8 Amazingly Stunning Wedding Gowns With Sleeves

With an inherent class and intrinsically elegant level of sophistication, it comes as no surprise that wedding gowns with sleeves are still extremely popular with a large segment of the wedding gown wearing population. This classic style has never really gone out of fashion, as is evidenced by the innumerable designers who still hold on to this almost elementary style. Of great practical utility outdoors, these stunning gowns look equally regal inside as well. Most of these dresses however do come with the option of the sleeves being removed. Usually made from a different material from the rest of the dress, they are reserved to be worn during various instances in the wedding. This allows the soon to be bride to have slight variations in her profile, and canvass a larger range of style.

A lot of these sleeves extend all the way from the shoulders to the wrists, with a lot of them finishing up as glove like extensions of cloth. They can also be paired with consummately svelte, elegant and actual gloves, which come in a huge range of styles and fashions. Wedding gowns with sleeves are classy creations which are very sought after amongst brides who want to look their regal best on their wedding day. Coating the wearer with a natural feel of majestic glamour, these gowns are made to shine. They are especially popular during the winter months, where the long sleeve can be the difference between the bride feeling under the effects of the weather or being buoyantly happy.

Read on to browse through our selection of wedding gowns with sleeves to take inspiration for your own beautifully crafted wedding gown.


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Redefining grace and elegance, the radiant charm of this dress is completely alluring. With a delicate bodice that has interesting neckline and translucent sleeves adorned with lace appliqués, the beautiful gown is layered, with the flared gown falling gracefully into its trimmed lace border hemline.


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This marvellous dress is filled with rippling charm that flows in every stitch. With a whole bunch of stunning lacework that extends over the bosom and down the length of the sleeves, it is perfect for those who want to bare their shoulders in an elegant manner. This stunning creation comes from the stables of Michelle Rodrigues.

wedding gown with slit

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This daringly chic wedding dress has a lot going for it. With the scintillatingly plunging neckline and the flirty ride of the slit up the legs, this dress is sure to lead watching eyes in all sorts of interesting ways. The long sleeves that end in the lace cuffs coupled with almost non-existent train is enough to fully complete this wonderful picture.


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A true vintage classic, this bridal gown with its semi-illusion bodice and beautiful lacework is simply divine. The sleeves extend a little past the elbows, leaving a tantalising amount of revealed skin that when coupled with the demure amount of skin shown around the neck makes for an instant hit.


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Simple, classic and superbly attractive, this eminently elegant wedding gown with sleeves will paint a pretty picture on you. The flared shoulders complement the gentle slope of the gown, and the lace work done on the bodice, the high collar and the sleeves is superb.


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A true princess gown that is fit for royalty, this dazzling gown comes at your visual senses in a cascade of lace, which is simply beautiful in its profusion. The appliqués on the illusion bodice do nothing to detract from the appeal of the bosom beneath it. The embroidery on the hemline of the flared gown is also exquisitely rendered.

wedding gown with sleeves 4

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This fabulous gown is made by the superb designers at Michelle Rodrigues. The gentle swell of the sweetheart neckline is fringed with an explosion of lace appliqués. The translucent full sleeves are uncluttered and lead naturally to the bunched and falling drapery of her gown. When coupled with a complementary veil, this gown will turn more than heads.


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Cutting off at knee length, this gorgeous wedding gown will have you looking like a pixie. The intricate patterning of the lace embroidery is just divine. Endearingly charming, this gown can be accessorised with high heels to complete what is sure to be a stunning picture.