Wedding House Decoration Done Right: 15 Ideas From Quaint To Cutesy

There are times when you would like the wedding venue to be as intimate as the event itself, and nothing best meets that desire than one’s own abode, what we know as home sweet home. If you’re someone who’s looking to get married at home then you’re a part of the significant chunk of doting couples who love tying the knot at their decorated residence.

Wedding house decoration can be simple or grand depending on the space you have at hand as well as the theme of your wedding and your overall sensibilities. To give you the best possible range and options for decorating your home in the most beautiful manner, we present to you 15 wedding house decoration ideas that will get the job done in style!

1. Floral Railing Decoration


If your house has long, straight staircase with prominent railings then you can decorate those with an array of bouquets of flowers. The flowers can be equidistant to each other, and you can alternate between flowers of different colours. This wedding house decoration works best when you have a staircase located right close to the main drawing room, where the floral arrangement can be prominently visible.

2. Satin Cloth Arrangement


In case the stairs in your house are spiral but end up in a lovely mini-balcony overlooking the main hall, then you can opt for this wedding house decoration. Consisting of hanging satin cloth from the lower end of the railing, the cloth hangs in an inverted arc manner and looks very beautiful. Just like the flowers in the previous case, you can use alternate colours of clothes to make the look more festive.

3. Floral Pillar Decoration


If your house has a high roof supported by a group of tall central pillars, then you can consider decorating the space between them with strings of flowers. Each pillar can also have their own bouquet, which will help enhance the overall look of the floral decoration you have done and look simply stunning.

4. Wedding Lights Decoration


No wedding house decoration would be complete without the glow of some exterior lighting. While everyone goes for the usual lighting on the top of the house, you can have some lights arranged along the periphery of the house. These are usually lights arranged inside a coloured rubber pipe. This decoration works best when you have a small independent house, which will make the decoration most noticeable and highly memorable.

5. Wedding Painting Decoration


Why leave the walls out? You can have a custom painting hung up on the wall, and the ones that work best are the ones that relate to the significant date at hand. It can be the date of your wedding or a portrait of the bride and bridegroom together. One thing to make sure is to keep in mind the colour of the wall before getting the portrait.

6. Wall Stickers Decoration


This wedding house decoration works great with a house of any size. You can even have it done in your apartment. It is one of the best wedding house decorations when you’re dealing with a lighter theme for your house wedding. Your walls automatically set the tone of the festivities to come and play a significant part in setting the mood for everyone that comes along to celebrate your special union.

7. Flower Rangoli Decoration


Decorate the floor right at the main entrance with a design made out of string of flowers that have individual petals lined in between them. This creates a most beautiful wreath of sorts, and you can use props such as flower pots or a large vase to really spruce up the overall design. Choose a design is simple: whatever goes with your preferred aesthetic and the amount of the floor area you would like to cover, as well as the colour of the floor.

8. Water And Flower Candles


During wedding house decorations, one challenge that usually arises is what to do with the tops of tables, racks and cupboards. Some scented candles work great in this case and give a sense of fullness to your wedding house, not to mention a wonderful aroma. You can buy candles that come with their very own glass holders, or buy floating candles and holders separately, and arrange them any which way looks best to you!

9. Hanging Bulb Flower Vase


Here is a decoration that works great irrespective of the size and area of your house. Hanging vases shaped like bulbs are becoming quite popular among those looking for some fine decor when the question of hosting a wedding at home comes into play. They also make great wedding house decoration items because of their peculiar shape and design, which will surely leave a guest or two quizzing you about it.

10. Colourful Pom-Poms


Pom-poms, here, are paper balls made up of coloured paper, and doin’t they just look wonderful! They make for a fun DIY project, but can be bought from the store as well. They are best to be arranged at those places where your guests would congregate like above the dining table, or the snack counter. Pom-poms will add that much needed touch of colour to your overall decorations of the wedding house!

11. Hanging Hearts Decoration


These can make wonderful replacement to curtains in certain rooms. You can also suspend them from the wall with sticky tape. In case you have high doors in your house, you can also stick them along the door frame making the entrance of your home quite alluring.

12. Heart Shaped Arch


This works great when you have garden along your house, and you intend to tie the knot there. The entrance to the altar can have a large arch, which will also be point of entry for the guest’s seating area. Floral arches vary in terms of complexity, so be sure to get one done according your tastes and preferences.

13. Balloon Heart Arrangement


Which joyous and festivity occasion doesn’t have balloons? Exactly. When it comes to wedding house decorations, consider arranging the balloons such that they form a heart shape, and place them close to the altar or near the dining counter. Works great! Balloons also work well for indoor events and breeze and sunlight, which can cause them to deflate easily isn’t a concern here.

14. Bells Arrangement Decoration


Small showy wedding bells strung together from the top to the bottom of the wall look a real treat. The strings of bells can also have strings of flowers interspersed between them, which makes for a most delightful combination.

15. Colourful Drapes Decoration


Colourful drapes is to the inner walls what colourful lights to the external ones. You can have a vast array of colourful arrangements of curtains depending on your tastes and the theme of the wedding. Make sure to not overdo it though! Maintaining a balance of neutral spacing and drapes will have a highly desirable effect. Overall drapes are one easy way to make your wedding house decoration that much more vibrant!

So those were some amazing ways to have the perfect wedding house decoration. Tried ‘em? Share your experience below!

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