Wedding Gowns in Mumbai: Top 6 Amazing Designer Bridal Stores

Wedding Gowns in Mumbai are a hype factor. Major Indian designers do specialize in Christian wedding gowns, and wedding gowns in Mumbai have always been in vogue. The wedding dress or gown has, over time, become one of the most iconic articles of clothing attire that we have, especially with a sizable Christian and Anglo population. Associated with joy, celebration, hope and above all the idea of holy union, it is the quintessential mark of the christian bride.

Coming in many designs, the wedding gowns go from being demure and classy, to wild and sexy, and also manage to explore everything in between. The overall effect can be changed by offsetting one small part against the rest, for example the intrinsic sex appeal of a slit skirt can be downplayed by having delicately flirty floral embroidery. For someone looking for wedding gowns in Mumbai, the possibilities are endless.

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So Here’s How You Start With Buying Wedding Gowns In Mumbai!

If you’re planning on a Mumbai wedding, or your nuptials are around the corner, and you’re a Mumbaikar, you need to get ready to walk down the aisle in sweeping style. Every guest who attends your wedding day should remember you as the most beautiful bride they’ve seen; and as far as your man is concerned, well, let’s just say that you won’t be the one blushing. With a range of choices moving from the traditional to the modern, you are bound to find something that fits your taste and wallet and will have everybody drooling over your look.

1. Michelle Rodrigues – Designer Wedding Gowns In Mumbai

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Ask anyone about wedding gowns in Mumbai, and they’re likely to think of Michelle Rodrigues and her fabulous team who are master dress makers specializing in elegant wedding dresses, quality bespoke tailoring and also ready-to-wear silk dresses. The passionate and talented designers will work closely with you and your tastes to come up with an amazingly suitable dress for your profile. They love to work with designs that are more out of the box, and are intrepid trailblazers in the area of wedding gown design. The gown in the pic is inspired by the Vera Wang wedding gown from The Bride Wars.

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2. Concetta Bridals – Wedding Gowns In Mumbai

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A premiere destination for a gorgeous custom cut and made to order western wedding dresses and wedding gown in Mumbai; this is where you want to go if you don’t want something that is mass produced. Uniqueness and individual flavour bursts out of every thread of their creations. The talented Ms. Preema D’Souza will leave you gaping at the beauty of her creations. Here’s a place you should checkout for some of the finest wedding gowns in Mumbai.

3. Mary’s Bridal Store

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Having been in the business for over 30 years, Mary’s Bridal is at the forefront of the area of wedding gowns. Their jaw-dropping, form fitting, handmade gowns will fit you like a second skin, and propel you into the visual forefront. Committed to quality, service and reliability, Mary’s Bridal will see you through your most special day in fine style.

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4. Larry’s Brides

Specializing in the replication of wedding gown designs from the largest and finest collection of designers in the matrimonial world, Larry’s Brides will help you decide on the wedding gown of your dreams. Their belief that the most exquisite, beautiful and fashionable styles of wedding gowns don’t need to leave a lavish dent in your wallet already wins our hearts.

5. Baiardi –  Wedding Gowns In Mumbai

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Supplying a high quality assortment of gorgeous designs, Baiardi Wedding Gowns are one the leading names in the field. Using only the highest grade fabrics in conjunction with the latest in sewing machinery, the elegance of their gowns will leave you struck in appreciation. With a promise of flawless craftsmanship available at leading market prices, you won’t have to go too far to get the dress of your dreams.

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6. Amsale Wedding Gowns

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Instrumental in manufacturing and supplying an array of ethereal, stunning wedding gowns, Amsale Wedding Gowns in Mumbai is a past master at leaving brides feeling that they are the most beautiful woman in the world. Managing to make their brides delectable and heavenly at the same time, these wedding gowns will not let you down.