Latest South Indian Bridal Hairstyles For The Bride

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After having picked out that perfect wedding sari, that elegant jewellery, the time is ripe to plan out your make-up and hairdo. Getting it right, will give you all the confidence and glamour you need to feel like a real diva. Whether you have long, lustrous tresses or really short hair, that perfect hairdo can make or break your look on your big day. So let’s jump right in to the various south Indian bridal hairstyles to help you better choose the one that will give you that killer look you crave!

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Many south Indian women are blessed with gorgeous, dark curls. If you are one of them, you must definitely be tired of people (and stylists too) asking you to straighten your hair for your marriage (Yes, we’ve all been there at some point!) If you are one of those women who are proud of your curls, you would baulk at the idea of radically changing your natural look on the day of your wedding. At the same time, you would be having nagging doubts about letting your curls be. What if your curls end up looking frizzy and limp? What if you have a really bad hair day?

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It is only natural that you would be concerned about having a bad hair day that may just ruin your whole look. But taking that brave step to leave your hair naturally curly on your big day may just give you that extra oomph to look truly spectacular. Let your lovely tresses be your crowning glory as you step into marital bliss.

The classic South Indian bridal hairstyle is a gorgeous long braid that is decked with flowers, usually jasmine.The braid is also decorated with several small embellishments and finished off with a jada kunchulu. But many brides today look absolutely glamorous taking a modern day spin on the classic braid. The traditional south Indian braid could be a great choice of a long hair hairstyle, specifically for hair that is curly. If your hair isn’t long enough, you can always get extensions and still go with one of the classic south Indian bridal hairstyles. If you feel that this may not be the perfect look for you, then you could consider French or Dutch braids or a classy side braid. Tease some strands of hair out to get that slightly messy, breathless look. These hairdos will work really well with the volume of your curls and will lend you that extra charm. These are traditional enough to go perfectly with saris and lehengas and will also make you stand out. If you are not interested in braiding your hair, you could ask your stylist to give you loose or side swept waves, especially if your hair is longer. This will give your hair that extra bounce and make your curls really pop. An elegant up do will also look great. You can find embellishments and pins that will really sit pretty in your hair.

Here’s what you should keep in mind as you prepare for the special day:

Find The Right Hairstylist

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This is perhaps the single most crucial thing. Find hairstylist at least a month in advance. Chances are, if you’re a curly haired girl, you will usually be worried just going to the salon for a trim. You can imagine the stress you would be under trying to find the right stylist for a day where you will be photographed and are expected to look the most beautiful. The right planning and the right stylist may be just the ticket you need to keep that stress at bay. Speak with as many stylists as you can before you make your choice. Be clear and vocal about the idea you have in mind. Arm yourself with photographs of the kind of hairstyles you may consider for your big day. You should also carry some pictures of the dress you will be wearing. When consulting with the stylist, asking the right questions is very important. Ask to see the stylist’s portfolio and see whether he or she has any prior experience dressing up girls with curls. Preferably, you should go for consultations with your hair nicely washed and conditioned so that they can get a feel for the texture of your hair. Make sure that stylist you pick is receptive to your ideas and makes you feel comfortable. Once you pick your stylist, remain open to their ideas and don’t make assumptions about your hair. Trust your choice. They just might come up with some stunning suggestions for you that might take your look to a whole new level.

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Start Using the Right Hair Products ( But Don’t Experiment with New products) at least two weeks before your wedding

For the perfect bridal hairdo on your wedding day, do not use any new hair products unless you know its effects. Ask your stylist for recommendations. Ideally, you should use a shampoo that is free of silicones and other harsh chemicals as they will only suck all the moisture out of your hair. The last thing you want on your wedding day is dry, limp curls. There are many products that are specially manufactured for your curls and textures. They may be a bit on the expensive side, but they are usually worth it. Start using the recommended products at least two weeks in advance of your wedding. This way, in case anything goes wrong you can always change the products to make sure you feel comfortable on the day of your wedding.

Wash Your Hair On The Evening Before Your Wedding

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It may be very tempting for you to wash your hair the day of your wedding. But most hairstylists would recommend that you wash out and condition your hair the evening before your wedding. This makes it easier for the stylists to create that spectacular look for you.

Have A Backup Plan

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Things can go wrong. The weather may be hot and humid on the day of your wedding, making your hair unmanageable. You may fall short of time to go through with what you had initially planned. It is always better that you along with your stylist and decide on a back-up hairstyle that you can use if things are not going your way. Remember, you want to look like a diva, not a poodle on your special day.

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Try Not To Touch Your Hair Unnecessarily

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Once the stylist is at work on your hair and even the evening before your wedding, make sure that you do not touch your hair excessively. This will only tease out strands of your hair and make it frizzy. Just let them breathe after you have conditioned it and wait for the stylist to turn it into something truly sublime.

Use A Satin Pillowcase The Night Before The Wedding

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Take some time away from the bustle of planning your wedding to invest in some satin or silk pillowcases. Using a cotton pillowcase tends to drain your hair of all its moisture. A satin one would ensure that your curls look relaxed and bouncy. Hey, the less frizz the better. Why take chances before your big day?

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