11 Amazing Wedding Glass Decorations For Your Table

By Aditya Vachaspati G B KAditya Vachaspati G B K  • 

When it comes to décor ideas for a wedding, the possibilities are innumerable. There are different kinds of decorations for tables, chairs, the wedding altar, the backdrop and all the other things that are involved in a wedding. One can use anything from flowers to drapes to hangings for these decorations. However, in most weddings, you see that all of these things are either decked up in matching colours or are contrast to each other.

What one never really observes though is the glass decorations at the wedding. We aren’t talking about the use of glass as a decorative item. We’re talking about the champagne and wine glasses that are on your table. They can be decorated beautifully too. They can be custom-made to suit the theme of your wedding. Let’s take a look at some classic wedding glass decorations.

1. Beach Wedding Flutes


If you’re getting married on the beach, then these champagne flutes will be perfect for your table. The stem of the glass is beautifully wrapped up in sand coloured rope. If you want to add some personal touch to it, you can add a couple of tags to the glasses which read, ‘his’ and ‘her’ or ‘Mr.’ and ‘Mrs.’

2. Mickey and Minnie Mouse Flutes


These custom-made glasses with your wedding date on them will just knock your guests off their feet. If you are a fan of cartoon characters, the Mickey and Minnie Mouse glasses will be perfect for your wedding.

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3. Black and White Lace Wine Glasses


These custom-made wine glasses are designed with lace on them. Also, they’ve got a ribbon tied off in a bow tie knot at the top of the stem which adds to the appeal.

4. Mickey and Minnie Mouse Glasses


These glasses have Mickey and Minnie on them too but are specifically made for the bride and the groom. They just look magnificent. It’s a set every couple that loves cartoons (Mickey and Minnie Mouse especially) should have at their wedding.

5. Black and White Flutes


This black and white champagne glass set is exactly what you would want if your wedding had a black and white theme to it. The stem of the glass is expertly wrapped in black and white thread. The glass wrapped in black thread has a tiny white bow tie at the centre. The glass wrapped in white thread has a furry white bottom spread out like peacock feathers. It’s a set every couple should get.

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6. Black and White Glitter Glasses


These custom-made bride and groom glasses are made just for you. A beer glass for the groom and a wine glass for the bride. Perfect!

7. Royal Blue Laced Flutes


These royal blue champagne glasses with gold stems are perfect for a wedding with a royal blue decorative theme. The gold on the stems adds a little bit of contrast making it look even more stylish.

8. Rose Flutes


These rose champagne flutes will look stunning on any table. They would be a great contrast to any colour and would just look perfect.

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9. Gamer Flutes


If you’re a video game fanatic, look no further. Here’s a set of champagne glasses that’ll set your pulse racing.

10. Constellation Wine Glasses


Are you into stars and constellations? If so, this set of wine glasses will serve you right.

11. Chalkboard Wine Glasses


These chalkboard wine glasses are simple yet beautiful. They’re easy to make and easy to write on.

Hope you liked our selection of wedding glass decorations. Have a great wedding!

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