.

18. Daisy Flowers Background

Wedding Invitation Background - Daisy Flowers

This one is quite decorative with its blooming flowers. An inclusion of ribbon-like component adds some classy style to it. You can have your names etched on the ribbon just like you would want to have at the entrance of the wedding venue.

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19. Key To The Heart

Wedding Invitation Background - Key To The Heart

So you have the key to the heart of the one whom you are getting married to! Make a symbolic display of that on your wedding card with this design. Overall, it is an unconventional wedding invitation background and would work great if you have an informal theme to your wedding.

20. Love Celebration Wedding Invitation Background

Wedding Invitation Background - Love Celebration

This one is an attention grabbing one and surely one of the most unique one from the lot too. You can even have your actual photographs clicked and printed on the wedding invitation, thus adding a personal touch to it.

21. Journal Theme Background

Wedding Invitation Background - Journal Theme

Weddings are supposed to be fun-filled events, and if that is exactly your idea of a wedding then this is precisely the wedding invitation background for you.

22. Embracing Couple Background

Wedding Invitation Background - Embracing Couple

It is adorable and charming to look at. This wedding invitation background will work great with metal foil designs since you can have a silver or gold foil etched on the silhouette of the bride and bridegroom.

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23. Chalkboard Background

Wedding Invitation Background - Chalkboard

It is perfect for the couple looking to break the usual boring paradigms of wedding invitations. It is a theme that will definitely capture the attention of the receiver, and your wedding invitation will be something your guests would like to retain just for its cool style.

24. Boarding Pass Wedding Invitation Background

Wedding Invitation Background - Boarding Pass

This is killer! As the look suggests, it is definitely outright unorthodox yet so captivating that you will be overwhelmed by the RSVPs you receive. It is also one of those wedding cards that can be reused by your guests, say like a bookmark.

25. Postcard Background

Wedding Invitation Background - Postcard

The last one on our list, this is totally unconventional but cute. Want to try something different? Customize this one.

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So that’s all on our list. We are sure there are many more awesome designs/ideas out there. If you come across any unique and cool wedding invitation background templates, do share them with us and we will add ’em to our list here.

Images Source: Shutterstock