10 Wedding Gifts For Sister Dearest To Make You The Coolest Brother

You sister has been an integral part of your life. She’s been there for you all through your life – childhood, teenage years, college fights, your first break-up and everything else under the sun that has ever happened to you. She is all set to leave you the room you have always wanted (just kidding!), as she is set to tie the knot and start a new chapter in her life. You know that you will miss everything about her dearly – from her laugh and quirky nature to her support and above all else, her love for you. If you’re looking for ways to show her how much you’ll really miss her, then these totally adorable wedding gift ideas will do the trick. We’re sure she’ll love them.

1. Personalised Flower Vase

wedding gifts for sister 1

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It’s no secret that girls love flowers, and gifting your sister a beautiful, handcrafted flower vase engraved with her and her husband-to-be’s name on it is an impressive show of affection. Painted in matte white with a unique pattern that’s more like cut out text, this flow vase is a simple yet personalised gift to give your dear sister on her big day.

2. He’s Mr. Right But She’s Always Right

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These funny coffee mugs are sure to bring out a giggle everyday at the couple’s breakfast table. The mugs may be a simple gift, but they are lovable, light hearted and warm. And, of course, they will be something that the couple will use every day. If you’re on a budget or want to give multiple gifts just to surprise her – this set of ‘Mr. Right’ and ‘Mrs. Always Right’ coffee mugs is just the thing.

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3. Marriage Survival Kit

Marriage Survival Kit

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A funny marriage survival kit for the couple with a sense of humour, this kit is colorfully done and packed with lots of goodies and survival tools like Russian vodka, Swiss chocolate and multiple other things (that we can’t print – you get the drift) that the couple will love. A lighthearted and offbeat gift that will surely stand out.

4. A Set Of Random Thingamajigs

A Set Of Random Thingamajigs

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Pick and choose from this set of gifting ideas. You could gift your sister a few, or all the things shown in the picture, from a basket full of good drinks, hanging paper dolls, painted picture lockets, pillow covers with funny messages and more. This is a gift that will take time to put together, and that is the reason why your dear sister will love it even more – it isn’t every day that someone puts in lots of time and effort in giving gifts that are personalised and special.

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5. The “Letters To The Bride” Book


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For a bride, the wedding is very personal and holds significant sentimental value, a large part of which are her family and friends. How cool would it be if everyone wrote a letter to her each, talking about the time they’ve spent together, their memories and advice and messages to their hearts content, something she will truly cherish as she begins her new journey. You can be the one that makes it happen by asking all her friends and loved ones to write a letter, and ask the groom to write a private letter as well. Collect all the aforementioned letters and put them in a box or case, or even a lovely old letter folder and give them to her on her big day. This is one gift she will treasure for a lifetime.

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6. The Picnic Date Box

The Picnic Date Box

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Gift your sister a pretty English picnic date box with fruits, wine and a full cutlery set that the couple can use on a happy picnic date. A very pretty gift for sure, but one that also has practical use and for that she will adore it!

7. The Custom Cutting Board

The Custom Cutting Board

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Cutting boards are cool, everyday use items that a newly-weds will surely need. Gift your sister a custom made cutting board with a message. You can share those lovely times you’ve had when she cooked, or write a warm personal message that she can read every day. Whatever the message is, being read on a cutting board will surely give your gift a cutting edge.

8. The Childhood Memories Gift

The Childhood Memories Gift

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An endearing DIY gift for your sister that captures all the good times and wonderful memories from your shared childhood, this custom made wedding frame can be a wall hanger or a table top decoration. With innovatively placed Lego blocks and scrabble words – this gift is not just heart-touching, but also clever.

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9. Sponsor A Honeymoon Or A Holiday


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This is one of the most loving gifts that a sibling could give their sister, if she’s a travel fiend and you know the places she’s always wanted to visit you can sponsor their honeymoon, or even a holiday for a later date – with the zillions of tour packages and lovely places to see, it’s not going to be hard to pick the one that suits her preferences and also your wallet.

10. Sponsor A Day At The Spa

 Sponsor A Day At The Spa

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Who wouldn’t love a good day at the spa? They can relax, rejuvenate and enjoy a calm day together after all the hullabaloo that the big wedding was.