10 Mesmerizing Wedding Hair Accessories You Want And Need

Many people tend to underestimate the effort that goes into making a wedding day spectacular. It requires patience, thorough planning and attention to detail. Once you have all the major things out of the way, like your dress, the venue, the photographer, you will need to turn your attention to the small details. This is what will take your wedding day from ‘good’ to ‘stunning.’

Your wedding hair style is one of the most crucial elements of your bridal profile. Discuss with your hair stylist the kind of hairstyle you will be sporting. But before making a choice, you will need to figure out what kind of wedding hair accessories you will need for your big day. With the right kind of hairstyle and hair accessories, you will definitely look like a star on your special day.
We have collected for you some of the most beautiful bridal hair accessories that you will definitely want to pick up.

1. Starfish And Floral Vine

This beautiful headband would be the pick of the litter. The gorgeous pearl and rhinestone flowers, along with the star fish to the side make for one of the most unique and fun bridal wedding hair accessories. This would be perfect for a summer or beach wedding.

2. Gold Hair Vine

This is an elegant and classy piece to have, especially if you will be sporting an updo on your wedding day. These delicate gold-plated leaves will look stunning on your tresses. There are some crystals along the wire which give it that extra sparkle. You can buy this here.

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3. Swarovski Crystal Bridal Crown

Wedding tiaras are a must have for a Christian bride. When else can you sport something like this? This opulent diadem is inlaid with Swarovski crystals. It is handmade and hand crystallized with Swarovski crystals and is rhodium plated. This will be a bit on the expensive side, but makes up for it with its elegance and sparkle. You can buy this here.

4. Jhoomar

A jhoomar is one of the must-have wedding hair accessories of your bridal trousseau. Also known as paasa or side tika, you can hardly go wrong with a jhoomar decking your locks. The designs range from simple to intricate. You can find them with kundan work, crystals or gold plated. You can buy a range of jhoomars here.

5. Maang Tika


This is the quintessential Indian bridal hair accessory. Adorning the partition of the hair, the maang tika now comes in a wide variety of designs and intricate stone works. Whether it is embellished with Swarovski crystals, kundan work, or simply gold plated, you are sure to find something that will perfectly go with your bridal finery. You can buy maang tika online here.

6. Maatha Patti

A maatha patti is yet another wedding hair accessory that will take your bridal profile to the next level. You can find maatha pattis in several designs, ranging from kundan work, pearls, precious stones, and of course, gold. You can have your pick of maatha pattis online, here.

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7. Juda Clip

This antique Bollywood juda clip will do wonders for your bridal profile. This would look simply stunning with the right up do for your hair and the dupatta. This will not only hold your hair in place, but will also lend you a touch of regal elegance.

8. Jadai Alangaram

Jadai alangaram in Tamil literally means ‘decorating the hair’. This is a classic South Indian bridal hair accessory. This decorative piece aims to highlight the long, lustrous braid of the South Indian Hindu bride. Alternatively, you could use flowers to get a natural and rustic look to your bridal attire.

9. Vintage Silver Filigree Comb

This is a gorgeous vintage comb that any bride would love to have on her big day. The silver filigrees and the pearl embellishments make this a must-have for your bridal trousseau. This would work perfectly for a reception or mehndi ceremony as well. You can have your pick of vintage silver flingree comb online, here.

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10. Floral Hair Pins

Hair pins are classy way of taking your hairdo to another level. Hair pins embellish the look while holding the hair in place. These floral hair pins are gorgeous and go perfectly with this bride’s messy side braids. You can buy a range of hair pins here.

These are some of the most trendy and gorgeous bridal hair accessories. Let us know which one you liked the best.