Wedding Gifts: 50 Practical Things You Can Gift Newly-Weds

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Wedding gifts are a great way to congratulate a newly wed couple and share your happiness with them as they begin a new chapter in their lives. Wedding gifts can come in all shapes and sizes while also having a certain definitive purpose or application. For this reason, selecting a wedding gift can become an overwhelming task because often one can find oneself stuck in the predicament of choosing the right wedding gift. Therefore, to make things a bit simpler for you, we bring to you 50 best wedding gift ideas to choose from.

1. The Antique Wall Clock

It is quite plausible the newly-weds will receive many creative wedding gifts but an antique wall clock is something that will definitely stand out. That is all there is to this clock, which is actually a good marriage gift. With this clock on the wall, you are surely going to be remembered every time it is seen; quite literally!

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2. Wooden Wine Box

Nothing makes a better wedding gift idea for such times than a good old wooden wine box, with wine and glasses included. You can even customise this box by adding a message and the name of the couple on the exterior of the box.

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3. Exquisite Dinner Cutlery

A finely detailed cutlery set that can beautifully adorn the kitchen cabinet of the couple. It is the best wedding gift when you want to present something practical that has day-to-day usage.

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4. Digital Photo Frame

Even marriage gifts have entered the digital era and a digital photo frame photography is perfect wedding gift idea to compliment that fact. Remember to choose a digital photo frame that has a large storage capacity and the capability of playing slideshows.

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Price: 3,990/-

5. Couple Perfume Set

It is the fragrance of love that brings two souls close together. Epitomise this with a wedding gift by presenting a pair of exquisite perfumes with a bottle each for him and her.

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Price: 1,899/-

6. Handmade Keys Hanger

It is among the utilitarian gifts for wedding with a variety of available design variations. To make your gift stand out, go for the one which has a unique shape and is made from a premium material like solid brass or exotic wood like this Ganesha inspired key hanger.

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7. A Matching Pair Of Watches

This is a timeless wedding gift which you can always count on to make the best impression. There are a number of big brands that offer couple watches as sets like this one from Titan.

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8. Lampshade

A wooden lampshade with a metallic stand makes an amazing gift on wedding. To ensure some convenience factor, you can also look for models which have the provision to fold and store easily.

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Price: 3,999/-

9. Compact Barbecue Grill

If the couple happens to be the foodie types then choose a marriage gift along these lines will be appropriate. Unlike conventional barbecue grills, this one is compact and highly portable. There are also certain electrical varieties of grills that can provide hassle-free cooking.

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10. Cookbooks Set

It is among the wedding gift ideas that compliments the previous wedding gift. Gift a set of cookbooks with preferably a book on each key cuisine for couples who love to cook together. Not only would this be a great gift, but one they can learn and experiment from, everyday.

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